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February 17, 2018

Consolidation Of Debts vs Credit Card Debt Settlement

Anyone who has been under the burden of massive credit card debt can tell you that there are lots of options available to individuals in that situation if they are willing to listen.

When it comes to being in debt, you are not alone, because there are lots of companies out there that will help you figure out the solutions and act on them. With that in mind, what exactly are your options? For many people, the first thought is consolidation, because it can buy them some serious time and give them the ability to climb out from under the burden. Debt settlement is also an option and which one you choose really depends upon your given situation.

Aurora Lillo Editor of the “Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt” website — — pointed out;

Who benefits from debt consolidation?

“…People who don’t have a large lump sum to work with are usually better off with a debt consolidation loan. With this type of plan, you take all of those old credit card accounts and you have them paid off by one single lender. With consolidation, you then have one lender to pay and you have one set of details to remember. This is an especially good option for people who get confused or have trouble keeping up with their various dates, amounts, rates, and everything else that goes along with having multiple credit card accounts…”

The thing about credit card debt consolidation is that it will give you a chance to work with a lower interest rate and in many instances it will give you a chance to have a lower payment. If you’d like, you can extend the loan term out and have payments that are very affordable.

Arguing for debt settlement

Settling your credit card debts is a completely different animal and it’s something that will work only for people who have the means to make it work. For these people, this means that you have to have a lump sum of cash to work with in order to pay down the debt. When you settle, you are taking care of the thing in one swipe. There is no lengthy loan term. The advantage of this is that you will pay much less with debt settlement because you will be able to negotiate and pay a lower amount that the total balance of your debt.

“…The creditors like this because they get your money in hand and they don’t have to worry about you defaulting later on. For folks who have the ability to make a lump sum payment, this can often be a very nice way of getting rid of the problems associated with debt…” added A. Lillo.

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February 12, 2018

Credit Card Debt Help From Government – Is It Real?

With so many government programs being passed in recent months, it’s quite likely that you’ve started to hear about credit card debt help from the government.

However, you may be wondering if it is real. People who are in significant debt have probably received solicitations encouraging them to use a particular debt relief program. What exactly is being offered and can it help your situation?

Hector Milla Editor of the “Credit Card Debt Counseling” website — – pointed out;

The Scoop on Government Programs

“…There are definitely government sponsored programs that are being put into place to help Americans get out of debt. While you can probably feel confident that these systems will do what they claim for the average user, they really don’t offer a lot more than what you can do for yourself. By calling your credit card companies yourself, you can usually receive an offer to settle credit card debt for about 40% of what you owe. Because there is no middle man, you will not have to pay any fees or accompanying costs. With government options, they will take their cut like any other company would…”

Is It Any Different Than Other Settlement Programs?

Using a government sponsored program doesn’t really offer you any advantages over standard debt settlement companies. The creditors are being encouraged to balance books in any way that they can and they will talk with the settlement company of your choice just as readily as a government agency. Also, most consumers are well aware that the government isn’t known for efficiency. A dedicated business, on the other hand, can not function unless it does things right.

What Other Help is There?

Besides using a credit card debt help that is directly sponsored by the government, there are several hidden advantages to the central involvement in financial affairs. First, because of bail out plans, every creditor has a distinct incentive to cut you a deal by the government’s encouragement. There also may be grants that are available that can be used to pay off consumer debt. However, they aren’t listed as such and you’ll need to search deep to find those opportunities. Finally, the government is attempting to invest in the economy and create jobs and that may lead to less consumer debt overall, if the plan is effective.

What Can I Do On My Own?

The good news is that you aren’t at all limited to the options that are being put forth by the federal government. You can still create and implement your own plan. This may include using your own middle man to negotiate payments and settlements. With enough persistence, you can also deal directly with the credit card companies and get good results from those efforts.

“…There are definitely real options that the government is offering for credit card debt help. However, they aren’t necessarily better or more lucrative than other readily available methods that you can take advantage of…” added H. Milla.

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February 7, 2018

Credit Card Debt Settlement – Best Debt Management Program

There are lots of different program options in the running when you start talking about the best way to get out of debt.

For many of the folks who are currently struggling with debt problems, settlement takes the cake, though. There are few things in this world better than being able to completely wipe your debt away without having to pay the entire thing. Many individuals have come to find this out, as they have worked with a solid debt settlement program to manage their debts. With that in mind, we should evaluate just what makes settlement the best way to manage your debts.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Credit Card Debt Free” website — — pointed out;

Paying only a percentage

“…Think about a scenario for a moment. What if you had $13,000 worth of credit card debt that has been sitting around for months, unpaid. That debt is going to start piling up, so you want to do something about it sooner rather than later. Now imagine for a moment that there was a way to get rid of that debt completely without having to pay it all back. This might sound a little bit too good to be true, but it’s actually one of the most popular ways to manage debt today. With settlement, you can put an offer on the table that offer can favor you more than the lender if you are smart enough to pull it off…”

Getting rid of debt all at once

There is no reason why you should spend the next 10 or 15 years paying off your debt. That just sounds tiresome and it certainly becomes tiresome when you start actually doing it. That is why it’s a much better idea to just get rid of debt right at the beginning. If it is possible for you to wipe it out in one swoop, then you owe it to yourself to find out about that. Settlement allows for this, as long as you have the money to make that move. Some people don’t have the money, so they can’t take advantage of settlement. If you talk to those who have done it, they will tell you that it absolutely saved them years of hard work and frustration.

“…Managing your debt is not nearly as good as just getting rid of it. The best way to truly manage your financial future is to work with a program that allows you to get free of the debt that is holding you back. This happens when you go to a solid settlement program, because they will be sure to work directly with you on a solution that puts you in position to succeed…” added H. Milla.

Further information about trusted and reputable companies for credit card debt settlement by visiting;

Hector Milla runs his corporate website at where you can see all his articles and press releases.

February 5, 2018

Negotiating Credit Card Debt Settlement – Insider Tips

When it comes to negotiating your credit card debt down, there are some things that you absolutely have to know. As a person with debt, you have some options and you are covered by multiple laws.

In the old days, the credit card companies could operate as they pleased, but that is not the case anymore. They now have to abide by several laws and one of those has to do with offering credit card settlement. But settlement itself is not a quick process. The amount that you will eventually pay is completely dependent upon how well you can negotiate in your given situation. What are some tips for making that happen?

Understand that you have the leverage

Natalia Osorio Editor of the “Best Debt Settlement Companies” website — — pointed out;

“…One of the keys to negotiation, whether we are talking about contracts, credit card debt, or anything else, is understand which side has the leverage. In this case, you might be surprised to learn that you have the leverage. When you are in debt, the credit card company has no direct way of forcing you to repay your debt. They can’t send you to debtor’s prison and the worst they can do is ruin your credit score. This is a motivator for many people, but others choose to let the debt go because of the fact that creditors can’t do much about it…”

The fact of the matter is that they want to get paid and they don’t want to sell the debt to a collection company for a fraction of what is owed. This means that if you can put on offer on the table that is more than they will get from collection companies, you will be in good shape. This means starting out with a lower offer – maybe something like 30% of the total debt – and working from there.

The further away the debt, the lower the settlement price

“…One thing that you should understand is that you will get a lower price on your debt the longer it sits around. After seven years, the debt falls off of your credit report, so the credit card companies have a vested interest in collecting on that debt before the period is up. Likewise, after a while, they are going to sell the debt to a collection agency anyway. This means that if your debt has been past due for quite some time, you can start out with a lower settlement price…” N. Osorio added.

Further Information By Visiting;

Hector Milla runs his corporate website at where you can see all his articles and press releases.

February 3, 2018

Can A Credit Card Company Sue You – Being Sued For Debt and Advice On How You Can Avoid It

Credit card companies and collection agencies are quite within their rights to take legal action against you if you have failed to pay a debt that you legitimately owe.  Taking out credit is a legal agreement, so if you fail to keep up with your end of the bargain by not paying the money back when it is due, you can be sued.

This does not mean that it is a foregone conclusion that you will be sued, as it can depend on many other factors.  Taking someone to court will obviously cost the card company money, so they will want to weigh up the cost in legal fees and staff time, compared to what they are realistically likely to get back at the end of the process.

The fact that you are sued does not magically bring money out of the air for the card company, so if you genuinely cannot afford to pay back what you owe, being sued will not change that.  If they successfully sue you, you will be ordered to pay back the money at a rate which the court decides you can afford, after looking at your finances.

You do not want a court judgement against you if you can help it, of course, so it is much better to deal with the problem before it gets to the stage of going to court.  By far the best way to deal with credit card debt is to agree a settlement with the company.  This may sound easier said than done, because it is, but it is perfectly possible to agree settlements for much less that you owe, if you understand how the card companies work.

My usual advice to anyone in debt would be to never ignore the issue and to talk to your creditors and try to establish a relationship.  However, credit card debt is quite a distinct area of debt and requires some specialist advice.  For instance, at certain times, it may actually help to ignore approaches from the card company, because timing, in settlement terms, is everything.  Judging when to negotiate and when not to, can make the difference between not achieving a settlement and wiping out most of your debt.

Find out about the ultimate guide to the secrets of effective credit card settlement. Read the author’s step by step guide to getting rid of debt by negotiating with your creditors on his Debt Assistance website. K D Garrow has worked as a senior manager with significant financial responsibility for the last twenty years. His website offers free, unbiased advice on a range of debt related issues, including debt consolidation, UK IVAs and debt management plans.

February 2, 2018

Being Sued By A Credit Card Company – Dealing With Being Sued And How To Avoid It

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Being sued by a credit card company can be a distressing experience, often with long lasting consequences.  Just being threatened with legal action can be a cause of great anxiety, even if you are not sure whether the credit card company actually intends to carry out the threat or not.  It is safe to say that most companies who are owed many may well threaten to take you to court, even if they have no intention of doing so.  It is just another weapon in the financial recovery arsenal.

If you are at the stage where you are being sued for debt, the first thing you must do is take legal advice.  If you have a summons to attend court, you must attend, as the case will go ahead whether you are there are not, and the case against you will be upheld if you are not there.  Do not worry about being sent to prison, that cannot happen if this is the first time you have been sued for a debt.

If the case goes against you the worst that is likely to happen is that you will be ordered to pay back the money you owe at a rate set by the court.  They will examine your finances and make a decision about what they believe is an affordable rate at which to pay it back.  Once this has happened and there is a court order against you, it is very important to stick to the terms of the order.  If you do not, there are more serious legal consequences that the credit card company can then try to use against you.

If you have not got as far as actually receiving a summons, it is not too late to take steps to address your debts and prevent legal action.  The worst thing you can do is ignore the situation, because then the credit card company might assume you can afford to pay up but are just choosing not to.  You need to let the credit card companies know that you take the situation seriously, that you are in genuine hardship, but also that you are doing something to address the problem.

The best ways to tackle debt and prevent being sued by a credit card company are to set up a debt payment plan.  This way you get your creditors on board because they can see that you will be making regular payments and they know when the debt will be paid off.  The most usual approach is to use a debt management plan to consolidate all your debts into a single payment.  For this type of plan your debts need to be to more than one company, and they are ideal for credit card debts, personal loans and other unsecured debts.

You need to have a steady income to be able to afford the monthly payments on a debt management plan, but if your situation is really serious, you might need to consider debt settlement instead.  You still have to make a regular monthly payment towards your debts, but it tends to be less, because the debt settlement process depends on getting a large percentage of your debts written off by the credit card company.  You make regular payments into a separate pot instead of paying anything direct to your creditors, then as the debt settlement company reach agreements to settle a debt, you use the money to pay it off.  It is not unusual to get up to 60% of your credit card debts written off.

If you do want to look into debt management or debt settlement, you must find a good company to advise you and set up this arrangement for you.  We have all heard horror stories about debt companies that take money from people and leave them worse off, but this is entirely avoidable if you just take some precautions about finding an ethical company to work with.

You can safeguard yourself by following recommendations for only those companies that are known to be very well established.  If you stick to companies that have been around a while and which have lots of satisfied, debt free customers, you will be OK.  As a final safeguard it is a good idea to apply to about three companies so that you can then make a judgement about which is best for you.

Read reviews and recommendations for the best debt management companies in the UK and US, as well as the best organisations for debt settlement online. K D Garrow has worked as a senior manager with significant financial responsibility for the last twenty years. His website offers free, unbiased advice on a range of debt related issues, including how to find the best IVA UK company.

January 31, 2018

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Serves 3 Purposes That Will Benefit You

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If you find that you have difficulties to pay your monthly credit card payments, then your debt issue is getting serious. Unless you react to handle it, the issue may become worst one day when your monthly payment has reached at the level beyond your financial affordability. You may want to consider consolidate your debt with a consolidation loan. Let’s explore how it works to help you.Credit card debt consolidation is a process to combine all your credit card balances into one and pay it off with a consolidation loan. It works to serve 3 purposes that benefit those who choose to consolidate their credit card balances:

1. How debt consolidation helps to manage your debt more effectively?If you have to pay the credit card balances which have different payment due date, then you need to remember paying them on time. Any late payment causes financial charges to be added to your balances, and the worst part is the late payment may causes damages to credit score. If you consolidate all your credit card balances into one and get a consolidation loan to pay it off, then you just have to focus on paying on loan repayment every month. This reduces the risk of being charge extra due to the late payment. By going through credit card debt consolidation, you will manage your debt more effectively.2. How it helps to save in total debt payment?By selecting a consolidation loan with lower interest rate, you will pay less in total debt payment as you pay less in interest. It will work even better if you manage to find a consolidation loan with the lowest interest rate possible but maintaining your monthly payment that has larger amount that the required loan’s monthly payment, you are able to save much in interest while clearing your debt faster.3. How it helps to lower monthly debt payment?In order to lower your credit card monthly payment. You have two options to consider when searching for a consolidation loan: work on the interest rate to lower it and pro-long your payment to distribute your debt into more monthly payments so that you pay less in each month. The first option should be prioritized as by getting lower interest rate, you pay less in total debt payment while enabling you to clear it faster. The second option involve selecting consolidation loan with longer term should only comes in your decision if the monthly credit card payment still put you at a financial difficulty even after you get the best consolidation loan with the lowest interest you are qualified for.SummaryCredit card debt consolidation is a solution that helps your debt problem in 3 ways: effectively manage your debt by combining multiple debts into one; save in total payment; and lower the monthly payment to meet your financial affordability.

Cornie Herring is the Author from Find more information & tips on credit card debt consolidation help which will help you to identify a debt relief option that best fit your financial situation.

January 30, 2018

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

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Be it shopping online, movie tickets, or air tickets, a credit card is the best way to buy them. But, plastic money is also the fastest way to debt. Experts say that if you do not have control over your spending habits, then a credit card can get you into debt real fast. You will not notice how the debt piles on until it reaches a situation where you can no longer manage it. Once the debt pile reaches its maximum and you start defaulting on payments, then the entire cycle of threatening calls from collection agencies, payment reminders etc start.

About Debt Consolidation Loan

Online debt consolidation loans are specially designed to decrease the burden and help you to erase your debt that you have got through credit card debt. In debt consolidation, you have a loan amount from the lender and make use to pay back all pending debts. You then make a one easy monthly payment to the Debt Consolidation Company from whom you have taken loan from. There are many other advantages of a credit card debt consolidation loan.

There exists lower interest rate on consolidation loans as compare to credit card debts itself. Means you need to pay lesser amount each month then you’re current paying, reducing you to make many payments as earlier you used to pay individual. Here you would be paying one single payment every month while saving lots of time and hassles to you. Nor you need to be in tension about late payment as all you need is to do a single monthly installment. In case you think that you might fail to pay installment then you just need to call your credit consultant and say it instead of making many individual call. Your Credit Consultant is capable to make arrangement than several creditors.

Tips of Debt Consolidation

If you are still uncertain whether to consolidate or not, then the best thing to do would be to calculate all the interest rates that you have from all cards and tally it with the new interest rate on the loan. If the rate on the loan is much lower then you know your answer. On the other hand, if you have a card which has a rate that is much lower than the rate that you are getting on the loan, then you need not include that card in the consolidation loan.

Reduce Your Debt and Live Debt Free

Constant worry is something that will come naturally if you have debts. By using the credit card debt consolidation loans, you will be reducing a lot of stress for yourself. The stress of paying all the loans on time and not meeting the creditors’ demands will all be gone with consolidation. Give a thought to the time that you will save yourself with credit card consolidation loans. Most people do not realize that a bad debt problem is fairly easy to deal with if you plan it well. It’s the planning that is missing in most of the situations. So plan your finances well and use Credit Card Debt Consolidation loans effectively.

Credit Card Debt Consolidation: Credit cards can lead to bad spending habits and unwanted debts. Credit Card Debt Consolidator is the best way to end your debt woes and move back to stability.

Can A Credit Card Company Sue You For Debt – Action To Avoid Being Sued For Debt

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Credit cards are an essential part of the way we all live today, but the very convenience of them can make it all too easy to overstretch ourselves.  Being able to just make a minimum payment each month is very tempting, but in the long term it can lead to very substantial debts that become difficult or impossible to pay back.  This is the point at which the card companies who were so eager to help us spend money now turn rather serious and start threatening to take us to court.

This is not a pleasant experience for anyone, particularly if you do not understand the legal situation and are not sure if they really can do what they threaten to.  Sometimes your dealings will be with the card company themselves, and other times you may be approached by a debt collection agency.  Not all collection agencies have a reputation for honesty and integrity, so it is understandable that we may wonder if they are telling us the whole truth when they threaten to sue.

The fact is that a credit card company can sue you for debt if they choose to, and it does not really matter whether you are being approached by the card company or a collection agency.  The agency will either be acting on behalf of the card company, or may even have bought the debt themselves.  In the latter case you will now owe the money to the collection agency and the principles around being sued are exactly the same.

The consequences of being sued successfully are that a court order will be made against you, and you will be ordered to make payments at a rate that the court decides is fair, considering your financial circumstances.  You do not need to worry that you might be sent to prison as a result of this action, but it will have a lasting impact on your credit rating and is certainly best avoided.  Also, the consequences do get a lot more serious if you then default on the payments ordered by the court.

Whether the card companies will sue you or not depends on many factors, but if you appear to just ignore the situation, you are making it far more likely that they will.  Even if you are already being threatened with legal action, it is not too late to avoid this by using one of the options available to you to deal with your debts.

Credit card debt is what is called an unsecured debt, as it is not tied to any asset (unlike your mortgage for example).  If you have a substantial amount of unsecured debt there are two main options open to you that will lead to you being debt free again, so these are at least worth considering.  They are for any kind of unsecured debts, so could also include any personal loans, bank overdrafts, etc.

The first option is a debt management plan, which involves a specialist company negotiating new repayment terms with your creditors.  This leads to a single affordable payment that you make each month to the debt management company.  It instantly reduces what you pay, simplifies your payments and stops the card companies hassling you.  To set up a plan you need to have an income and some money spare each month to meet the payments.  Such plans are widely available in both the US and UK.

If your situation is more serious and you would struggle to make the payments on a debt management plan, then your best option may be debt settlement.  This involves using expert negotiators to work out deals with all your creditors to settle your debts for substantially reduced amounts, in exchange for quick repayment.  In the UK there is a scheme called an IVA, which fulfils the same function as debt settlement, dealing with serious debts and writing off part of them.

So if a credit card company is threatening to sue you for debt, the best thing you can do is look into debt management, settlement or an IVA, depending on your situation and where you live.  This will send a clear message to the card companies that you are trying to tackle the situation.  When it comes to finding a good company to work with, you need to be cautious as there are a huge number to choose from, and they are unfortunately not all effective or ethical.

The best ones are experienced experts who will do all they can to get you out of debt, whereas the worst ones are really just out to take money from you.  You should therefore always look for well established companies that can demonstrate a record of success in dealing with people in debt.  The safest starting point is to follow recommendations for known reputable companies and to always approach at least two, so that you can consider what each one offers and choose which you prefer.

Read reviews and recommendations for reputable online debt settlement companies and UK IVA providers. K D Garrow has worked as a senior manager with significant financial responsibility for the last twenty years. His website offers free, unbiased advice on a range of debt related issues, including recommendations for the best debt management companies in the UK and US.

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