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February 12, 2018

Credit Card Debt Help From Government – Is It Real?

With so many government programs being passed in recent months, it’s quite likely that you’ve started to hear about credit card debt help from the government.

However, you may be wondering if it is real. People who are in significant debt have probably received solicitations encouraging them to use a particular debt relief program. What exactly is being offered and can it help your situation?

Hector Milla Editor of the “Credit Card Debt Counseling” website — – pointed out;

The Scoop on Government Programs

“…There are definitely government sponsored programs that are being put into place to help Americans get out of debt. While you can probably feel confident that these systems will do what they claim for the average user, they really don’t offer a lot more than what you can do for yourself. By calling your credit card companies yourself, you can usually receive an offer to settle credit card debt for about 40% of what you owe. Because there is no middle man, you will not have to pay any fees or accompanying costs. With government options, they will take their cut like any other company would…”

Is It Any Different Than Other Settlement Programs?

Using a government sponsored program doesn’t really offer you any advantages over standard debt settlement companies. The creditors are being encouraged to balance books in any way that they can and they will talk with the settlement company of your choice just as readily as a government agency. Also, most consumers are well aware that the government isn’t known for efficiency. A dedicated business, on the other hand, can not function unless it does things right.

What Other Help is There?

Besides using a credit card debt help that is directly sponsored by the government, there are several hidden advantages to the central involvement in financial affairs. First, because of bail out plans, every creditor has a distinct incentive to cut you a deal by the government’s encouragement. There also may be grants that are available that can be used to pay off consumer debt. However, they aren’t listed as such and you’ll need to search deep to find those opportunities. Finally, the government is attempting to invest in the economy and create jobs and that may lead to less consumer debt overall, if the plan is effective.

What Can I Do On My Own?

The good news is that you aren’t at all limited to the options that are being put forth by the federal government. You can still create and implement your own plan. This may include using your own middle man to negotiate payments and settlements. With enough persistence, you can also deal directly with the credit card companies and get good results from those efforts.

“…There are definitely real options that the government is offering for credit card debt help. However, they aren’t necessarily better or more lucrative than other readily available methods that you can take advantage of…” added H. Milla.

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Hector Milla runs his corporate website at where you can see all his articles and press releases.

February 9, 2018

Avoid Steep Interest And Penalties From Accumulating With A Delinquent Tax Return Checklist

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If you’ve been lucky so far that your unfiled delinquent tax returns have avoided the IRS’s attention, your luck is about to run out. The IRS’s increased enforcement means that every unfiled tax return will soon be coming back to your door with as much as 25% penalties, interest plus the prospect of prison on federal felony back tax evasion charges. So if you’ve got a late delinquent tax return, act now on the eight easy steps in this unfiled delinquent tax return checklist and you’ll be able check the IRS off your worry list forever.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 1)  Don’t panic, but head with all deliberate speed to your nearest tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist for a tax relief consultation. When you have an unfiled tax return, it weighs on you like a disease. Every late tax return eats at you, year after year, compounding fear until you feel like you’re going to explode. You need to tell your tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist how many years your unfiled delinquent tax returns have been ticking like a time bomb and what (if anything) the IRS has written to you about your unfiled tax returns. If your late tax returns go back for a number of years, you could be easily looking at many thousands of dollars in back taxes and up to 25% in penalties and interest. A call to a tax attorney or a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist is a financially shrewd move because the return on investment can be huge, often slashing or even eliminating your back tax debt for some or all of your unfiled delinquent tax returns.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 2) Start with the last year you filed taxes. Go back to the last year the IRS got your taxes. You’ll need figures from that return to fill out those unfiled tax returns.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 3) Make sure you have all the tax documents the IRS does. Go to your local Social Security office to get copies of all the W-2s, 1099s and other documents for the years you have unfiled tax returns. The IRS may have gotten a document that you didn’t and this could be the source of some of your unfiled income tax return problem. For example, you may have worked with an out of state client and that may have meant you needed to file a tax return in that state. A good tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist can help you recreate your late tax return paper trail.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 4) Figure out what your original tax liability would have been. Most tax attorneys and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists work with CPAs, Enrolled Agents and other tax professionals who can help you prepare your unfiled tax returns. Since you know for a fact that the IRS will be examining these unfiled delinquent tax returns with a fine toothcomb, now is not the time for amateur hour. These late tax returns will get the IRS’s harshest scrutiny so you shouldn’t submit anything that isn’t 100% bulletproof. To survive this battle, you need the professional help of a good tax preparer, tax attorney or a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. If you want to take a preliminary stab at creating the unfiled tax returns so your tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist doesn’t have to start from scratch, the IRS has downloadable forms and instructions going back to 1980 here:,,id=98339,00.html. You must also get tax forms for your state. (The state tax offices can be found here: Many states have online forms going back only a few years. If you can’t get the forms for your unfiled delinquent tax returns online, you may have luck going to the library (call the reference desk first) to see if they have the IRS forms you need from the previous years. If they don’t have the late tax return forms for the years you need, contact a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist because they are virtually certain to have the unfiled delinquent tax return forms for the years you need.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 5) Verify that the IRS and you agree on the unfiled tax returns. Once you have prepared the late tax returns yourself (or had a tax preparer do it), have a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist check your version of the unfiled delinquent tax returns against the IRS’s estimation of your back tax debt. Sometimes the IRS makes simple mistakes on their Substitute For Returns. The IRS may not know if you’ve had kids in the interim, or that your tax situation has changed substantially. A tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist will interview you to determine whether the IRS has an accurate picture of your tax status.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 6) Send your unfiled tax returns to the IRS the right way. Any late tax return is too important to send electronically. Go to your local IRS office and hand deliver each return. Get a receipt for each unfiled delinquent tax return. If that doesn’t work for you, then send each return separately via certified mail. Just to be safe, send each unfiled tax return separated by a few days. Also note if you are told that your late tax return is in the collections or SFR (Substitute For Return) office. Be sure to get the proper address and sent each unfiled delinquent tax return separately to that address.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 7) Send in each unfiled tax return with a check for $5. Your interest and penalties for each late tax return compound with every day of non-payment (as much as 25%). Stop that clock as soon as you can by filing those unfiled delinquent tax returns immediately.

Unfiled Delinquent Tax Return Step 8) Have your tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist devise an IRS payment game plan. Can you pay your unfiled tax return back tax debt in full? Should you? Should you try for an Offer In Compromise? Should you try to get an IRS payment plan for your late tax return back tax debt? Expert tax help from a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist can help you decide on the game plan that makes the most sense for you. Remember that a good tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist can often get you an Offer In Compromise tax settlement that will be pennies on the dollar.

If you follow these steps to solving your unfiled delinquent tax return problem, you can find hope. Working with a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist is the best way you can get many happier tax returns.

Michael Rozbruch is one of the nation’s leading tax experts. A Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS), licensed CPA and the founder of Tax Resolution Services. He helps individuals and small businesses solve their IRS problems and is dedicated to educating the public on tax planning and other strategies for managing their personal and business finances.

January 17, 2018

Online Tax Preparation – How To File Tax Returns From Home

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This is why we have got things like dishwasher and microwave. This convenience carries to every aspects and phases of life. Most of the people find to file their taxes hard and consider it to be a troublesome activity. They are in a notion that it is not easy and want better ways to do it. Fortunately computer programmers and businesses have developed the process of online tax preparation keeping the keeping the issue of the public in their minds. For sure there are hundreds of service providers in the internet. The best thing of this is that there is no need to download any kind of software. Every step can be carried out in the net itself from filling up of forms to tax-filing process with the aid of government. Hence the preparation of online tax has eased the lives of people. Most of the people don’t like the tax season after all. They start to feel the heat by 14th of April which is the final date and they don’t relish that they need to send the forms by the prescribed date. The online method of tax filing will help you reduce the stress level during certain tensed season.
Few steps are to be followed and learnt before one starts using the preparation of online tax which helps in taxes. You just need to be aware that you make use of a reputed site of a good company to fill up your taxes. In frame to save your funds and identity and to protect them you must try to make use of the companies and websites which is quiet familiar and well-heard and which really is capable of proving itself a true deal. You must never forget to read the policies of website security. You must be well aware that they contain a good internet security which will protect your valuable information. If checking out is completed then the usage of the tax preparation online can be made use with zero worry.
Going to the website of IRS and looking the present year’s tax details will provide you a big list of websites which can be made use of during the filing period and which is considered to be safe by IRS. The websites which provide free online tax preparation is also listed. This turns out to be really helpful as it saves a hell lot of cash. Just that the online process is free of cost it doesn’t apply during the filing of taxes. Lot of sites files you with certain federal tax returns which are free of cost and the state return is charged.

Abhishek is a Tax Consultant and he has got some great tips on Filing And Understanding Taxes! Download his FREE 84 Pages Ebook, “Taxes Made Easy!” from his website . Only limited Free Copies available.

January 11, 2018

Debt Consolidation Loans- Freedom From Multiple Debts

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If you are currently paying several loan installments at different rates with due dates at different times of the month, then a debt consolidation loan may be a valid option for you to consider. Most people take debt consolidation loans to pay off their arrears on credit cards. When expenses really get on to your head, apply for a debt consolidation loan that may earn you the benefits cited below.

* Save money on high interest credit cards

* Make one payment instead of many

* Manage your debts properly

* Build your credit record

* Get relieved from the pressure of varied


Who needs a debt consolidation loans?

Recent research conducted by a business review website reveals that 64% of UK consumers applying for a consolidation loan do not close their lines of credit. They continue to spend, on average an extra £2,300 in addition to the newly granted secured loan.

The report also indicates that 63,000 debt consolidation loans were issued in 2006. Of these, 91% of applicants were not required to close other lines of credit with the proceeds of the consolidation loan. The loan was issued for the purpose of debt consolidation, but the consumer was not required to use the money for that purpose. This calls for adverse affects as borrowers instead of getting rid of their debts, actually end up multiplying them.

So, before applying for debt consolidation loans, ask yourself the questions cited below.

* Are you paying just the minimum amount on your

credit card every month?

* Is the amount you owe on your credit card rises

every month?

* Do you put off paying bills until the final


* Have you missed one or more mortgage, loan or

card payments

Are you finding it difficult to repay your multiple debts?

So, if you answer in affirmative to any one or more to the questions, you definitely need a debt consolidation loan.

The author is a business writer specializing in finance and credit products and has written authoritative articles on the finance industry. He has done his Master in Business Administration and is currently assisting Easy-debt-consolidation-loan as a finance specialist.

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January 5, 2018

Shortage of Accountants in the Us Leads to Tax Returns Prepared From India

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A report by Pune-based ValueNotes, estimates that as many as 360,000 US tax returns were prepared in India in 2006. It anticipates further growth, estimating at least 1.6 million returns will be prepared here in 2011. The estimates are conservative and the potential is much larger at 22 million returns per year by 2011, but actual offshoring will be limited by CPA firms’ inhibitions about offshoring. However, competitive pressures could force many more firms to offshore.
Says Glen Keenan, President of Xpitax, a facilitating outfit “The whole outsourcing business requires quite a shift in thinking for the CPA firms, so comfort factor has to be really high in order to do that”
The accounting and audit services are relatively new in offshoring and are gradually gaining maturity with each passing tax season. Unlike other services, which are traditionally outsourced due to cost pressures, the demand for Returns offshoring is stems from the lack of accountants and excessive workload during the “tax season”. The number of CPAs and other qualified accountants in the US are just not enough to meet the increasing demand from increasing tax compliance, SarbanesOxley related work, estate planning, advisory etc. The demand-supply mismatch has led to severe competition for experienced accountants and salaries are skyrocketing, even at starting levels. CPA firms are discovering that offshored Returns are not only turned around faster, but are also 40% to 60% cheaper. CPA firms after initial success with Returns preparation is slowly sending more work offshore: bookkeeping, financial statements analysis etc
Adds ValueNotes CEO, Arun Jethmalani, “The industry will quickly move beyond 1040s. Both the vendors and buyers are at an inflection point on the maturity graph, and we expect tax returns preparation will drive penetration into a wider range of offshored professional accounting services.”
The Indian offshore services provider landscape consists of captives of the Big Four audit firms (KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and Touché and Ernst & Young), American facilitating firms / agencies (Xpitax, SurePrep, CCH, IFR), Tier-1 multi-service BPOs (MphasiS, Datamatics, OPI), Tier-2 BPOs (PB Tech Impact Solutions, Cosmic Internet Technologies) and F&A BPOs owned/ controlled by Indian Chartered Accountants (GKM Management services, Business Accounting Services, Accountant Anywhere, Enablizer)
Pratibha K, analyst at ValueNotes feels “Facilitators like Xpitax and SurePrep are best positioned to service CPA firms, while Indian CA BPOs are well placed to operate as complete back-offices for accounting firms”
Based on analysis that included extensive primary research, ValueNotes has picked three winners from the current crop of vendors: Xpitax, GKM Management Services and Business Accounting Services.
Karthikeyan, MD, GKM Management Services opines, “As Chartered Accountants, we feel our biggest advantage is that we can speak the global language of accounting with the CPAs. We feel this is a good differentiating factor for us compared to the large corporate vendors. CPAs are bound to trust us more than the tech companies because of our common accounting background.”
The ValueNotes report titled “Offshoring Tax Return Preparation to India” suggests that return preparation will set the stage for other accounting services to be sent to India.

December 21, 2017

Student Debt Consolidation Loans: Ways to Get Away From Debt

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Owing to costly living and availing good education, compulsively students have to take help of loans. And due to heavy burden of interest rates, some of the time it becomes rather difficult to repay the lending amount with the stipulated interest rates on fixed time. In order to fight away from such debt traps, the lending authority has come up with the provisions of student debt consolidation loans.

Given the astronomical rate at which Student Debt Consolidation Loans, borrowing is increasing, the lending authority has come up with the provisions to make loan repayments more affordable, not more expensive.

• One convenient payment each month – instead of multiple payments with different banks

• A fixed interest rate allows you to lock in today’s low rates

• Possible tax deduction for borrowers

• In-grace consolidation can be the key to saving pounds over the life of a consolidation loan.

• Simple application process with no credit checks or processing fees

• Reduce your monthly payment

• Lock in fixed low interest rates.

• Apply online takes only a few minutes

• Flexible repayment plans help meet your needs

• Helpful customer service is just a phone call or email away

• Lower your interest rates

• No fees! No credit checks! No cosigners! No early repayment


• Debt consolidating will improve your credit rating

There are number of options available in the money market when you are looking out for low rate for student debt consolidation loans. You have to make a choice depending on your needs and financial constraints. If you can pledge collateral you can opt for a secured student debt consolidation loans. In case you do not have any collateral you can opt for a secured student debt consolidation loans. In case you do not have any property to place as collateral or do not want to put your property at stake you can opt for unsecured student debt consolidation loans too. And, make an active dismissal of various debts under low rate student debt consolidation loans.

For all this student debt consolidation loans process, there are many lenders available online and offline, however online process is preferred these days. Simply fill in a simple application form of student debt consolidation loans, and select a lender of your choice. Selection of right lender through online becomes very simple and time saving since by online research applicants can get a good record of right lender with whom he is dealing in student debt consolidation loans.

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December 4, 2017

The Benefits From Credit Card Debt Consolidation

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‘Credit card debt consolidation’ seems to be the most talked about term in the world of credit cards. It’s true that credit cards have been very useful and convenient for us and we, in fact, treat the credit card as a necessity. However, with every good you have evil too. In the world of credit cards, ‘Credit card debt’ is that evil and ‘Credit card debt consolidation’ is often regarded as a method for treating credit card debt.

What is it?

Anyone who has read any newspaper articles on ‘Credit card debt’ would already know what credit card debt consolidation is. However, just for the benefit of others, credit card debt consolidation, in simple terms, is the process of consolidating debt which you hold on various high APR credit cards onto just one low APR credit card. Thus, the main benefit of credit card debt consolidation is realised in terms of APR reduction (and hence reduction in credit card debt growth rate). This is touted as the most important benefit (and sometimes the sole benefit) from credit card debt consolidation.

The Benefits

However, credit card debt consolidation comes with few more benefits as well. Some of these credit card debt consolidation benefits are widely publicised by the credit card suppliers and some not so much:

Initial APR

As mentioned above, lower APR is the biggest benefit from credit card debt consolidation. Since credit card debt consolidation is used by credit card suppliers as a tool to attract consumers, they generally offer a 0% APR for a initial period of 6-9 months of you joining their credit card debt consolidation programme i.e. first few months after you get the new credit card.

Standard APR

Lower standard APR (i.e. the long term APR) is the other important benefit from credit card debt consolidation. Though not all credit card suppliers offer a lower standard APR with credit card debt consolidation some do design credit card debt consolidation programmes with good standard APR. These credit card debt consolidation programmes offer a trade-off between initial and standard APR rates.

0% on purchases

This is another common benefit from credit card debt consolidation. The 0% interest (or some lower percentage) on purchases is offered as an incentive for credit card debt consolidation. This credit card debt consolidation benefit is again applicable only for a short initial period.

Easy management

This credit card debt consolidation benefit is not as discussed as others. However, one benefit of credit card debt consolidation (from multiple to single credit card) is the fact that you need to track and manage a lesser number of credit cards.

The credit card debt consolidation exercise might bring you some more benefits in terms of rebates, discounts and reward points (especially if you move to a co-branded card as part of credit card debt consolidation) as well so it can be a very sensible idea.

There are obviously many other options such as Debt Consolidation Loans and Personal loans to cover the debt you are already in, however, all have pros and cons so make sure you research and get advice from an expert and find a solution that will fulfill your need specifically.

For more info on UK Debt Consolidation Services, UK Debt Consolidation Programs, and Credit Card Debt Consolidation service contact Andrew Obidowsk.

October 19, 2017

Student Debt Consolidation Loan: Free Yourselves From Debts

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When we start thinking seriously about our career in the later part of our college education you need a free mind to do so. In these days various kinds of pressure tend to revolve around the mind including all the bills which were left unpaid and will affect our concentration to a great extent. However with the help of a debt consolidation loan a student can change the story. With the help of debt consolidation you can easily eliminate all your debts. Once your debts are cleared you can with a free mind plan for the future.

A student debt consolidation gives the student an option to combine several of his loans into a single loan. This is called as consolidation of the loans or debt consolidation. The consolidated loans have lower interest rates and higher repayment periods.

The interest rate for the debt consolidation loan that can be availed to merge your existing debt is certainly going to be much lesser than that of the borrower’s initial loans. And with such lower rates the student can very easily repay the loan through the equal monthly installments.

You may have to negotiate with your lender to reach a mutually agreeable repayment amount that you can pay every month. The amount is not reduced only interest rate is reduced with debt consolidation loan. You can negotiate with lenders to bring down the interest rates payable. This will help you repay the loan easily and also save valuable money.

All forms of bad credits including default and bankruptcy are accepted. That is you will qualify for this program even if your credit is less than perfect.

Once you are decided in applying for a reliable student debt consolidation loan program. You can apply for the debt consolidation program through online as it is the easiest way to avail any finance. You can very easily log on to the lenders websites and find the loan of your choice.

In this competitive market of loan refinancing and consolidating, with proper research and finding the right program is very important. Most of the companies have their best debt consolidation offers in the form of student debt consolidation programs. A good research in the internet will help you find the program that suite you the most.

Debt consolidation is an option for all those students facing debt situation to free themselves from it. A good program can help you get out of all your debts effortlessly.

Alex Jonnes is associated with Easy Debt Consolidations. He is Masters in Business Administration and writes on various finance related topics. To find student debt consolidation loan, online debt consolidation loan, easy debt consolidations visit

October 9, 2017

Recover From Bankruptcy With a Mortgage Refinance Loan

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If you have gone through a bankruptcy, you are probably having problems getting finance and not being able to get finance when almost everything in commerce is based on credit, can turn out to be very stressful. Nevertheless, if you are a homeowner, you can get finance by refinancing your home loan while at the same time helping you raise your credit score.

There are lenders in the market willing to refinance home loans for people who have gone through a bankruptcy. However, there are many things you need to know before jumping in to the refinance loan market. Otherwise, you may end up in a worse credit situation than you started.

Time Is Essential

You need to be very careful when it comes to timing. It is highly improbable that you will get approved for a refinance home loan unless at least six months since your bankruptcy has been dismissed have passed. There is no way round this waiting period and you should be very aware of this because applying for a loan and getting declined will affect your credit negatively. Even if the lender does not report the decline to credit agencies the sole credit report pull will affect your credit score negatively.

Credit Requirements

Even though a mortgage loan is a secured loan, bare in mind that a past bankruptcy will show on your credit report when you apply for a refinance home loan. You need to show the lender that you have an impeccable credit behavior since then. In order to do so there are a few things that you should do: Make sure you pay your bills on time and never (absolutely never) miss a payment. This will look good on your credit history. Also, if you can not get approved for an unsecured credit card, get a secured credit card so you can establish a credit history of timely payments with a credit card.

Searching For The Right Lender

Finding the right lender is not an easy task, but can be achieved with patience and proper research. Contact as many lenders as possible in order to get loan quotes from them. You can search the net for refinance mortgage loan lenders. However, make sure that by filling their forms you are not authorizing them to pull your credit report. Instead contact someone in the lending institution and ask for an informal quote. You will tell him your true credit situation and he will give you an approximate quote. This way you will have an idea of what you will be facing but you will avoid too many credit pulls showing on your credit report which would otherwise affect your credit negatively.

Once you have decided which lender is best for you, you can apply for a refinance mortgage loan. Bear in mind that since you have gone through a bankruptcy recently, the interest rate on your loan may be higher than regular home loan, however, if your monthly payments are too high you can extend the loan repayment program in order to reduce them. Once you have recovered your credit score you will be able to refinance your loan again and get better terms. But in the meantime, this refinance loan will help you improve your credit score and recover from bankruptcy.

Devora Witts is a certified loan consultant with several years of experience in the credit area who instructs people regarding credit recovery and approval for personal loans, home loans, consolidation loans, car loans, student loans, unsecured loans and many other types of loans. If you want to understand Home Equity Loans and Home Improvement Loans thoroughly you can visit her site

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