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September 25, 2017

Insurance premium

The development of insurance industry force the company compete each other. Since we know the insurance is important aspect in our liabilities, the company ready to do anything to get the insurance member.

Last news about celebrity insurance Mariah Careyinsurance the legs.  And the value of the legs is about 1000 million dollar. It is amazing since the idea of insurance developed. Same with the Jennifer lopez that insure the bottom more than 1 million dollar. Insurance is very important for them, and the company that able to take their insurance have to save and ready to take the insurance premium. It is a huge number for pay the premium.

Well high risk is high return, means that the polis given is also in a high number. But no matter the coverage is big, no one want to be sick. People chose to be health and show the effort to make themselves health. The program is just to protect and the preventive action to minimize all expenses. It is unwanted but needed. It is not about being artist but this is about how we protect our selves. The smart people in the smart era have to find their way to save the money.

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