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May 13, 2018

Debt Consolidation Loans- Attracting Borrowers to Get Rid Off Their Multiple Debts

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Some of the most popular loan products in UK, debt consolidation loans act as saviours for those in debts. Survey conducted by a leading financial website states that six million Britons have taken out debt consolidation loans in the last three years. This means every one in seven debtors resort to consolidation loans when things get out of hand. These loans don’t only consolidate the debt in to a single manageable loan, but they can greatly save money on interest rate.

If you are paying too much interest on different credit cards, personal loans and store cards, you better take a debt consolidation loan. The interest charged on credit and store cards is generally very high. The interest you pay on the new loan, which will pay off all your running debts, will be far less than the one you are already paying on credit cards. That way, you save on your monthly outgoings.

The loan tenure i.e. the repayment period for debt consolidation loans is longer as well. So, you can spread the huge amount into smaller instalments. However, take caution as you may end up paying more if you have your multiple loans running on a low rate of interest. Recent studies by a business review website showed that unsecured debt consolidation loans are more popular than their secured counterparts. The average debt consolidation loans stand at £13,000, states the research, with 360,000 people borrowing more than £50,000. More women than men are lured toward unsecured debt consolidation loans to pay their hefty credit cards and shopping bills.

However, with individual insolvencies increasing like anything in the UK, the market lenders are sceptical to grant unsecured debt consolidation loans. And if they grant, the APR is generally very high. Secured debt consolidation loans are more preferred by the UK lenders, since the risk ratio in these loans is low and so is the rate of interest.

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August 25, 2016

FHA offers refinance loans for borrowers underwater

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Short Refinance:The refinancing of a mortgage by a lender for a borrower currently in default on his or her payments. This is done to avoid foreclosure. Typically, the new loan amount is less than the existing outstanding loan amount and the difference is typically forgiven by the lender. A lender might do this because it is more cost effective than foreclosure proceedings.

Consumers, who are underwater on your mortgage, can benefit from having a lower rate and have their main refinancing operations through reduction initiative closely.

Refinancing loans can be useful for consumers in a variety of ways, including the direction of interest rates below what they owe.Federal Housing Administration recently announced that it plans to launch the program, which can lead to re-finance loans to particular sections of the population.Consumers who have their underwater mortgage can be useful to have lower and whose principal reduces refinance Short initiative.”It is a tool to help overcome the problem of negative equity in some responsible owners who want to refinance into safer, more secure mortgage product,” FHA Commissioner David Stevens.To be eligible, homeowners must be current on your mortgage more relevant to what the property is worth. In addition, consumers should observe the standards of FHA loan and the lender must agree to cancel 10 percent of your balance.Further efforts of the Obama administration to help consumers in need keep their homes affordable Home Modification Program to assist in reducing the amount people must pay each month on their mortgage.

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February 26, 2015

Independent Mortgage Advice is Now Available for Borrowers Seeking Refinances

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During times when lending standards tighten mortgage companies have a tendency to advise their borrowers to “take what they can get.”  In certain cases this may be legitimate mortgage advice but we recommend seeking the advice of someone not affiliated with the transaction.

And by this we do not mean your brother-in-law….We recommend getting an independent review of your mortgage terms from a third party advisor such as Trusted Mortgage

This service affords borrowers the opportunity to have an independent mortgage advisor review the terms of the loan they are getting to make sure it is the best possible.  And while many mortgage lenders offer a similar claim in hopes of luring a borrower away – Trusted Mortgage is NOT a mortgage company.

Mortgage Advice for Important Decisions

Legitimate, independent advisors are specially trained to give mortgage advice to borrowers who are going through the lending process.  This includes answering questions that borrowers may be hesitant to ask their mortgage company for fear of being “steered” in the wrong direction.  Many of the questions cover common ground such as:

Certified loan advisors at will review the terms of your proposed mortgage loan and make specific recommendations for consumers to use in negotiating the best rate and closing costs with their lender. By serving as your advocate through the mortgage transaction they provide you with valuable information that will save you money, not only at the time of closing but over the life of your loan.

Independent Mortgage Advice That Won’t Solicit Your Loan

Don’t fall for another lending advertisement that offers to “review” your terms in hopes of soliciting your mortgage.  Go with a company such as ours who offers a legitimate outlet for mortgage advice.  As third party consultants Trusted-Mortgage-Advice wants to give borrowers peace of mind and to confirm that you are getting the best deal possible.

September 7, 2014

Student Loan Consolidation Can Save Thousands for Student Borrowers with Multiple Loans

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Student Loan Consolidation Can Save Thousands for Student Borrowers with Multiple Loans

A rate hike is expected July 1 on variable interest rates, which would mean an increase on federal student loan rates by as much as 2 percentage points. While student borrowers may be inclined to panic, they easily can consolidate their loans before the increase takes effect.

The interest rates on federal student loans ( change each year on July 1. Stafford loans then change according to the 91-day Treasury bill, while PLUS loans change according to the 1-year Treasury bill.

Short-term interest rates recently were raised by 25 basis points. Federal funds have a new target rate of 5 percent.

Legislation Changed Rules

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, S. 1932, was signed into law Feb. 8 by President Bush and includes major cuts to the federal student loan program totaling $12.7 billion. In addition, the legislation included changes in rules and regulations along with the rate increases.

New rates as of yet are unknown, as information will be made available May 30. However, expected increased rates include:

• 7.3 percent for Stafford loan repayment made since July 1998
• 6.7 percent on in-school, grace and deferments
• 8.1 percent rate on PLUS loans

Save Money and Ease the Student Loan Burden

For those student borrowers who want to get out from under the heavy burden of student loan debt, student loan consolidation ( can be a wonderful option. By consolidating, or pulling together a variety of student loans, students are able to save money and make their lives simpler with one easy monthly payment instead of numerous monthly student loan bills.

Student loan borrowers can save as much as 60 percent when they choose consolidation through NextStudent, Phoenix, a premier education funding company. NextStudent offers in-school borrowers a 4.75 interest rate. The company also offers eligible borrowers a 2.75 percent rate with applied benefits including:

• .60 percent savings for students who consolidate after graduation
• .25 percent reduction with use of Auto Debit
• 1 percent additional reduction when students make 36 consecutive on-time payments

With student loan consolidation borrowers can pull themselves out from the heavy loan debt by extending their repayment terms, which can save thousands in the long run. This can be of great help, especially to those student borrowers from low- and middle-income families under great pressure from the rising cost of college tuition. Additionally, the lower interest rate received through consolidation stays locked for the term of the loan. Borrowers easily can save money on their loans and use the savings for other important necessities.

With July 1 only a little more than six weeks away, student borrowers still have time to take advantage of consolidation. The process is simple and will help to make more lives easier.

NextStudent believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and it is dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding as easy as possible. Learn more about college loans ( at

May 30, 2014

Bad Credit Home Refinance-Could It Be Possible For Jobless Borrowers?

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Jobless borrowers could still apply for and secure a bad credit home refinance product. Not too many people think it is possible.


It is a fact that securing a bad credit home refinance could be very difficult. It could get much harder and more challenging for people who have lost their jobs. Nevertheless, such home loan refinancing schemes could still be possibly acquired and secured by the jobless.


Thus, anyone could not help but ask, ‘Is it still possible for an unemployed borrower to find and secure bad credit home refinance?’ What could it take for a jobless homeowner to apply for one? Are the perks of such refinance products still provided to them?


Sudden Loss Of Job


It is a fact that the global financial crisis has greatly affected almost all industries. Many companies have scaled down; some even shut down businesses. Many people have been displaced from work. A number of homeowners who have mortgages have been sacked out of their jobs unexpectedly and inevitably.


If you are a homeowner and you lost your job, you should be alarmed about how you could possibly repay your loan dues. If you are expecting to get into a default soon, you should act now and not wait for the worse to happen. You could repay your home loan and avoid possible foreclosure if you could secure a bad credit home refinance.


Could It Be Possible?


The answer is a ‘yes’ and a ‘no.’ To be certain, home loan refinance for unemployed people with bad credit could be possibly attained upon analysis of the situation. Every homeowner has a unique status or situation. Moreover, mortgage lenders have various refinance programs for different or particular situations.


The ideal action you should do is to look at your situation. It would be best if you would seek the assistance of a mortgage or loan specialist. He could particularly be of great help to you, as you get anxious about a possible aid or a refinance program you could qualify for.


Do The Necessary Research


The first thing you should do if you are in this situation is to first find a job so that you could continuously earn income and prevent other major problems in the future. Then, you could also have more time to do a research about possible home refinance schemes that could be extended or granted to you. It would help if you would know more about the requirements and the provisions.


You may be surprised at how numerous programs are created to help people stay at home despite threats of home loan defaults. All you need is to find those, look at each, and file the necessary application. You could possibly get an attractive and practical bad credit home refinance product if you are determined to have one.





August 5, 2012

Advice for Debt Consolidation… Especially for the UK Borrowers.

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Recently, debt consolidation has become popular among the UK people. Many borrowers in the UK are being interested in consolidating debts. No doubt, debt consolidation is the ultimate way to solve all debt puzzles. But some borrowers prefer to take some advices before going for consolidating debts. Here some advices are introduced for their favour.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a part of debt management. In this process, generally borrowers in the UK consolidate all their debts into a single debt and quench their debt burden. With this procedure, borrowers take a different loan that covers all their unpaid debts. Afterward, borrowers need to make payment only on that single loan instead of various ones. Thus, debt consolidation helps all borrowers in the UK to regulate their debts. Besides loans, debt consolidation can be done through mortgage, remortgage, credit card etc.

What kind of debt consolidation loans is apt one?

Normally, two kinds of debt consolidation loans are available in the loan market of the UK. These are, secured debt consolidation loans and unsecured debt consolidation loans. Secured debt consolidation loans are obtainable against a security and undoubtedly for that, these loans are offered at lower interest rate. Therefore, if any borrower in the UK wants to consolidate his debts without spending extra money, then secured option is better option for him.
On the other hand, no collateral is required for unsecured option. Its interest rate is usually high due to the absence of security. As security is absent for unsecured option, thus these loans are appropriate one for those who are non-homeowner or do not want to take any risk with their property.

What benefits are available?

The benefit list of Debt Consolidation Loan is truly vast. The main pros of these loans are as follows:

• Cost-effectiveness as it reduces the interest rate

• Eradication of various payments.

• One loan and one lender facilities.

• Ending of untimely and harassing calls of lenders.

• Helping hand for the UK borrowers to live a debt-free live.

Where to apply?

Easy availability of debt consolidation has made it famous in the UK. Many traditional lenders in the UK are offering these loans. But, it can be said for advice that online debt consolidation is the best option that one can opt for. With this option, borrowers in the UK do not need to spend much time for getting a favourable offer. By clicking the mouse, he can apply for a best loan within few seconds.

At the end, one more advice is referred for all the borrowers in the UK. Debt consolidation is a good option to manage debts properly but at the same time all borrowers should not forget to check their financial capacity while thinking about this option. And last but not the least, consolidating all debts may not be profitable, especially those loans have low interest rate. If one’s debt is ¤5,000 or more than it, then this option will be fruitful for him.

Alex Jonnes is associated with Easy Debt Consolidations. He is Masters in Business Administration and writes on various
finance related topics. To find Debt management, debt consolidation loan, low cost debt consolidation loan, bad credit personal loans, online debt consolidation, lowest interest rates visit

July 25, 2012

Student Loans for Unemployed Students: Furnish the Cash Urgently

Obtaining the cash is not hard nut to crack for unemployed students, unemployed students can get the cash easily through Student Loans For Unemployed Students on their qualification. The students, who are unemployed and crave to avail the cash through Student Loans For Unemployed Students, must be UG or PG in their country. Availing the Student Loans For Unemployed Students they are to fill up a simple online application form of opted lender with details about themselves similar to name, residential proof, contact number, account number, age etc, rest of the formalities will be completed by the lenders. The Student Loans For Unemployed Students will be wired in your checking within few hours on the same day or the next business day. The amount of money that can be availed by the Student Loans For Unemployed Students is up to $25000. The rates of interest that can be availed by the Student Loans For Unemployed Students are reasonable because loan-lending companies know that the borrower is student as well as unemployed. It would be hard for the borrower to afford high rates of interests through Student Loans For Unemployed Students. Time duration for which the Student Loans For Unemployed Students can be borrowed is flexible. Unemployed students have to repay the amount of the Student Loans For Unemployed Students after getting job because then only, he can be able to repay the Student Loans For Unemployed Students. Loan lending companies ask the borrower to fill up a simple online form to collect some personal information about the borrower like name, address, telephone number, current account number, occupation etc when you apply for Student Loans For Unemployed. Loan lending companies ask you to have an active checking account approximately three months old to avail Student Loans For Unemployed Students because loan lending companies transfer the money into the borrowers account after the processing. Borrower should be more than 18 year of age to be eligible for Student Loans For Unemployed Students. Due to unsecured unemployed loans different lenders have different interest rate for the borrowers. If the borrower has excellent credit history and crave to take Student Loans For Unemployed Students, the rate of interest may be somewhat few. If the borrower has worst credit history and crave to take Student Loans For Unemployed Students, the rate of interest may be somewhat more. The withdrawal of Student Loans For Unemployed Students is for 5 years. If the borrower is unable to repay the Student Loans For Unemployed Students within leased time, he will have to pay the extra charge of interest.

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