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February 12, 2018

Credit Card Debt Help From Government – Is It Real?

With so many government programs being passed in recent months, it’s quite likely that you’ve started to hear about credit card debt help from the government.

However, you may be wondering if it is real. People who are in significant debt have probably received solicitations encouraging them to use a particular debt relief program. What exactly is being offered and can it help your situation?

Hector Milla Editor of the “Credit Card Debt Counseling” website — – pointed out;

The Scoop on Government Programs

“…There are definitely government sponsored programs that are being put into place to help Americans get out of debt. While you can probably feel confident that these systems will do what they claim for the average user, they really don’t offer a lot more than what you can do for yourself. By calling your credit card companies yourself, you can usually receive an offer to settle credit card debt for about 40% of what you owe. Because there is no middle man, you will not have to pay any fees or accompanying costs. With government options, they will take their cut like any other company would…”

Is It Any Different Than Other Settlement Programs?

Using a government sponsored program doesn’t really offer you any advantages over standard debt settlement companies. The creditors are being encouraged to balance books in any way that they can and they will talk with the settlement company of your choice just as readily as a government agency. Also, most consumers are well aware that the government isn’t known for efficiency. A dedicated business, on the other hand, can not function unless it does things right.

What Other Help is There?

Besides using a credit card debt help that is directly sponsored by the government, there are several hidden advantages to the central involvement in financial affairs. First, because of bail out plans, every creditor has a distinct incentive to cut you a deal by the government’s encouragement. There also may be grants that are available that can be used to pay off consumer debt. However, they aren’t listed as such and you’ll need to search deep to find those opportunities. Finally, the government is attempting to invest in the economy and create jobs and that may lead to less consumer debt overall, if the plan is effective.

What Can I Do On My Own?

The good news is that you aren’t at all limited to the options that are being put forth by the federal government. You can still create and implement your own plan. This may include using your own middle man to negotiate payments and settlements. With enough persistence, you can also deal directly with the credit card companies and get good results from those efforts.

“…There are definitely real options that the government is offering for credit card debt help. However, they aren’t necessarily better or more lucrative than other readily available methods that you can take advantage of…” added H. Milla.

Further information about trusted and reputable companies for credit card debt settlement by visiting;

Hector Milla runs his corporate website at where you can see all his articles and press releases.

February 10, 2018

What To Do Before the October 15th Tax Extension Deadline if You Need Tax Help for Unfiled Tax Returns or IRS Back Taxes

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If you filed for an extension to file your tax returns in April, your taxes must be filed by October 15. The worst thing in the world you can do is not file your income tax return on time because you don’t have money to pay what’s owed!  Here’s what you need to do, if this is your situation: File your tax return on or before October 15th and send it in with a money order or cashier’s check for $10.00.  This will ensure two hugely important things:

1.) It will take the IRS’s power away to assess a 25% failure to file penalty away, and 2.) it will create a computerized record at IRS that you filed on time and made a good faith and credible effort to pay something.

So those of your who have been procrastinating better wake up! And for anyone who can’t afford to pay your taxes come April 15th or October 15 – know that you’re not alone.  It’s a common problem and a lot of people end up in tax trouble because they don’t file their tax returns on time even with an extension because they don’t have the money to pay.

Here’s what you can do before the October 15 tax extension deadline if you have unfiled tax returns or IRS debt from back taxes:

•    Get a good tax attorney or tax resolution specialist. You are in dangerous waters here where only an expert tax resolution specialist or tax attorney can help you. To get the back taxes help you need, contact a tax attorney or tax resolution specialist. They are on your side. The IRS is not.•    You need a sense of urgency. If you haven’t filed your tax return before the April 15th deadline, you need to file for an extension using Tax Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Income Tax Return. Not filing your taxes is the worst thing you can do because you can incur a 25% failure to file penalty right off the top.  Failure to file tax returns may be construed as a criminal act by the IRS, punishable by one year in jail and $10,000 for each year not filed.If you haven’t filed for this year, even after April 15th tax deadline you can still file for a tax extension using tax form 4868. A tax extension provides tax help because it can stop the “failure to file” penalty clock before it reaches the maximum. Get tax help from a tax attorney or tax resolution specialist if you’re tempted to file for October 15th tax extension after the April 15th deadline has passed. Only a tax attorney or tax resolution specialist can give you the tax help you need.•    You need to whip out your checkbook, even if you can only pay $5. The bad news is that even taxpayers who received a tax extension for filing are not granted more time for the payment of taxes owed and may need income tax relief.If you fail to pay your back taxes due, you will incur additional penalties for “failure to pay”. Any tax attorney will tell you that to avoid back tax penalties and interest, ideally you should pay 90% of your estimated taxes when you file your tax form 4868 on April 15th. To avoid additional back tax penalties, taxpayers should file by the deadline and pay as much as they can. You will still have a failure to pay penalty, but it’s much less.Our tax attorneys tell our tax relief clients that no matter how much is owed, if they enclose a check for $5 or $10 for back taxes with the return and file it on time, that’s going to give them tax help instantly because: 1) Filing cuts down on the failure to file penalty, so you take that 25% penalty off the table.

2) Writing a check for your back taxes creates a record at IRS that says you actually filed on time and they have to post that $5 or $10 back taxes check to your account.  •   You need to discover quickly whether you owe the IRS more back taxes or you’re due for a refund. If you overestimated your back taxes in April and paid the IRS too much, then you’ll get a tax refund as soon as you file your full 1040 tax return, hopefully long before the October 15th tax extension deadline.•   You may need tax software to discover your IRS debt from back taxes. By October all those discounted tax software boxes offering tax help will be long gone. A tax attorney and tax resolution specialist will have the software you need going back a decade to calculate both state and federal taxes. If you owe back taxes for more than one year, a good tax attorney or tax resolution specialist may be your only shot at getting the tax help you need. •   You need to get your paperwork in order. Filing an October 15th tax extension means you have more time to collect the final paperwork you need. If you have been the victim of a financial crime, a good tax attorney can go back and file amended returns that can drastically improve your back taxes problem. •    You need to act quickly or the IRS will. If you don’t file a tax return by the October 15th tax extension deadline, the IRS may file one for you. If you don’t get tax help from a tax attorney, the IRS may prepare a “Substitute For Return” for delinquent taxpayers. It’s important to file a tax return as well as any prior delinquent tax returns as soon as possible to save money and avoid significant long-term consequences. Get professional tax help from tax attorney so that you get all the tax relief you’re allowed. •   If you owe back taxes for more than one year, all your prior tax returns must be filed to be eligible for income tax relief. All back tax returns must be filed before the IRS will entertain any type of tax settlement.•    You need to realize that this is your last chance. Can you file for an extension past the October 15th tax deadline extension? Not a chance. The IRS will occasionally extend an extension beyond October 15th for a class of people who have suffered a natural disaster. If your home wasn’t destroyed by a hurricane, then your chances of getting a tax extension beyond October 15th are about the same as winning the lottery. The good news is that with an experienced and professional tax attorney or tax resolution specialist, you have a real hope of resolving your back taxes and IRS problems if you act now. I believe there’s tax help for every problem. For a delinquent taxpayer, it’s never too late to resolve your tax debt and avoid IRS penalties. For more information on achieving a tax resolution for your unfiled tax returns or back taxes, visit for a free tax relief consultation or call 866-IRS-PROBLEMS.

Michael Rozbruch is one of the nation’s leading tax experts. A Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS), licensed CPA and the founder of Tax Resolution Services. He helps individuals and small businesses solve their IRS problems and is dedicated to educating the public on tax planning and other strategies for managing their personal and business finances.

January 5, 2018

Free Debt Consolidation Advice – Debt Help for you

Getting free debt consolidation advice can save you from falling into bankruptcy. Not only that, free debt consolidation advice can also enable you to work toward making your credit rating healthy again. If you are a debtor, you might need some sort of expertise to negotiate with your creditors. Debt consolidation help includes negotiation on your behalf as well as effective financial planning.

Searching For debt Consolidation

Get free debt consolidation advice to tide over your debt crisis. There are many options for you if you are looking for free debt consolidation advice. But if you need help other than advice, you may need to pay some fee. However, there are many organizations that also offer debtors free debt consolidation advice.

Start by asking around at your church, local youth and voluntary organizations. Many of these institutions have special cells that offer free debt consolidation advice. These cells will help you locate the best free debt consolidation service.

Another option is looking online for free debt consolidation advice. The Internet has a lot of information about debt consolidation services. You need to simply log in and search for companies offering free debt consolidation advice in your area. A lot of advice may be free, and if you need services you have to pay for, you can look for a free non-profit debt consolidation quote.

If you have taken loan from a lending agency, or are reeling under the burden of credit card debts, chances are you can get free debt consolidation advice from these companies themselves. Your creditors are also eager to help you repay your debts to them, so you can look for loan consolidation help from designated departments.

Government organizations also run cells that offer free debt consolidation advice. Look up information at finance and business departments to find out more about places to find free debt consolidation advice.

How Advice Can Help You

If you are looking for free debt consolidation advice, chances are you may not be able to find someone to negotiate with the creditors for you. However, don’t let that deter you. With the expert advice provided by these organizations, you will find the confidence to negotiate with your debtors on your own.

Apart from sorting out your immediate problem, free debt consolidation advice will also help you plan your lifestyle and expenditure in a way that you can avoid future debt problems. But remember, you may need to cut unnecessary expenditure along with all this.

You will also be taught how to repay your consolidate loan as early as possible so that your credit record is not damaged further. After a few months, you can start taking small steps towards repairing your credit.

Free debt consolidation advice can help you overcome debt; get your life back on track and repair poor credit.

For people looking for free debt consolidation advice, there are options aplenty including government organizations, non-profit debt help groups and special cells set up by lenders. You can get free nonprofit debt consolidation quote online from different non-profit debt consolidation companies and compare different quotes to select the best debt consolidation offer. Visit Free Debt Consolidation Help for more details regarding free debt help options including free debt consolidation counseling and bad credit debt consolidation.

December 23, 2017

Where to Find Help With Federal Income Tax Returns

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Filing federal income tax returns is a concern for many individuals. Some are worried about getting their tax return in on time whereas others are concerned about filing it correctly. For the latter group of individuals, there are ways to find help in the area of federal taxes and some possibilities will be listed below.

Visit the IRS Website

One of the best resources to consult in order to gain general help with regard to your federal tax returns is on the IRS website. This site has a wealth of valuable resources on it as it comes directly from the government agency responsible for handling these taxes. On their website you can learn about various filing requirements in addition to being able to print out pertinent tax forms. If you are searching for help with federal income tax returns, a visit to the IRS website is a must.


If you would prefer to contact a professional well versed in the field of taxes as opposed to embarking on the federal tax journey yourself then a visit to your accountant is the way to go. By inquiring with your accountant about taxes you will feel good in knowing that you are getting the right answers from a true professional. Accountants can handle a variety of tax matters including helping you with your federal tax returns.

Tax Forms

For those who may have a simple question which pertains to filling out the tax form you can always look directly at the forms to determine if the answers are right there in the fine print. These may not provide as detailed an answer as you wish them to but they will provide some guidance in general tax question areas. Federal tax forms can be printed out from the IRS website or picked up at your local post office.

Other Tax Related Websites

In addition to the IRS websites there are a multitude of other websites which feature federal tax topics and articles. The only downside to consulting these various websites is that the information contained within them will not be as accurate as that which is contained on the government websites. Therefore, if you are looking for concrete reference material your best bet is to go to the IRS website to find it there. However, if you are searching for general tax information relating to federal taxes you can take a perusal on these types of websites to see what is available.

Tax Software

These days many individuals choose to do their taxes on their own via tax software. When taking care of your federal taxes these software programs provide a good way to get the taxes done and have all of your tax related questions answered. In addition, many of these federal income tax software programs will also provide telephone numbers for you to call should you need further help with doing your taxes.

Craig Thornburrow is an acknowledged expert in his field. You can get more free advice on federal income tax and federal income tax deductions at

December 9, 2017

All is not Gone, Let Christian Debt Consolidation Help you Live a Debt Free Life

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When debts push you to a near pit fall, you feel as if the world is spinning around and life is about to come to a dead stand still. It is such a terrible feeling. There is a possibility of looking for any possible means of clearing up the debts before more needs arise only to add up to the existing debt which overly complicates your life. With such a feeling, you may rush to any debt consolidation company that you come across or even go for consolidation loans without having an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

So many companies have come up in the name of Christian debt consolidation and using the brand name “Christian” to trap clients into joining up their so called non-profit debt consolidation programs. The clients only realize that they are actually adding more to their debt when they are already trapped. Before deciding for any debt consolidation company be it Christian debt consolidation, be very careful and make sure that you check whether it is in line with the better business bureau.

Honest Christian Debt Consolidation companies are available and for a Christian it is important to feel relaxed and look for a good and well respected Christian debt consolidation company that will help you solve the debt problems. The Christian debt consolidation companies care about you and will work towards making you a debt free person so that you will not be abstracted from serving God, your family and even the society.

You could also appreciate that getting out of debt depends entirely on your personal attitude, it starts with you. Accepting that you have a debt problem is your turning point. Then next thing that remains is to look for a well known Christian debt management company that has kept a clean record of its services and share your debt problems with them. Most of Christian debt consolidation companies will definitely recommend you the best method to consolidate your debts. Remember that not all Christian debt consolidation companies are honest. Do not accept to fall prey of ill “Christian debt consolidation companies” out there to add you more problems than you already have. You will buy their bible financial counseling programs, but I thought they would be free!.

Something you may not ignore about Christian debt consolidation is the fact that you will receive good guidance and a lot of inspiration that will help you cross the debt free bridge. You will be able to settle your debt and go through various debt counseling programs that will help you lower your monthly payments accompanied by lower interest rates.

There is still good Christian debt consolidation companies that are out there to help out millions of people desperately looking for debt solutions and are willing to walk with them through the debt hardships. You will definitely become a debt free person if you make good decisions and decide on a trustworthy Christian debt consolidation company. Come on, just give it a try and start focusing on being debt free.

Poly Muthumbi is a Web Administrator and Has Been Researching and Reporting on Debt for Years. For More Information on CHRISTIAN DEBT CONSOLIDATION, Visit His Site at CHRISTIAN DEBT CONSOLIDATION

Poly Muthumbi is a Web Administrator and Has Been Researching and Reporting on FINANCE for Years. For More Information on DEBT, Visit Her Site at ONLINE FINANCIAL PORTICO

November 17, 2017

Debt Consolidation Help for You

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Are you finding your bills getting out of your control? Take professional debt consolidation help. Instead of paying for different bills a month, debt consolidation can combine all your bills into one to manage bills and at the same time reduce the interest rates you are paying. Debt consolidation help implies consolidating your monthly bills and reducing interest rates.

Debt consolidation is a simple process that involves combining all unsecured debts, such as credit cards, medical and insurance bills into one monthly payment, which is substantially lower than the combined payments a debtor is currently making. Debt consolidation works by allowing you to pay a fixed amount to the consolidation company and in turn, the consolidation company gives them the authorization to make payments to the creditors on your behalf. For its part, the consolidation company negotiates lower interest rates with the creditor and sometimes, a zero interest rate.

When you are suffering from debt, most creditors will not compromise with you for reduced interest rates and consolidated monthly payments. They will harass you by making calls after calls. Before it is too late, apply for debt management services through a debt consolidation help company. They have specialized in consumer debt help programs and they will make you free from debt in a few years.

Though debt consolidation is not the cheapest way, it is definitely a better way than bankruptcy. A debt consolidation company is experienced enough to make you get rid of debt. A professional debt management specialist can work with both you and your creditors to structure a best suitable arrangement.

Debt consolidation helps a debtor in various ways, such as-

1. Consolidate on monthly payments

2. Management of debt

3. Arrange you to with only one creditor

4. Helps avoid future debt

Debt consolidation helps debtors avoid the much more serious step of declaring bankruptcy. Plan a reasonable budget to make headway on your monthly bills. Avoid late fees, higher interest rates and consolidate the payments. Don’t let your debt be written off as bad debt, you will have hard time in getting any type of loan.


1.      Reducing high monthly payments

2.      Reducing high interest rates

3.      Helps in Stopping bankruptcy

4.      Helps in restructuring your future financially

Various means of debt consolidation:

If continuing to make the minimum monthly payments over and over has failed to get you any closer to getting out of debt, then it’s time for a change! Simply put, continuing to make minimum monthly payments can take years to pay back, and cost thousands of dollars in interest alone. Contact us for Debt Consolidation

November 14, 2017

How Debt Consolidation Works Out To Help You Be Debt Free

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Debt consolidation is a process of combining multiple debts into one for ease of management. This solution has been commonly used by those people who have debt problem to relax their debt to a more manageable level. However, it is not a solution just for people in serious financial problem; instead it can be used by anyone who has multiple credit card balances and unsecured loans to ease the debt management. Moreover, you can always consolidate your credit card balances and other unsecured loans to save money by paying less in total payment and get rid of debt faster.In the debt consolidation process, it is important to select the right consolidation rate because the apparent nominal differences in rate can actually help you to save a lot of money. Other than that, how you plan to repay the loan and you financial affordability do affect how much money you can save from a debt consolidation. Let’s explore the right steps to consolidate your debt that can help you to save money while helping you become debt free faster.Before you start searching for the right debt consolidation packages, you should first compile your total credit card and unsecured loan balances so that you know how much consolidation loan to look for while calculating a monthly repayment that is comfortable to your financial level. For our elaboration purpose, let assume you have a total debt of $30,000 with average interest rate of 16% and you are paying the minimum due of 5% of the balances each month. With your current payment method, you will need 158 months to clear your debt and pay a total of $10,870 of interest. How a debt consolidation can help you to save the interest while helping you to clear your debt faster?Once you have the debt figure, the next step is to get the best debt consolidation rate. You can search through online from websites containing different quotes from lenders. Be aware that these quotes may contain hidden cost, so make sure you get the detail information that includes fees, charges incurred and associated costs from the lender you are dealing with. With today’s lowest interest rate ever in the credit world, you can find very good deals if you have averagely good credit score. If you have a $30,000 debt, then get a $30,000 consolidation loan, don’t ever try to get more than that even you are eligible for higher consolidation loan because you will create more debt instead of reducing it. Since you afford to pay $1,500 monthly (the minimum 5% of $30,000), then try to maintain the loan repayment at this amount.Let’s see how it works out if you manage to get a $30,000 consolidation loan with a interest rate at 10%. You use the consolidation loan to pay off your consolidated debt and you maintain a fixed $1,500 monthly payment. With this loan repayment method, you will need only 22 months to be debt free and you just pay $2,955 of interest. As compare to the debt payment without consolidation, 158 month & $10,870 of interest, you save $7915 of interest and be debt free in less than 2 years. Can you see how a debt consolidation works out to help you be debt free in quickest and cost effective way?SummaryDebt consolidation is not just combining multiple debts into one, but it can help you to save a lot of money in term of interest while enabling you to be debt free fast.

Cornie Herring is the Author from Find more information & tips from debt consolidation guide which will help you to identify a debt relief option that best fit your financial situation.

September 29, 2017

Is The Housing Bailout For You? – Loan Modification Help Center

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The new housing plan announced by President Obama last week has two main parts.  First, there is a $75 billion loan modification plan and, second, there is a program that helps borrowers who are not in danger of defaulting refinance their mortgage.  

These are some of the key questions to ask to determine if you can benefit from the plan:

Do I have to fall behind on my loan payments to be eligible for a loan modification?No.  Borrowers must simply demonstrate that they are in danger of falling behind on their mortgage and that they don’t have sufficient income to make future mortgage payments.  Borrowers with ballooning mortgage payments or interest rates that are resetting may benefit from the new plan.

What are the loan modification requirements?To be eligible for modification under the plan, the loan must be a first mortgage on the borrower’s primary residence.  Borrowers must currently be paying more than 31% of their monthly gross income toward mortgage payments. Jumbo loans that exceed Fannie or Freddie loan limits are not eligible. Ultimately, your eligibility will be determined by your mortgage lender.

What if I am “under water” and my mortgage is more than the value of my property?

As long as the amount owed on a first mortgage does not exceed 105% of the home’s current value, borrowers with limited equity can refinance into a 30-year or 15-year fixed-rate mortgage.  This refinance option is open to only to borrowers with conforming loans that are owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  Borrowers must show that they are current on mortgage payments and that they will be able to meet the new mortgage payments.

How do I know if my mortgage is owned or guaranteed by Fannie or Freddie?The White House will release full eligibility details on March 4, when the program begins, and it is recommended that borrowers contact their lender at that time to see if their mortgage is owned or guaranteed by Fannie or Freddie.

Does my lender HAVE to participate in the program?No. Participation by lenders is voluntary, but the government provides subsidies to encourage lenders to modify loans. For example, mortgage servicers receive $1,000 for each loan modification and can also get another $1,000 annually for three years if the borrower stays current on the loan.

To learn more about loan modification options, visit

Loan Modification Help Center

September 22, 2017

Save yourself From the Headaches of Doing Tax Returns – Get Help From an Accountant

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Tax return is one of the major headaches for home business owners. Every year, hundreds of home business owners in the country struggle to get their tax returns right and avoid penalties. If you are one of those people who cannot seem to get their tax returns right, forget about doing your tax returns on your own. Get an accountant to do the job for you. Engaging the services of an accountant can save your life. Note that getting into trouble with the IRS can be very stressful and costly for you so do not mess around with the things that you feel you are not really qualified to do.

How To Find A Good Accountant

Finding a good accountant can be quite a challenge. Although there are many people who profess to be good accountants, not all of these people can really help you with your needs. Always remember that different accountants have their own areas of specialization so it is quite normal that some accountants may not really be familiar with the in and out of the industry where you belong to. To find a good accountant, never go to the yellow pages. It is never a good idea to just call an accountant listed in the phonebook and ask for appointments. If you really want to find someone who can help you deal with your income tax returns, ask for referrals from other business owners like you. The good thing about asking for referrals is that you get first hand information about the person recommended to you.

If you have problem finding a good accountant through other business owners, try to get referrals from your trade association. Most trade associations have their own database of accountants who are working in their industry. Now, if you do not belong to any trade association, don’t sweat it out. Just because you are not a member of the trade association that does not mean that you cannot ask for help from these associations. There are many trade associations in the country that are willing to help even those who are not their members so do not hesitate to ask for their help.

Meeting With The Accountant

Before you hire the services of the accountant, you need to meet with him or her first. Meeting with the accountant is very important so do not skip this process. No matter how busy you are, you must find sometime to meet with your accountant. Now, meeting here does not necessarily mean that you have to meet face to face. With the advancement of technology, one can already meet with somebody through the internet. Teleconferencing with your accountant can be a good way to work with your accountant. Moreover, teleconferencing will save you a lot of time and efforts.

Cherie Ang is the owner of To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit:

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