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April 12, 2018

An Easy Guide to Filing Free Federal Tax Return Online

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Would you like to prepare Federal taxes for free? One of the best options for filing free Federal tax return is to use Free File program provided by the IRS. It is the quick, easy, and free mode to prepare and e-file your federal taxes online. Suppose your adjusted gross income that means AGI is less than $56,000, you’re eligible for this Free File program to your Federal taxes for free.You do not have to worry much if you don’t meet the requirement for being qualified for Free File program. There are many IRS approved free Federal income tax preparation services you can work with. You should visit the IRS website to learn about the tax preparation e-filing services before choosing one.One of the basic things that you should check out while choosing a tax preparation service is whether it is IRS approved or not. You should easily prepare and access your taxes online. You can do your taxes with Free Federal Tax Preparation ( due to couples of reasons apart from benefitting from Free Federal Tax Preparation online.You can do your tax return easily with Free Federal Tax Preparation due to its easy-to-use tax software program. The tax program covers the most commonly filed Federal tax forms as well as schedules. You can choose, self-prepare taxes, and e-file your 1040, 1040 A and 1040EZ return. Some tax related questions are asked by the program and you have to put your answers on the right forms. Your federal tax return is prepared easily and quickly and can be submitted electronically to the IRS following the step-by-step procedure. You can avail the advantage of free Federal tax filing online at just some easy clicks.You can e-file your Federal tax return to the IRS easily with direct deposit feature that will allow you to receive your refunds quickly into your bank account. Online Federal tax filing is not only trouble-free but also can be done anytime – day & night, and anywhere in the world if you have internet access!

The Free File Alliance provides Free Federal Tax filing and preparation at no cost to those who qualify. he new Free File Alliance agreement continues to provide Free Federal Tax Filing to those who have an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $52.000 or less.

March 14, 2018

Four Important facts about filing your Income Tax returns in India

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Here are four important facts about filing your Income Tax returns in India. The Income Tax returns filing is mandatory, there is penalty for not filing, due date for filing and disadvantages of filing beyounnd due date.

(1) Income tax Filing is mandatory

Income tax return filing is mandatory for all tax payers even if you are a salaried employee, where tax is deducted at source. This is because as there could be instances where you have earned an income other than your salary income, for example, even in the form of interest earned in FDs that are taxable!

(2) There is penalty for not filing returns

Failing to file returns you will be levied a penalty in the form of a penal interest of 1% on the existing tax liability.

If you delay beyond March 31st 2010, irrespective of whether you have nil tax to pay or pending taxes, you will be charged a penalty of Rs.5000 along with any penalty payable if any for pending taxes.

(3) Date till when you are allowed to file returns or Pay tax

Legally you are allowed to file your returns before the next assessment year which starts on March 31st 2010, remember to pay up any tax due before July 31st.

If you delay beyond March 31st 2010, irrespective of whether you have nil tax to pay or pending taxes, you will be charged a penalty of Rs.5000 along with any penalty payable if any for pending taxes.

(4) Disadvantage of filing tax return beyond due date July 31st

The individual doing so will not be eligible to file a revised return if he discovers any omission or wrong statement.

Time limit for filing revised return is one year from the end of the assessment year or before completion of assessment.

Remember that having tax deducted at source if you are employed is only half of the process and you need to file your returns to complete the process. This will avoid any hassles with the income tax officials. Prepare to file your returns as early as possible instead of waiting for the due date to arrive. You can use the online filing service from TaxSmile for filing your returns in a short time.

This article is written by Sunil K who writes regularly for popular website like and Bollywood Billi. Contact Sunil K is for writing assignments or web consulting.

March 5, 2018

Filing Online Tax Return Really Makes Your Life Simple

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Today, people are making lot of money. However, as the question to make their income tax returns, they prove their back. Also well cultured citizens of our country don’t feel to pay their tax in time. The issue of tax returns would get resolve very simply if everybody thinks that paying tax on time is their ethical duty. A responsible individual should pay their tax on time. Each year, record of rich businessmen as well as film stars is flashed in the newspapers that don’t pay their tax in time. They consider that paying tax is a huge burden. There’re many who play hoax as they need to pay their tax. People very cunningly hide their income. There’re a section of people who is all set to pay tax however the whole process of filling forms and going to tax return bureau distress them. By the advent of online tax return, people could pay their tax very easily.

If an individual doesn’t carry out his tax return preparation in time, then he welcomes problem for himself as well as for the society. Individual should plan his tax as of the beginning to avoid troubles. There’re several rules and regulation for tax return. If an individual disobeys the rules, then he would be put behind the bars. Each year, the government move violently to convince people to file the return of their tax timely. With the forthcoming of tax return online, one doesn’t need to get struggle with pen, paper and stamps. It is pretty simple and safe. There’re even some that provide optional live chitchat programs, so that you could inquire your questions frankly to a tax expert. An individual who doesn’t pay his tax is considered to be a criminal. You can file your return tax through filing tax returns from anywhere and at anytime at your ease. The procedure takes place very quick and it is quite accurate.

TaxReturnShopee provides you tax return preparation help and tax preparation services to get maximum tax refunds faster with Free irs e-file. Free tax return federal preparation and step by step guidance from tax professionals.

February 27, 2018

Filing 2009 Tax Return

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The time will come quickly when you have to file your 2009 income tax return to the IRS before the deadline. For the most people, tax season is always stressful because it involves several documents and forms to deals with and certain credits and deductions to claim. People often depend on tax credits and suffer financially when they do not get the credits what they expected. Some do not bother about doing proper income tax planning throughout the year, and therefore, they sometimes have high income tax bill to pay. Here are some guidelines that will help do your taxes properly and in timely manner.First and foremost, try to do your taxes as early as possible once you receive all the information you require for filing your 2009 Federal Tax return. If you postpone your task for another day, you may feel worried. As a result, you may miss some important tax credits and deductions that you are eligible for. If you file early, it means that that you will have your return file processed early and also will receive your IRS refund sooner.There are basically two ways of paying taxes; either you choose paper filing option or you choose electronic filing system. If you choose paper filing option, you need to ensure that you get a return receipt. It is important because, if the IRS claims that you did not file your return in time, then you can prove that on the specific date your 2009 income tax return was mailed.Most people think that doing taxes with professional accounts is best but it may be expensive. Hiring a tax professional can help you choose the correct tax credits and deductions. But using online software, you can easily choose tax credits and deductions properly. So, why should you pay money if you can do it for free using software?One of the best options for doing 2009 tax return preparation and filing for free is “Free File” program offered by the IRS. You can use this if you are qualified with the criteria of income which is less than $57,000. There are several IRS approved tax preparation and e-filing online services you can choose from for doing your task easily.Filing your 2009 tax returns can be hassle-free and convenient if you do it online using software. File your return electronically as early as possible with direct deposit option so that you can get your refund online quickly.

File your 2009 Federal Tax online with 2009 Tax Returns service and submit your exactly prepared tax return to the IRS. Get your refunds quicker by choosing direct deposit option.

February 25, 2018

Filing Tax Return – A legal obligation for every qualified citizen of India

One of the most important aspect of Income Tax is filing Income Tax return. Individuals with income exceeding the non-taxable income slab, filing of Income Tax Return for the full financial year is mandatory. To cope up with the latest technology and changing world, the Income Tax Department of India has launched a convenient, hassle-free and fast online service for filing Tax returns known as E-filing through Internet. Most of the sites which provide these facilities also provide free tax filing, i.e. filing your tax returns online without any charges. It not only saves time but is also more convenient. Any individual failing to file return within the specified period is also allowed to file a late return. Moreover, free tax filing service is very handy as through it individuals can file their Income Tax Returns by sitting at home or from any place where Internet is available. Income Tax Return Forms, also known as ITR ranges from ITR-1 to ITR-8. Each form covers different set of tax payers which include individuals and even the companies so that they can furnish all the informations with respect to the transaction that are posted via annual information returns (AIR). Large transactions like in real estate and mutual funds are reported to the income tax department by banks and several other authorities with the help of user’s permanent account number (PAN). The Income Tax return Forms are divided into several categories. ITR 1 to ITR 4 are for individuals, ITR 6 and ITR 7 are for companies and ITR 8 is for fringe Benefits. These ITR forms can be downloaded from the concerned websites which might be offering free tax filing. However, some sites also charge a nominal fees for filing the return. One more important aspect of filing Income tax return is the recent innovation, income tax calculator. Basically, it is designed for the individuals who are paying the tax to the government. Since 2005, a more advanced form of calculating income tax has been introduced, which is known as True tax calculator. It produces 2 reports, one in computerized form and other in Saral form (form 2D). Individuals who have to pay the tax have to furnish the details of all the income earned, in it. The Saral form of the 2 reports is printed in the original format and is submitted with the Income tax Department. Income tax return should be filed within the specified period to avoid any penalty. Also, defective returns should be rectified within 15 days from the date of such intimation. Individual should keep in mind to see the heads of Income and decide which type of assessee he is and then select the form accordingly. The individual should mention all its sources of income with income amount correctly and should submit the form to the Income tax department or he can also submit the form online as the income tax department offers free tax filing on cyber world.

Addi is a Business writer. For more to know on income tax visit our financial community.

February 17, 2018

Information on Preparing Tax Returns Online and Filing

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Preparing the tax returns is not as easy as it seems to be. Filing the tax return is very simple for the tax expert professionals or attorneys. This is the reason for most of the tax payers availing the services of the tax expert professionals or attorneys.

Tax return preparation includes submission of proofs for both income and expenses. This includes the receipts of the bills paid and other papers to justify your stand. If one wants to do the tax return preparation without the help of any third person, one should hone the skills of financial management and the organizational skills. One should be able to devise a filing system to file income, business expenses, medical expenses, charitable donations, and other information pertaining to tax.

One can take the help of the software packages available in the market. The software can help one organize the information pertaining to income tax returns. There are software packages that can remind the tax payer about the missing information that can be crucial for deduction from the taxable amount. This is critical of income tax refunds too. The procedure for federal income tax return is very much similar to that of the state tax return.

The earlier one files the tax returns, the better. Usually it has been observed that most of the people, who wait for the dead line, tend to commit mistakes when they see the dead line fast approaching. The best way to avoid sill mistakes is to do the filing as early as possible and get rid of the unnecessary mental stress. The dead line for filing the federal income tax returns is April 14, but the tax payer has to do the payment despite filing for extension. One should confirm the deadline for filing state tax returns from the concerned authorities.

The degree of difficulty for filing the tax returns varies from person to person because the financial situation varies. If the tax payer does not have any loan to be repaid or does not want to claim any deductions then the filling of tax return is simple and can be done by just filling out the 1099 form, W2 form and 1040 tax return form. The degree of difficulty at filing tax returns increases as financial engagements are included. The financial engagements include student loans, medical deductions, mortgages, investments, charitable donations, and other proofs of financial transaction.

While preparing for the tax returns one can take the help of the IRS help line that can offer assistance round the clock.

The laws pertaining to filing the tax returns change but the basic information that has to be given to the IRS remains the same.

Most of the people prefer efile tax returns to manual filing of tax returns.

TaxReturnShopee offers Online tax return preparation services for faster tax refunds with accuracy guaranteed. IRS approved free IRS efile provider. Support all 50 states. E-file 1040 tax return easily and economically with hassle free tax preparation software.

February 7, 2018

Filing Tax Returns Electronically

Learn more about Tax Returns and filing tax returns from Free 1040 Tax Returns.

December 10, 2017

The Options Available When Filing Your Tax Returns

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Learn more about e file tax return and federal income tax forms from our website.

December 2, 2017

Are You Aware of the Consequences of not Filing Your Tax Returns?

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I am a specialist who works with those who have their wages garnished or bank account levied by the IRS. I also help people get current on filing their tax returns. Please visit my website, , for more information.

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