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May 13, 2018

Shopping Around For The Best Possible Debt Consolidation Loan Rate: Beware Of Hidden Fees And Costs

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If you are in the process of looking for a debt consolidation loan, you will want to consider the tips and suggestions that are pointed out in this article. Specifically, you will want to understand the “hidden fees” that can be associated with a debt consolidation loan. You will want to be aware of all of the fees that can affect a debt consolidation loan rate overall. As you’ve gone about looking for a debt consolidation loan, you may have questions about hidden fees that sometimes can be associated with a debt consolidation loan.
When it comes to debt consolidation loan advertisements, always read the fine print. The fine print associated with an advertisement associated with a debt consolidation and a debt consolidation loan rate usually contains vital information. It will be within the fine print that you will find information pertaining to hidden fees associated with a debt consolidation loan rate. By really taking a look at the hidden fees associated with a debt consolidation loan rate, you will be able to make far better decisions in regard to which debt consolidation loan is right for you.
When it comes to obtaining a debt consolidation loan, it is important to read the fine print in the agreement associated with the debt consolidation loan itself. As is the case with many debt consolidation loan advertisements, within the loan agreement itself there likely will be fine print and “hidden” information. In many instances, it is within the fine print that one will locate or find information pertaining to fees and costs associated with the loan, to information pertaining to the debt consolidation loan rate.
It is important for you to take the time to shop around when it comes to finding a debt consolidation loan. By taking the time to shop around for a debt consolidation loan you will be able to find the best deal when it comes to a debt consolidation loan rate. By shopping around, you will be able to find a debt consolidation loan with a debt consolidation loan rate that makes financial and economic sense for you.
In the end, by really exploring all of the costs and charges associated with a debt consolidation loan, you really will be able to get a decent overall debt consolidation loan rate and you will be on the road towards laying the foundation for a better and more stable financial future.

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May 1, 2018

Find Hidden Divorce Money From Your Tax Return

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It’s almost mind boggling how many spouses rely on their significant other to do the taxes. Most of them don’t even look at them. They just want to know the bottom line and where to sign. Check your tax return. Do the numbers correspond to what you’ve earned, spent and saved? Do the 1099s seem to be in order? Interest and dividends are reported there, along with the names of the financial institutions. Make sure you know where your assets are invested and where the accounts are kept.

I have seen a spouse pay significant income taxes, often when the payment greatly exceeds the actual income tax debt. After the divorce is over, then an amended return is filed along with a request for a refund of the over payment. In this way cash that would normally have been divided between the spouses was used for income tax payments, and the refund is not shared.

Another trick, especially for a spouse who manages property or a business, is to take steps to devalue the property over time, so that when it comes to allocate the value of the asset, the managing spouse gets the benefit of the lower value. This may include allowing rental property to remain vacant or in disrepair. Another example is to contact a business’ customers to defer payments of accounts receivable until after the divorce is finalized. Then when the accounts are finally paid, the managing spouse gets the benefit of the cash, and also the increased value of the business now with current accounts.

Income tax returns are the first place to look for possible clues as to the existence of undisclosed assets. They provide the road map to the discovery of income earning assets and asset sales. Typically, the tax return should also describe the source of all income, whether it be rents received from rental property, interest on a bank account, dividends on stocks, gain or loss on the sale of stock, and the like. In reviewing the tax returns, the attached schedules are far more important than the summary entries on the first two pages. In any event, each page of the tax return should be carefully reviewed. You can get a FREE report at Divorce Ammo.

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July 10, 2014

Warning! The Hidden Truth About Debt Consolidation For Credit Cards

Don’t trust your money with just anyone. Here is everything you need to know before consolidating your credit cards.
Watch Your Back
So, you’ve finally made the decision to step into debt consolidation and you’re finally ready to make the right move and eliminate your debt. Congratulations. This is a big step for you. But it’s also a step that you should make carefully.
Today, on the Internet, there are literally thousands of “firms” that will allow you to consolidate your debt quickly and easily. Problem is, many of these companies are not legit and are only out for your money. You need to be careful of these companies and only work with one that has been accredited to handle your specific situation.
How can you find these companies? Do your homework before you start. Decide what you are looking for in a debt consolidation and be ready to know the types of questions that you need to ask a firm looking to handle your business. What sorts of plans do they offer? How are they looking to help you with your specific situation? Will they walk you through the process or do they seem rushed to start you up and collect fees from you?
Know what you’re talking about and set out to get all the right answers from any company accepting your business.
Avoid Potential Pitfalls
As useful as debt consolidation can and should be, it can also be extremely taxing and painful if it is not used properly. In most cases, debt consolidation will allow you to lower your monthly payments and pay off your credit card in less time than it normally would.
While this is very helpful to your situation, you also need to take steps towards financial freedom elsewhere. Do NOT think that credit card consolidation is the end all and the be all. You shouldn’t be using credit cards elsewhere while you try to consolidate as this will simply make it harder for you to pay off your debt. Rather, commit to the program you select and do your best to pay off your debt. You’ll be glad you did.
Get References!
A credit card consolidation program is ideal for anyone who has suffered under the weight of debt. Debt can be physically and emotionally hard to deal with for many people. But you don’t have to be one of those individuals. Often times, debt consolidation helps people cope with debt while providing options for paying it off.
Before you even consider signing on with a debt consolidation firm, do your research and find a company that works best for you. Ask around. Do you have a family friend or a trusted friend who has gone through the consolidation process? Can they recommend a company to you that they think works best for your situation? Do you currently have a financial advisor who could recommend someone to you?
Ask around and see what you can dig up. Chances are, you’ll find someone reliable and trustworthy to help you out with your consolidation and you may gain a better understanding of the whole process as you do your background checks.

April 6, 2013

Self Employed Tax Deductions….discover the Unclaimed Tax Deductions That Lie Secretly Hidden in Your Home Business Tax Returns

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Tax Write Offs for the Self Employed…Discover 101 Ways To Reduce your Taxes Legally…Unfortunately, we had been students of self-employed tax deductionsstrategies for over 20 years before we learned what I’m about to share with you regarding tax reduction tips. I was shocked when we first found out that as self employed owners there were more tax loopholes than the limited itemized tax deductions that we had routinely rehearsed and become accustomed to. My husband and I thought we were savvy entrepreneurs especially when it came down to self employed tax deductions solutions. (He said I knew how to squeeze a dollar to make George holler) Boy when we found out that we were severely losing out on Thousands of dollars per year from not maximizing self employed tax deductions expenses…well it was just a bitter sweet experience. We weren’t happy campers to say the least. Now don’t get me wrong we weren’t blaming anyone. It was sort of like the lady on the news that was scammed for millions. Her concern was not that she had been scammed. Her concerned was that she was paying income taxes on money that didn’t exist. She was gravely looking for IRS to bestow a tax reduction… better yet, interest tax deductions for all of the years of over paying.We implemented every self employed tax deductions suggested by our accountant. We were appalled to discover how considerably more tax deductions we could claim as self employed home business owner. It was no secret we’ve visited our share of CPA ,CFP and every other kind of C’s and never seem to stumble on the one that really resonated with us or could noticeably reduce our business taxes. Now you get the opportunity to benefit from the same self employed tax deductions tips that it took us over 20 years to learn… you get to devour in the time it takes to read this article.Fortunately, you get to learn from your experiences and from ours. Here are 9 Bullet-Proof Self Employed Tax Deductions: If you own your own business (even a home business) or if you’re an Independent Contractor, you could save hundreds… even thousands of dollars each year.

Here is an outline of what you will learn:

1.      Learn how to potentially deduct most of your fun such as movies, plays, and season tickets 2.      Learn how to potentially deduct your golf, golf balls, golf clubs and lessons 3.      Learn how to potentially deduct all parties in your home 4.      Learn how to potentially bullet-proof all your entertainment from any IRS or state audit! 5.      Learn how to potentially deduct any vacation anywhere in the world by combining the trip with business. 6.      Discover the secret as to why IRS doesn’t require receipts for under $75 per item! 7.      Find out how to potentially deduct all dry cleaning and laundry and even the cost of clothing itself! 8.      Learn how to potentially bullet proof all travel from even the toughest IRS scrutiny 9.      Discover a little known secret (that is used by the super rich) to potentially deduct the equivalent of your children’s weddings and education including law school and medical school- No kidding!! Sanford C. Botkin, CPA and Former top IRS Tax Attorney lives in Germantown, MD, a suburb of Washington D. C., just a short distance from the IRS headquarters. Over the past 15 years, Sandy has helped over 50,000 taxpayers including home business owners save millions in taxes through legal tax reduction. To find out what fox news has to say about Sandy Botkin check our website.* Here’s my disclaimer….I’m not a CPA or Tax Attorney this is for educational purposes only O.K…. I’m back According to Sanford Botkin, CPA and Former top IRS Tax Attorney. Owning a home business is one of the most profitable tax deductions a person could have. As small business/home business owners we have more tax breaks available to us then the average business takes. Any legitimate home base business owner that’s actively pursuing a profit, even part-time can qualify for substantial tax breaks.(read  Sandy’s facts) According to the American Taxpayer Union in 1958, the average American paid 18 percent of their gross income in taxes, Federal, State, and Social Security. Today, the average American spends 41 percent of their gross income in taxes. Taxes are the largest expense for most people. It exceeds food, clothing, lodging, and transportation combined. The Average American works 5 months supporting the government and 7 months supporting their families. Learn tax deductions methods to help you reduce your support to 2 or 3 months supporting the government and 9-to 10 months supporting your family. Here’s one of the biggest mistakes home business owners make, which is having the mindset that their tax accountant will take care of them. No doubt about it, most accountants are working as hard as they can trying to keep abreast of the never-ending changing tax laws while maintaining and growing a client base. That’s why we have to study  and do our homework to realize the maximum tax reduction possible for your business. Thinking your accountant will take care of your taxes is like thinking your doctor will take care of your health regardless to what you eat. We hope this information helps you the way it did with us. *Strategy is better than Strength proverb



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