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May 23, 2018

How a Mortgage Loan Credit Scores Determined?

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? How you paid your bills in the past gives the lender some indication of how you can be expected to pay them in the future. If you have a record of paying your bills after the due date, this can lower your score. How often you have been late paying your bills, how recently your payments have been late as well as how long you remained delinquent on any bill at one time are important factors.


How many consumer loans and open charge accounts do you have? What are the current balances on these accounts? The lender wants to know how much credit you have and how much you have used. Research has shown that the number of credit accounts you have as well as how much of your available credit is used is important.

CREDIT HISTORY. How long have you had credit? Generally, the longer you have had and have successfully managed credit, the higher your credit score. However, people with relatively new credit histories or those with only one or two accounts can obtain high scores as well.

If you have recently established credit or have only a few credit refer¬ences, which does not mean that you cannot get a mortgage. Working with your mortgage lender, you may be able to establish a “nontraditional” credit report that is based on how well you have paid other types of debts, such as rent and utility payments.

CREDIT INQUIRIES. How many times have you authorized a lender to check your credit record? How many new accounts have been opened recently? Every time you apply for credit for an automobile or con¬sumer loan, to open a new charge account, etc. the lender checks your credit history with one of the credit bureaus. This is called an “inquiry” and is recorded in your credit report. Sometimes, having many inquiries within a recent period on your file indicates that your credit usage may be increasing and creates an additional level of risk for the lender. However, don’t worry that checking with several lenders about a mortgage loan will have a negative effect on your credit score. The credit report data used to calculate credit scores does not include auto or mortgage loan inquiries that occur in the 30-day period prior to the score being calculated, and auto and mortgage inquiries that occur in any 14-day period are always considered one inquiry.

TYPES OF CREDIT. What types of credit do you have in use? Do you have a mixture of types of credit, such as credit cards, personal loans, etc.?

Your credit score is calculated based on your history in these and other areas. Having established credit, paying your bills on time, and keeping the balances on open accounts to moderate levels will help ensure that you have a strong credit history and a good score.

Are credit scores discriminatory? No. Credit scoring is an objective process, based only on the infor¬mation in your credit report. Factors such as age, race, religion, gender, national origin, marital status, income, employment, and where you live are not considered in determining your credit score. Credit scoring is a bias-free tool that helps lenders evaluate the likelihood that you will repay the loan based on how you have managed debt in the past. Because credit scoring evaluates the information in credit reports in the same objective manner, one borrower is just as likely as another to have a high credit score.

What’s my score? Is that good or bad? Credit scores typically used in mortgage lending range from approxi¬mately 300 to 900. Generally, the higher your credit score, the less risk of future default you represent to the lender. This is a strong indica¬tion that you have successfully managed credit in the past and are likely to repay a mortgage loan.

Keep in mind that your credit score is only one factor that the lender uses to evaluate your mortgage loan application and that the final decision whether or not to approve your mortgage loan is made by the lender after careful analysis of all of the information the lender has collected.

Can my score be improved? The answer is, over time, certainly. But it may be difficult to immediately “fix” your credit score. The most effective way to make sure that you have the best possible credit score is to manage the credit you already have in a responsible manner. You can do this by following two simple rules.

1. Avoid becoming delinquent on any of your credit obligations (credit cards, automobile loans, or other installment loans).

Consumers occasionally miss a payment on one of their bills. This can happen for any number of reasons. Isolated situations like these, although they should be avoided and will have some effect on your credit score, should not have an effect on your ability to get new credit.

A mortgage foreclosure on your credit report will have a major effect on your credit score and your ability to get new credit in the future.

2. Avoid overuse of your credit cards and other credit accounts.

Just as it is important for you to pay your bills on time, it is also important that you control how much money you owe, especially on your credit cards. Lenders are increasingly concerned about the credit risk of consumers who seem to overextend themselves by using most or all of their available credit even if these consumers are still making payments on time.

Why would the lender need to be concerned if you still are making your payments on time? In recent years, there have been many news accounts of people in financial difficulty because they have used their credit cards up to their maximum limits and then struggled to make their monthly payments. For some consumers in this situation, the burden of these monthly payments becomes so great that they stop making payments altogether. Some file bankruptcy. This can happen to people who have never before missed a payment.

So, while you may think everything is fine no matter how much you charge, as long as you can pay your monthly bills on time, the fact is that you are actually a higher credit risk than those that manage their credit accounts more conservatively.

Credit scores are developed by looking at the way millions of consumers manage their credit and are able to identify consumers who are becoming overextended, before they become delinquent. This risk is reflected in the credit scores of those consumers.

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May 16, 2018

Do Know the Exact Mechanism of Mortgage – Learn Now

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Mortgage is a mechanism under which real estate is used as a security or collateral by the lender. Mortgage in itself is not loan, but it security for the loan that lender makes available to the borrower. In other words we can say mortgage acts as an evidence of debt of the borrower.

Mortgage may be classified into two broad categories, namely

In the residential mortgage, residential property or house of the borrower is used as security for the loan by the lender. In case of commercial mortgage real estate other than house or residential property is used as security for securing loan from the lender. Commercial mortgage is used for securing real estate for office, factory, storage etc.

Commercial mortgage is also used by businesses to secure money for

Compared to home or residential mortgage commercial mortgage is much more complex. This complexity arises because of liability and credit worthiness of the business in case of commercial mortgage.

Usually there is difference in the rate of interest for residential and commercial mortgage. Because of higher risks involved in commercial mortgage, their interest rates are appreciably higher compared to those of residential mortgage.

Besides these two broad categories, rate of mortgage play significant role. Based on the rate of interest, mortgage may be classified as

In case of interest only mortgage, borrower’s schedule payment consists of only interest on the mortgage. Usually this type of mortgage is available for fixed term of 5 to 7 years. After the fixed term is over borrower has to pay for principaIn case of fixed rate mortgage, rate of interest remains same through out the term of the loan. Borrower will pay same amount as monthly installment through out the tenor of the loan.

In case of adjustable rate mortgages you may be able to find lower initial interest rate than the prevailing market rates. In this type of mortgage interest rate of the mortgage are linked to certain market indices and fluctuate according to market.

In case of balloon mortgages, loans are of short duration and interest rates are fixed. Monthly installments are also fixed in this type of mortgage. Borrower usually gets lower interest rate compared to prevailing market rate for these mortgages.

Balloon mortgage is usually 2 term process. In the first term, borrower pays fixed monthly installments. In the second term borrower make a single payment for the full amount of the mortgage.

In case of reverse mortgage, borrower gets money from the lender. This type of mortgage is usually available for senior citizens.

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May 7, 2018

Refinance and Benefit From Your Equity

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Not everyone knows that by refinancing you can also take advantage of the equity you have built on your home and get extra cash for whatever purpose you may think of. Those kinds of loans provide many advantages that are often ignored by borrowers consequently loosing the opportunity to close on excellent deals.

With Cash Out Refinance Loans you can save thousands of dollars by refinancing your home loan for a lower interest rate than your outstanding loan and at the same time you can seize the benefits equity provides and obtain extra cash. In some cases the savings from refinancing exceed or equal the costs of cash out. Thus, it is just like getting free financing because all your costs are compensated by your gains.

Property’s Equity

The equity you have built on your home will provide the source of your funds. The lender will lend you money against the equity on your home. It is imperative that you understand the concept of equity because the implications are particularly important. You can take advantage of equity but it can also constitute a serious risk when used.

The equity on your home is the difference between your home value and the outstanding debt that is secured on your home. If you have a property worth $100,000 but you have an outstanding mortgage loan on it with $40,000 of debt, then the equity on your home is worth $60,000. Up to this amount, you will be able to request a home equity loan or line of credit. However, only those with good credit score can obtain 100% financing.

Cash Out Refinance Loans

Cash out refinance loans use the equity left on your home to provide additional financing. Thus, you are not only refinancing your home loan but you are getting extra cash in the same financial transaction. Continuing with the above example, you can seize the benefits of that $40,000 and refinance the $60,000 on your home loan at the same time.

Moreover, refinancing at a lower rate can provide you with huge savings over the whole life of the loan. These savings can easily compensate for the cost of cashing out your equity depending on the amount of money you request. The interests you are saving by refinancing can counterweigh the interests you will have to pay for the amount of money you request on your equity.

Purposes Of Extra Cash

The extra cash can be used for any purpose you may think of; there are absolutely no restrictions as to the uses of the loan. However, under certain circumstances, you could get better terms if you use the money you obtain from cash out refinance loans to make home improvements.

If you plan on making home improvements on the same property being used as collateral, you should notify the lender as some lenders have promotional terms for home improvement loans. This is due to the fact that home improvements tend to increase the value of the property and thus raise the amount of equity on your home. By lending to you, the lender is contributing to increase the value that is securing the very same property protecting his investment. In many cases you can get up to a 1% interest rate reduction if you use the money for home improvements.

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April 29, 2018

Home Improvements Via Cash Out Refinance

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It is possible to get all the finance you need to make home improvements by refinancing your home loan with a Cash-Out Refinance Mortgage Loan. If there is sufficient equity on your home you will be able to get all the money needed to pay for the materials and professional fees with a quick and hassle free approval process.

Financing through cash out refinance loan is a cheap source of funds that can provide you with additional benefits like a reduction on the interest rate you pay for your current mortgage or a reduction on the loan installments you pay every month and thus reducing your overall debt exposure. This can also increase your credit score because your income/debt ratio will improve too.

How Does It Work?

If you have a mortgage on your home and you have paid already some installments or if your property’s value has increased, you probably have some equity on your home. This equity is an excellent source of inexpensive funds. But instead of using a home equity loan you can request a cash-out refinance loan.

A cash-out refinance loan is basically like a regular refinance loan, only you request a larger amount than your outstanding mortgage loan. The main portion of the loan is used to repay your previous mortgage and with the extra cash you can do whatever you want. In this case, you can use the money to make home improvements. The extra money obtained is part of your new mortgage and thus it is under the same loan terms.

The above implies that you will be getting incredibly cheap financing for your home improvements by taking advantage of the equity on your home. But, that’s not the whole deal, by refinancing your mortgage you can get several other benefits that make these transactions worthwhile.


By refinancing you can get lower interest rates, longer repayment programs and thus, smaller loan installments. This can really improve your credit stance even if your overall debt increases. This is due to the fact that even if you owe more money, your income will suffer less because your debt will be spread over a longer period and with lower interests. The result of these variables is a considerably lower debt exposure.

Moreover, home improvements will raise your property’s value, providing you with more equity on your home and a new source of credit. In the long run, you will be increasing your ability to get finance while saving money at the same time. If timing, loan term, interest rate and other variables are chosen correctly home improvement’s costs can almost be null due to being compensated by the gains they will provide.

Last, but not least, your credit score will eventually reflect these changes and soon enough will raise to show that your debt exposure has decreased, that the value of your assets has increased and that your income/spending ratio has improved on the income side thus providing you with the ability to cope with new and larger loan installments.

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April 25, 2018

Don’t Lose Your Motor Vehicle: Refinance

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Sometimes it is not possible to continue affording the monthly payments of your motor vehicle loan. Many decide to give up and risk losing the vehicle to repossession due to not considering refinancing. It is equally possible to obtain a refinance motor vehicle loan just like it is possible to obtain a refinance car loan or refinance home loan. And it is the best choice in order to avoid losing your vehicle.

Motor vehicle refinancing is not a complicated process and it is well worth the trouble. There is little paperwork to be done and there are many options even for those that are having credit or financial difficulties. However, you need to know what loans to get and where to obtain them in order to refinance motor vehicle loan successfully. First Step: Analyzing Your Situation

The first thing you need to do is to analyze your financial situation and see what you can afford. If the reason why you are considering refinancing is that you can not afford the monthly payments on your current motor vehicle loan, you will need to make sure that you will be able to get a refinance loan with lower monthly payments.

This can be achieved either by extending the repayment program of the loan or by using a loan based on equity. In the first alternative, you get lower monthly payments because the whole loan repayment amount is spread into a larger number of installments. In the second alternative you get a longer repayment program too but you also get lower interest rates which can result in actual savings on the long run. Unsecured Refinance Motor Vehicle Loans And Loans Based On Equity

It is possible to obtain unsecured refinance motor vehicle loans but it is rather difficult to get better terms on such loans. The flexibility of the repayment programs of unsecured loans is limited and thus, if you need to reduce the amount of your monthly payments, unsecured financing may not be the solution to your problems.

Loans based on equity, on the other hand, have longer repayment programs available and thus, can easily provide you with lower monthly payments you will be able to afford without having to make sacrifices. The only problem is that you are risking another asset (a real estate property) instead of the motor vehicle. But, as long as you can afford the new repayment program there is not really anything to worry about. Where To Obtain Financing

In order to obtain financing for purchasing a motor vehicle loan you need to be careful when looking for the right lender. There are many lenders out there willing to offer you funds for purchasing a motor vehicle but not all of them will offer you advantageous terms on your loan. Thus, you need to shop for a lender and not go for the first offer you receive.

You can do a quick search for motor vehicle loans on the internet and within the results you will find many lenders offering different finance product for motor vehicle purchases. Request loan quotes from them and compare what they offer you. Only after deciding which you can benefit the most of, you should fill the online application and wait to be contacted.

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April 11, 2018

Need Extra Cash? Have Bad Credit? Cash Out Refinance Mortgage

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If you are in need of extra cash and you have too much outstanding debt or you are having difficulties repaying personal loans and credit card balances, even if you have bad credit, you can get funds by refinancing your mortgage. You can request a cash-out refinance loan and get the extra money you need in the blink of an eye.

It can be really difficult to get finance when your credit is less than perfect. Having large personal loans and credit card balances that have became too much of a burden is not an uncommon situation. Many soon end up being unable to meet the monthly payments of the loans and the minimum payments on the credit card balances. Then, penalty fees start making your debt even bigger and unless stopped at some point this can easily lead to bankruptcy.

However, if your credit is bad due to past delinquencies or credit problems, even if you have your debt under control, you won’t be able to get finance through an unsecured personal loan easily. Bad Credit implies too much of a risk to lenders which can only be overcame by providing a security, some sort of collateral. You probably already knew that but you may object that your property is already securing your mortgage. That’s when cash-out refinance loans come in handy.

Cash-Out Refinance Loans

A cash out refinance loan can solve your lack of cash problems because it will provide a considerable amount of money you’ll be able to use either to meet your current needs or for reducing your current debt. You can even get the money you need and save money at the same time. We’ll explain this later.

Basically, a cash out refinance loan is a mortgage loan that will be used to repay the outstanding mortgage loan. However, since the refinance loan will be requested for a higher amount than the original loan, the remaining amount can be used for whatever purpose you want.

If you are in a hurry, use it to fulfill the needs you couldn’t meet due to the lack of funds. But if it isn’t an emergency and you have some time, you can use the money to reduce your outstanding debt. The money you obtained from the refinance loan is cheap finance, if you use it to pay off expensive financing like unsecured personal loans, pay day loans, and credit card balances, this will enhance your credit stance and improve your credit score. You’ll then be able to get cheaper finance from other sources and use the money for whatever you originally needed.

Moreover, refinance home loans can be obtained at a lower interest rate than the original mortgage loan. If there is not much difference between your credit situation when you requested the mortgage loan and your current credit situation, or if your current situation is better, you’ll probably be able get a refinance loan for a lower interest rate than your previous mortgage. You can also get a lower rate by shortening the loan term. This may increase your mortgage installments slightly but will definitely get you a lower rate and you will save thousands of dollars over the whole life of the loan.

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March 30, 2018

Don’t Get Rushed Into Refinancing Your Home Loan

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You probably get refinance loan proposals all the time. Loan agents are promoting these loans everyday and advertising their products by phone, email, web sites, TV, street announcements, etc. However, you should not rush in as refinancing may or may not be the right financial product for you. Learn what you need to know before deciding.

There are many things you need to consider before making your mind about refinancing your mortgage loan or not. Basically you need to compare the terms of the outstanding mortgage with the new loan terms in order to see whether you will be benefiting from a refinance transaction or not and whether the advantages you might obtain are worth the trouble.

What To Analyze When Considering A Refinance Loan

The main terms you will need to watch closely when comparing your refinance home loan with your current mortgage loan are: Interest Rate, Length of the repayment program, Resulting Loan Installments, Cash-out amount (if applicable), prepayment clauses (penalty fees, prohibitions, etc.), Administrative Fees, Closing costs and other fees and costs.

Make a table with all this information and compare the overall costs by adding each line in each column. You will be able to obtain the numbers from the loan contract and the refinance loan proposal or loan quote. Make sure to read the contracts thoroughly so you do not let anything out of consideration.

How To Compare Your Loans

The interest rate has to be lower in order to benefit from refinancing. However, if the interest rate is higher or the same, this can be compensated by longer repayment programs or by a larger loan amount that will let you get cash out of your refinance loan. If none of the above is true, then the refinance loan will not be to your advantage.

The resulting loan installments need to be low enough so you can afford them and they must leave you enough space to undertake other expenses or deal with unexpected situations. So, you should only refinance for higher monthly payments if you are sure you will be able to afford them and if you can save money by doing so. This can be achieved due to a reduction on the interest rate or a cut on the repayment program.

Deciding On A Refinance Loan

Taking into consideration the above, plus any prepayment penalty fees, administrative fees, closings costs or other fees and costs, you can decide which refinance loan is right for you. You can search for online refinance loan lenders and request loan quotes and specific information on all of these factors. If after summing up all the variables you conclude that by refinancing you will save money or bring ease to your financial situation, then go ahead. Otherwise you may want to consider other financial products.

The key to success in this kind of decisions is not to rush in and do a thorough research before applying. Once you have collected enough information, compared different loan quotes between them and with your outstanding mortgage loan terms, you will be able to make a conscious decision.

Melissa Kellett is an expert loan consultant who has worked for twenty years in the financial industry and helps people to repair their credit and get approved for home loans, unsecured personal loans, student loans, consolidation loans, car loans and many other types of loans and financial products. If you want to learn more about Bad Credit Loans and Unsecured Loans you can visit her site

March 29, 2018

Debt Consolidation Loan – a Solution to Conquer your Debt

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We all get hold of means of luxury for a convenient living style. Home loans, student loans, credit cards, fuel cards, store cards and what not? But sooner or later the interest rates and the hidden charges start taking their toll. We soon find ourselves pushed to a corner by an avalanche of monthly bills to be paid. This is where debt consolidation loan can help.What Is A Debt Consolidation Loan?

A debt consolidated loan is a loan which requires you to make only one integrated monthly payment to take care of all your monthly bills.How Does This Benefit You?

If you are burdened with a stack of loans and a host of bills, then
debt consolidation loan can be a solution to all your debt problems. Take the right step to manage your finances wisely. Avail
free debt consolidation quotes

from companies online and let them know that you are on the look out for free debt consolidation help. Be wise and cautious as you search for a genuine company to help you out in your time of distress.

March 27, 2018

Home Loans

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The first use of home loans that consumers consider is for the purchase of a new home; this could be for a first home, a second or third home, or for a vacation property or investment property. Buying a new home and seeking home loans for them is fairly straight forward; the subject takes on more depth as you consider refinance home loans and the possibilities with them.

The Basic Home Loan

For straightforward purchase, the things to consider are

• The interest rate

• The type of interest rate—fixed or adjustable (if adjustable, the length of the fixed rate period, usually 2-5 years)

• Home loan terms—how long? 10, 15, 30 year?

These are factors that may be affected by credit worthiness, income, and down payment, but all in all when you look for purchase home loans you look for these three basic things plus closing costs, and choose the most favorable option.

Refinance Home Loans

If you already own your home and are interested in refinance home loans, you have more decisions to make.

First of all you need to consider where you will shop for refinance home loans. Today, many consumers will turn to the internet for online home refinance loans so that they have the greatest access and can locate the best home refinancing value. Certainly online home refinance options net the greatest diversity and value, but consumers need to be aware that lenders may promise things they cannot deliver. A simple licensing check will restore order, though; simply ask if the lender is licensed in your state or search based on your needs (for example, ‘Colorado refinance loan’) which should return viable results and do away with the fluff. Note, though, that as long as the lender is licensed in your state and you believe them to have the best home refinancing value, a Colorado refinance loan is just as good as, or better than, one instate.

Once you’ve decided how to shop for your loan, you should give some thought to your home refinance options. You may qualify for a variety of programs that can access

• Cash out for expenses or purchases

• Money for home improvements

• Cash out for debt consolidation

• Term improvements (interest rate and length of loan)

To make the most of your efforts, definitely explore all home refinance options and do it well the first time to improve as much of your financial picture as possible.

Optimizing Home Refinancing Value

What ultimately determines home refinancing value is a combination of refinance mortgage rates and other favorable positioning such as term improvement or debt consolidation options. However, fees and costs such as closing costs can muddy the waters, so it is important to understand that the best refinance mortgage rates are not always the best home refinancing value when all things are considered.

For the layperson it can be difficult to determine what the best home refinancing value is. You’ll have to evaluate your situation, refinance mortgage rates and fees, and then compare the bottom line to your current mortgage and what you’d hoped to achieve through a refinance. If you have chosen your lender carefully this will be easier because he or she will be honest about your best interests and help you work to develop a new mortgage product that is beneficial all around; you’ll find that choosing the right lender to handle your U.S. or Colorado refinance loan will make all the difference in the world, and all the difference in your financial life.

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