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May 13, 2018

Debt Consolidation Loans- Attracting Borrowers to Get Rid Off Their Multiple Debts

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Some of the most popular loan products in UK, debt consolidation loans act as saviours for those in debts. Survey conducted by a leading financial website states that six million Britons have taken out debt consolidation loans in the last three years. This means every one in seven debtors resort to consolidation loans when things get out of hand. These loans don’t only consolidate the debt in to a single manageable loan, but they can greatly save money on interest rate.

If you are paying too much interest on different credit cards, personal loans and store cards, you better take a debt consolidation loan. The interest charged on credit and store cards is generally very high. The interest you pay on the new loan, which will pay off all your running debts, will be far less than the one you are already paying on credit cards. That way, you save on your monthly outgoings.

The loan tenure i.e. the repayment period for debt consolidation loans is longer as well. So, you can spread the huge amount into smaller instalments. However, take caution as you may end up paying more if you have your multiple loans running on a low rate of interest. Recent studies by a business review website showed that unsecured debt consolidation loans are more popular than their secured counterparts. The average debt consolidation loans stand at £13,000, states the research, with 360,000 people borrowing more than £50,000. More women than men are lured toward unsecured debt consolidation loans to pay their hefty credit cards and shopping bills.

However, with individual insolvencies increasing like anything in the UK, the market lenders are sceptical to grant unsecured debt consolidation loans. And if they grant, the APR is generally very high. Secured debt consolidation loans are more preferred by the UK lenders, since the risk ratio in these loans is low and so is the rate of interest.

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May 12, 2018

Debt Consolidation Uk-tackling the Multiple Debts

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Moments and circumstances primarily affect our lives. The desires and needs often require some extra capital which certainly can’t be achieved due to our limited resources. Going for a loan has been an easy job, hence debt is no problem. This unplanned and unmanaged life often ends us up to multiple debts. The condition is frequent especially with tenants and students as they have limited time and resources and plenty of charges and rents to satisfy. This situation has been taken care by loaning world with advent of debt consolidation UK. This consolidates the multiple debts of a person into one single unit. Debt consolidation UK makes the borrower liable to one single creditor and he is hence responsible to one single installment per month. This amply relives the mental stress and also leads to a better managed life.

Debt consolidation UK: facts and figures

Debt consolidation UK is an easy and much efficient way to flee away the pains of multiple debts. Every UK resident is eligible to it. In nature, debt consolidation UK can be broadly divided in two streams, secured and unsecured. In secured debt consolidation UK one is supposed to present some security like some valuable, document, property or home as collateral. While with unsecured wing no guarantee is required. You can borrow a loan amount ranging from £3,000- £50,000. The maximum amount that can be borrowed will depend on your need, your monthly income, your credit rating, ability to pay back, value of collateral. Generally the rate of interest is fixed with debt consolidation UK and will be around 7.9%. Typical interest rate is 10.9%. Loaning tenure ranges from 3-25 years. Debt consolidation UK is offered to one with poor credit history as well.

Debt consolidation UK: suggestions

Debt consolidation UK is a profitable investment hence easily available. This is further supported with online application facilities which must be used. They jeopardize one’s time and save the application charges if any. Better specifications can be looked for here. Online tools like repayment calculators, analyzers etc can also help in self evaluation. Any financial advisor can also be used. One should apply all his logics and farsightedness to manage the scheduled repayments. Any delay or default to it will result to crowded multiple debts, rise in interest rates and adverse credit history. Hence in nutshell to get a better peaceful life debt consolidation loan is the best weapon to be used.

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May 9, 2018

Debt Consolidation Loans: Single Payment to Fix Multiple Debts

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Borrower’s who are finding hard to juggle their multiple debts can opt for the debt consolidation loans. With debt consolidation loans, borrower can even escape the harassing calls of the multiple lenders. Debt consolidation loans can be a great way to fix multiple debts with a single payment or it can be said that it is way to get debts under control.Debt consolidation loans are the loans that are used to pay off high rated multiple debts with a single monthly payment. Well, debt consolidation loans help the borrower to merge his multiple debts into one manageable loan at lower interest rate.

The borrower can get his multiple loan refinance from the new lender or one of the existing lenders who offers lower interest rate. Moreover, new lender will be responsible for paying off the debts to multiple lenders.

Borrower’s situation of multiple debts can be due to improper management of previous debts like payday loans, credit cards, home equity lines of credit etc. that are often availed for the personal needs.

Debt consolidation loan helps the borrower to avoid the worst situations like bankruptcy, creditor’s harassments etc. With the debt consolidation loan, borrower enjoys lower debt payments which results in one lower monthly installment.

Debt consolidation loan can be accessed by any credit holder i.e. bad or good credit history borrowers can refinance their debts. Debt consolidation loans really help a person to get their credit back in shape.

While opting for debt consolidation loans, it is very important to know how much borrower needs to borrow to settle down his debt so that while surfing he can select the best type i.e. secured and unsecured debt consolidation loans. The difference between the two lies in the presence and absence of the collateral respectively.

So, if you are into the burden of multiple debts then opt for the debt consolidation loans to avoid the worst situation before it’s too late.

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April 27, 2018

Debt Consolidation Finance: Forget Multiple Debts; Pay Once Only

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Is your financial growth is getting hampered due to multiple debts? If this is so then debt consolidation finance can be of great help for you. With debt consolidation finance you can easily merge all your small debts into a single manageable debt.

With the help of cheap debt consolidation finance you can merge all your existing debts into one with low interest rate. This way you easily pay the loan installments. Also you will be answerable to only one lender instead of many. If you want to avail large sum of amount you should go for secured debt consolidation finance. You will have to place collateral against the loan amount in order to avail secured debt consolidation finance. You can place any one of your properties like car, home, jewelry etc. Also your interest rate will be very low and repayment duration flexible. On the other hand if you don’t want to risk your property to avail debt consolidation finance, you can opt for unsecured cheap debt consolidation loans. The lender will also talk to your previous creditors to lower the interest rate of your debts. Financial experts on behalf of lenders will advice you regarding debt management, savings etc free of cost.

There are many advantages of debt consolidation finance. It helps you to merge all your debts into a one with low interest rate. It is economical to pay one loan with fixed interest rate than paying many loans that too with high rates of interest. Debt consolidation finance can also be availed by tenants and paying guests because no security is required to avail unsecured debt consolidation finance. Homeowners who don’t want to risk their property can also avail unsecured debt consolidation finance.

You can apply through physical market to avail debt consolidation finance. Alternatively you can apply through online method also. Online method is better because this way you don’t need to visit each and every lender personally in order to apply for loan. All you need to do is fill up an online application form with details like the amount you want to avail, repayment duration, your contact details etc. You can compare between various lenders with the help of Internet to get the best deal.

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April 13, 2018

Fight your Multiple Debts With Debt Consolidation Loans UK

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Are you trapped in the never ending vicious circle of multiple debts and can’t find a way out? If this is so then debt consolidation loans UK can prove to be very beneficial for you. These are nothing but loans availed in order to payoff all the existing debts in a single stroke. This way you will have to pay only one monthly installment that too at very low interest rate compared to your existing debts.

Debt consolidation loans UK are available in both secured and unsecured genre. To avail secured ones you will have to place one of your properties as collateral with the lender. This can be any of your personal property like home, bank account, car jewelry etc. The advantages of security reflect in lower interest rate and longer repayment duration. The loan amount to be availed under this spectrum of loans ranges from £ 5000 – £ 75000 and is a variant depending on the value of collateral. Repayment tenure is quite flexible and ranges from 5 – 25 years and you can fragment the installments according to your convenience and repayment potential. Practicing irregularity with repayments can endanger your property which is at stake.

On the other hand no such collateral is required in order to avail unsecured debt consolidation loans UK, but lenders charge slightly higher interest rate to negate the risk factor. The loan amount that can be availed with unsecured debt consolidation loans UK ranges from £ 1000 – £ 25000 with repayment duration of 1 – 10 years. You are free to opt between these two manifestations of debt consolidation loans and you should judiciously choose whichever suits your requirements and situation.

These loans are also open to people suffering from bad credit status due to arrears, default, CCJ, bankruptcy, late payment etc. Bad credit borrowers can increase their chances of loan approval by opting for secured form of the loans.


Debt consolidation loans UK can prove to be instrumental in getting rid of your multiple debts and leading a debt free life .Not only this you are also shielded from handling those nagging calls from various lenders. The luring thing comprises the effective lower interest rate which can lead to substantial savings in the long run.

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March 22, 2018

Purge Multiple Tensions With Debt Consolidation Loan

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Getting into multiple debts is no longer an isolated case. Considering ever increasing expenses of day to day life anyone can take more than one loan to make ends meet. Managing them really becomes a headache after some time. But they can ease their tension by going for a Debt Consolidation Loan.

Debt consolidation loan consolidates multiple debts into one single loan having a single monthly payment. Consolidation of loans has the following advantages:

• Reduced interest payments

• Waiver of late and overtime fees

• Reduced monthly payments

• Credit improvement

• More money is saved in the loan run

Debt consolidation loan is available in both secured and unsecured versions. In secured form of debt consolidation, a home or other property has to be pledged as collateral. But unsecured loans have no such requirement. Debt consolidation is recommended for people who have two or more lenders with £5000 or more of unpaid debt. The amount and term of the loan will depend on the current debt.

Bad credit borrowers having payment defaults, arrears, late payments, CCJs, IVAs, etc can also obtain debt consolidation loan. They can repay their debts with the help of this loan. Also they can improve their credit condition in addition to repaying their debts on time.

Borrowers should take debt consolidation loan after ensuring that the lender or lending agency is a reputed one in the market. Terms and condition of the loan deal should be considered thoroughly and any hidden costs or fees should be looked for. Before striking a deal, borrowers should negotiate with lenders for better interest rates.

Thus finding oneself in the midst of many debts is no longer a matter at all. With debt consolidation loan borrowers can easily come out of debt mess.

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March 20, 2018

Debt Consolidation: a Tool With Multiple Benefits

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Debt consolidation entails taking out one loan to pay many others. This is done to secure a low and fixed interest rate and to service only one loan at a singular time. It can simply consolidate large number of unsecured loans into one. But commonly it involves a secured loan against an asset, which works as a collateral.

Some times debt consolidation companies decrease the amount of the loan. If there is a possibility of debtor being bankrupt, the debt consolidator will buy a loan with discount consolidation may affect the ability of the debtor to discharge bankruptcy, therefore decision to consolidate must be weighted carefully.

Debt consolidation is good in theory when some one is paying credit debt card. Credit card can carry higher interest rate than even an unsecured loan from a bank so going for a debt consolidation can be wise decision to handle them. In practical life, many persons suffer from credit card debts, reason being the income always lags behind expenditure. Though a debt consolidation can take care of these debts but flashing credit cards for small expenses can prove to be expensive themselves.

A debt consolidation is basically a secured kind of loan, secured here means involvement of collateral in lieu of the amount being endowed. Though unsecured form can be attained but that would require an exhaustive search.

The sole purpose of a debt consolidation is to bind multiple loans in a single one. This helps in reducing the rate and the singular loan ensures that you are saved from all the headaches of managing numerous loans with varying features. Debt consolidation helps you to be answerable to a single lender thus providing you the much needed mental peace.

People, whether good or bad creditors are eligible for this loan. They need to assure the concerned lender with salary slips (for income proof) , bank statements( to represent their recent financial standings) and other documents of importance.

Internet can be accessed to avail a debt consolidation. This ensures you don’t have to run pillars to post in search of lenders. Clicks of mouse few times and surfing the online lenders will get you one to your liking.


Debt consolidation is the perfect way to handle your multiple debts in an efficient many by clubbing them together and paying a single monthly installment. This way interest rate can be lowered and sufficient amount can be saved in the process.

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February 24, 2018

Reduce Anxiety of Multiple Monthly Payments by Debt Consolidation Loan

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It is easy to go for loan during financial adversity but it is equally hard to keep up with the repayments. And loans if not repaid can backfire, if your financial well being is considered. You should not spend sleepless nights as far as repaying and managing various loans are concerned because of the inception of debt consolidation loans. These are loans which provide you with an amount sufficient to pay off all other existing loans in one go. If you are willing to provide any asset like your house or jewellery or anything resonating the amount as collateral, you can very well go for the secured form of these loans. If you lack or are not willing to provide collateral, for that matter debt consolidation loans exist in unsecured form as well. Both have their pros and cons. While secured loan can generate larger sum at lower rates, an unsecured version doesn’t come that cheaper. However it is the lender who is exposed to risk in absence of any collateral and in secured one it is the borrower who is liable to loose the valued possession i.e. the collateral in case of deferred repayments. In general the amount can be achieved in the range of £3000 to £50000 and needs to be repaid in a time frame that stretches from 5 years to 25 years. Rate of interest varies with the kind of loan one obtains and is higher for unsecured loans. Debt consolidation loans have numerous advantages, like: Only one installment has to be paid. Interest rate is effectively brought down. There is no tension of managing number of loans with different loaning parameters. An opportunity to resurrect you financial standings is bestowed. There are various banks and financial institutions that provide debt consolidation loans. Not only these, you can also go in for online lenders. The online way is fast, secure and convenient.

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February 21, 2018

Debt Consolidation Uk: No More Crooning Over Multiple Debts

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When it comes to pay off your huge debts and things go beyond control, debt consolidation loan can be an excellent move. It can work as a great means for you that do not only show you the ways for debt management, but it does most of the work on your behalf.


Who can qualify for debt consolidation loan?


The concerned companies design various debt consolidation services in such a way that anybody can qualify for this. These loans are accessible to all. Therefore, even if you have bad credit history or have past bankruptcy experiences, don’t hesitate to apply for a free debt consolidation quote. Applying for the loan does not cost you anything, but if carefully chosen the right debt consolidation service, it can gain you much more than you can ever expect.


How much can you borrow as a debt consolidation limit?


It differs from company to company. Virtually, there is no such limit. However, except for those cases, where you have no other option than bankruptcy, you can borrow as much amount as you can as a debt consolidation loan. The final decision is taken after the expert has reviewed your financial documents. For example, in some cases, you can borrow as much as 125% of your property value.


What is the average tenure of such loan?


Well, the tenure also depends upon the verification of your financial situation. Typically, if you go for a secured debt consolidation loan, it can range from four years to as much as twenty-five years. On the other hand, if you go for the unsecured debt consolidation loan, the maximum limit can be as much as ten years. Overall, if you want to bid farewell to all your debt-related worries, debt consolidation loan makes the perfect solution for you.

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