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May 21, 2018

Benefits of Non-profit Debt Consolidation Services

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You can find two kinds of debt consolidation services; profit debt consolidation and non profit debt consolidation. The best place you can go is for a debt consolidation company to get rid of your debt. Non profit debt consolidation is a type of debt management program that exists for restructuring debts with high interest rates into a single loan avoiding the need for going to another loan. Thus, you can avoid many monthly payments and it also helps you have control of your financial state. As profit debt consolidation agencies charge higher rates, the best alternative is to go for Non profit debt consolidation service.

Cash loans, bank loans, IRS, credit card bills, student loans and medical bills are some of the debts that need non-profit debt consolidation solutions. If you are sure to make your regular repayments, debt consolidation mortgage is the alternative among other available options. They are offered against collaterals such as home or any other asset of value and are also tax deductible. Another option for debt consolidation is Consumer debt consolidation. On behalf of borrowers, the consumer debt management companies in this case negotiate with creditors for a consolidated payment at lower interest rates.

The non-profit debt consolidation company receives a share of amount paid by the debtor to the agency and this share is the main supporting source for the non-profit group and on the other hand the profit debt consolidation company does not receive this share. Even otherwise, this share percentage has dropped considerably and there is not much of difference between the two types. Alternatively the debtor is provided with the same monthly payment that are minimum with reduced interest rate whether it is a for-profit or a non-profit debt consolidation company.

You have a better edge over others when you go for a non-profit debt consolidation company. You can find a number of debt consolidation companies today. Therefore you have to plan for an extensive research prior to deciding a debt consolidation company. By all means, the safest way is to choose a non-profit debt consolidation company. A non-profit debt consolidation company guides you with the best possible options for debt consolidation and makes you debt free as soon as possible. Unlike a profit making debt Consolidation company, the motive of a non-profit debt consolidation is not to build personal profit at borrower’s expenses.

A great advantage you get with a non-profit debt consolidation company is free debt counseling. This service helps you to be aware of the debt consolidation techniques and the value of finance and debt management. The main purpose is to avoid such debt situations in future and also for rebuilding your credit rating. Thus, choosing a non-profit debt consolidation company is an excellent move. However ensure that your company is really a non-profit organization.

Internet is one of the best sources of getting information about the debt consolidation companies and you can also choose the best company. You can find many non-profit debt consolidation companies that offer different debt consolidation services. You can check out the websites of the respective companies. Ensure that the chosen debt consolidation company can meet the total financial requirements related with your debts. After short-listing a few companies, you can visit various web forums, blogs and reviews on such companies so that chances of any fraud can be avoided.

Visit for a complete understanding of several debt consolidation methods. Also, check out to find out which credit card will suit your needs well and how to manage credit card debts in a better way.

May 8, 2018

Treatment of sickness and injury benefits on your tax return

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The following guidelines will help you in deciding the tax treatment on sickness and injury benefits:

You are entitled to a tax credit if you are permanently and totally disabled at the time of your retirement.

If you receive money for personal injury or sickness because of an accident on a health plan paid by your employer, you need to report such income on your tax return.  However, if you and your employer pay for the plan jointly, only the amount received by you on the basis of contribution from your employer will be treated as your income. If you receive any money by way of a reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by you after the plan was established, that money is not includible in your income.

If you paid the entire cost of such an insurance plan, the amounts received by you under such plan are not to be included on your tax return.

Cafeteria plans –if you are covered by a cafeteria plan, and the amount of insurance premium was not included in your income, IRS assumes that you have not paid for the premiums and so you have to include the benefits you receive out of such plan in your income.  However if the amount of premiums was already included in your income, you are assumed to have paid the premiums and consequently the benefits are not taxable.

If you receive money from a retirement or profit sharing plan, which is not providing for a disability retirement, it cannot be treated as disability pension.  Such payment must be reported as annuity or pension.  It has to be included in your income in the year of its receipt.

If you retire on disability, any payment which you receive towards accrued annual leave is regarded as a salary payment and not a disability payment.

When you retire on disability, the disability pension you receive under a plan which is paid by your employer is treated as your salary Up to the time you reach minimum retirement age.  Once you reach minimum retirement age, the payments received are taxable as a pension on annuity.

Various military and government disability pensions are not taxable.  The payments relating to service connected disability are excludible from your income.  If you receive a disability pension on the basis of years of service, that has to be included in your income.  However if it is a service connected disability, it is not to be included in income.  Similarly, disability benefits received from the VA are not to be included in your income.

A claim for the refund or credit must be filed within three years from the date return was filed.  However, if you are in receipt of a retroactive service connected disability rating determination, the limitation is extended by one more year from the date of determination.  So if you retired in 2004 and continue to receive a pension which was based on your years of service and later on July 10, 2008 you receive determination retroactive to 2004, you can claim a refund for the taxes paid on your pension for the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.  For this extended period of one year applies to all the claims for refund filed after June 17, 2008.

If you are in receipt of any payment for injuries resulting directly from a terrorist or a military action, such payments are not includible in your income.

Amounts received from long term care insurance contracts are not includible on your tax return as your income.  You must file form 8853 with your return to claim such exclusion.

The money received as workers’ compensation under the workers’ compensation act is fully excludible on your tax return.  However if you return to work later, the payments you receive by way of salary will be taxable.

Chintamani Abhyankar, is a well known expert in the field of finance and taxation for last 25 years. He has written many books explaining inside secrets of the magic world of personal finance. His famous eBook Stop donating your money to IRS which is now running in its second edition, provides intricate knowledge and valuable tips on personal finance and income tax.

March 20, 2018

Debt Consolidation: a Tool With Multiple Benefits

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Debt consolidation entails taking out one loan to pay many others. This is done to secure a low and fixed interest rate and to service only one loan at a singular time. It can simply consolidate large number of unsecured loans into one. But commonly it involves a secured loan against an asset, which works as a collateral.

Some times debt consolidation companies decrease the amount of the loan. If there is a possibility of debtor being bankrupt, the debt consolidator will buy a loan with discount consolidation may affect the ability of the debtor to discharge bankruptcy, therefore decision to consolidate must be weighted carefully.

Debt consolidation is good in theory when some one is paying credit debt card. Credit card can carry higher interest rate than even an unsecured loan from a bank so going for a debt consolidation can be wise decision to handle them. In practical life, many persons suffer from credit card debts, reason being the income always lags behind expenditure. Though a debt consolidation can take care of these debts but flashing credit cards for small expenses can prove to be expensive themselves.

A debt consolidation is basically a secured kind of loan, secured here means involvement of collateral in lieu of the amount being endowed. Though unsecured form can be attained but that would require an exhaustive search.

The sole purpose of a debt consolidation is to bind multiple loans in a single one. This helps in reducing the rate and the singular loan ensures that you are saved from all the headaches of managing numerous loans with varying features. Debt consolidation helps you to be answerable to a single lender thus providing you the much needed mental peace.

People, whether good or bad creditors are eligible for this loan. They need to assure the concerned lender with salary slips (for income proof) , bank statements( to represent their recent financial standings) and other documents of importance.

Internet can be accessed to avail a debt consolidation. This ensures you don’t have to run pillars to post in search of lenders. Clicks of mouse few times and surfing the online lenders will get you one to your liking.


Debt consolidation is the perfect way to handle your multiple debts in an efficient many by clubbing them together and paying a single monthly installment. This way interest rate can be lowered and sufficient amount can be saved in the process.

Jennifer Morva has been associated with Bad Credit Personal Loans. Having completed his Masters in Finance from Lancaster University Management School, he undertook to provide useful advice through his articles that have been found very useful by the residents of the UK. To find debt consolidation loans uk, cheap debt consolidation uk, student debt consolidation loan visit

February 20, 2018

Auto Refinance Loans – Benefits of Refinancing With Direct Lenders

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In today’s world, almost everyone is on the lookout for ways to save extra money.

Home-owners are always interested in seeking out the lowest interest rates, as refinancing their loan can put hundreds of extra dollars in their pocket on a monthly basis. The same principle can be applied to an auto loan, and there are several key benefits to refinancing with a direct lender.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Direct Auto Loan Lenders” website — — pointed out;

Save significant amounts of money each month

“…Many people are forced into financing at a very high interest rate because of poor credit. When one needs transportation expediently, especially because a vehicle is required to get to work, it is easy to push aside the worry about the high interest payments. If someone gets an auto loan at an interest rate of 20% or higher, they can save over $100 per month by finding a rate that is 7% to 10%. Lending is a highly-competitive business and interest-rates can be negotiated. Also, if the original financing was procured because of a new job, after a few months a credit-score can be improved. It never hurts to shop around if one is paying a high interest-rate…”

Speed counts

Unlike with homes, a car does not need to be appraised when considering refinancing. This fact alone can save those shopping for a car loan valuable time. Also, most direct lenders offer online applications that can be filled out in just minutes, and if qualified, one can see approval in a matter of hours. This makes it possible to see money immediately, and this can provide peace of mind during tough financial times.

“…There are other reasons to consider refinancing an auto loan, but most are simply a matter of getting the best value for the money. Take advantage of all the competition in the loan industry and shop around until you find a reasonable interest rate. It is understandable to acquire high-interest financing when one needs a car immediately, but after the dust settles, it is time to seek out a better value. It never hurts to try, and it is very possible to save a significant amount of money on a monthly basis…” added H. Milla.

Further information and instant approval auto loans regardless of your credit by visiting:

Hector Milla runs his corporate website at where you can see all his articles and press releases.

February 14, 2018

The True Benefits of Debt Consolidation and Reduction

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Resolving Debt Consolidation and Reduction Problems Should Be A Matter Of Personal Pride And Not DisgraceIf you wish to get your finances in order, it may constitute a wise decision to work with a debt consolidation service company who can offer up unique debt relief options through there credit counseling methods involving your debt consolidation and reduction. It is a decision that should be handled with pride, rather than with shame, though you will require to select the optimal debt consolidation service company so you can prevent from suffering to file for bankruptcy. In That Respect are numerous different debt consolidation services companies accessible that will help you out of your challenging financial situation and they can be observed locally or online.Debt Is A Fact Of Life For Many IndividualsDebt is something that we all experience and is a job that needs suffering to either reduce it, or consolidate it. Debt consolidation and reduction means arranging with a debt management company to cover your obligation with various settlement choices that relate to reduction as well as consolidation of the debt, and get a debt consolidation company to lend you the sum of money so that you can pay off your creditors. It will help you focus on paying one debt at a time instead of having to juggle some bills each month and this type of program provides an education which calls for generating a budget as well.The majority of debt consolidation and reduction agencies operate to reduce the obligation through negotiating with your creditors to see if they will reduce the debt by as much as forty to sixty percent, with the balance being spread into monthly installments that you can easily pay off on your own. It is also usual for a debt consolidation and reduction agency to offer you with instructions on how to best manage your money so that you can study how to stay free from obligations for the rest of your life.The number of debt consolidation and reduction companies is plainly quite staggering and you would present quite a task in picking the most acceptable one. Nevertheless, when picking out them, it would be wise to consider first those companies that specialize in debt consolidation and reduction and you would too call for to check their certifications before progressing further so they can address your personal situation with care. You should select only a debt consolidation and reduction agency that has proven financial stability and can display a good track record also as enjoys an desirable reputation.A certain sign of a good debt consolidation and reduction is one that listens to your problem and supplies a full assessment of the situation, and will show a honest interest in helping you free yourself from your obligation then help in keeping you free of debt in the future. When you follow the guidelines you should not just improve your credit score but go for for those loans for that car you want or perhaps receive that household via a mortgage loan.  Permit these debt consolidation and reduction companies to manage all of the negotiation processes and pay you bills on time and maybe one day you will be capable to take charge of your life financially.

If you would like more information on this topic and want Fast Credit Repair or if you are in need of Free Credit Repair, Beatlands Credit Repair has many credit repair topics and tips that can be very useful.

Lee Beattie the creator of Beatlands Credit Repair site. I have written this site for those who have fallen on hard times and haven’t always thought of the right ways to get out of a Credit blunder. I wanted to educate and help out those who do not know the right direction to take during hard times.

February 11, 2018

Debt Consolidation Program – is There Real Benefits

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With the many different kinds of debt consolidation companies offering various debt consolidation programs that are intended to eliminate debt, people realize that these modern times, they are presented with these many options to relieve them of their debt than when the situation was in the earlier  days.

There are many means by which you can obtain free information and channel that will help in debt reduction. The Internet is one of the more common and even popular ways by which you can get sound debt relief advices and professional help on what steps to take on once you find yourself trapped in great debt.

And if you are able to carefully plan you’re every move towards debt relief, then it is possible that stress-free, debt-free days are just around the corner. It is so unlike in the early days when you are unable to pay your monthly installments, your only solution that you can think of is to declare bankruptcy. It seems people saddled with so much debt have very little option then. Now it is not the same anymore as even for those with huge and seemingly debilitating debt burden has debt consolidation program to count on.

Advantages of Debt Consolidation Program

A sound debt consolidation program offers you numerous financial advantages over bankruptcy. You must realize that even if your debt woes seem endless, declaring bankrupt will not be the right solution to your problem as it proves to be just a temporary answer.

You will find yourself having obligations to pay up certain types of debts such as state taxes even when you have declared bankruptcy. It is the exact opposite of debt consolidation program as with this type of program, you are able to enjoy permanent relief. More so, if you decide on getting debt consolidation, you are sure to be able to minimize all your debts to about 50 to 60 percent. Clearly this means an efficient debt consolidation program can help you cut all your debt on half.

Debt Consolidation Program and Your Lifestyle

Another important benefit of debt consolidation program is that it gives you the chance to continue living and enjoying the kind of lifestyle that you are used to; there is no need for you to make any major drastic changes in the way you live. The only change you have to contend with is the ability to easily pay back all your existing debts to your lenders in very light monthly payments.

If you are very carefully in choosing the right debt consolidation program for you, it will certainly create a stress-free atmosphere of good credit that you can enjoy, with all your lenders and associates happy for your actions and appreciating all your efforts to make better your financial situation.

The most important of getting a debt consolidation program to the elimination of debt which in turn allows you to enjoy full freedom from your lenders. How? You turn over all the debt responsibility to your debt consolidation company as the latter now deals with the creditors, performing the payment responsibility that you once were burdened with. With debt consolidation, you now have a stress free life, no more harassment on the phone and mails. With this type of loan, you can actually witness all your financial woes disappear away.

Our article here about debt consolidation loan, which is one of the more interesting financial topics around. For more articles on Debt Consolidation Program or Debt Consolidation, visit our website at

December 4, 2017

The Benefits From Credit Card Debt Consolidation

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‘Credit card debt consolidation’ seems to be the most talked about term in the world of credit cards. It’s true that credit cards have been very useful and convenient for us and we, in fact, treat the credit card as a necessity. However, with every good you have evil too. In the world of credit cards, ‘Credit card debt’ is that evil and ‘Credit card debt consolidation’ is often regarded as a method for treating credit card debt.

What is it?

Anyone who has read any newspaper articles on ‘Credit card debt’ would already know what credit card debt consolidation is. However, just for the benefit of others, credit card debt consolidation, in simple terms, is the process of consolidating debt which you hold on various high APR credit cards onto just one low APR credit card. Thus, the main benefit of credit card debt consolidation is realised in terms of APR reduction (and hence reduction in credit card debt growth rate). This is touted as the most important benefit (and sometimes the sole benefit) from credit card debt consolidation.

The Benefits

However, credit card debt consolidation comes with few more benefits as well. Some of these credit card debt consolidation benefits are widely publicised by the credit card suppliers and some not so much:

Initial APR

As mentioned above, lower APR is the biggest benefit from credit card debt consolidation. Since credit card debt consolidation is used by credit card suppliers as a tool to attract consumers, they generally offer a 0% APR for a initial period of 6-9 months of you joining their credit card debt consolidation programme i.e. first few months after you get the new credit card.

Standard APR

Lower standard APR (i.e. the long term APR) is the other important benefit from credit card debt consolidation. Though not all credit card suppliers offer a lower standard APR with credit card debt consolidation some do design credit card debt consolidation programmes with good standard APR. These credit card debt consolidation programmes offer a trade-off between initial and standard APR rates.

0% on purchases

This is another common benefit from credit card debt consolidation. The 0% interest (or some lower percentage) on purchases is offered as an incentive for credit card debt consolidation. This credit card debt consolidation benefit is again applicable only for a short initial period.

Easy management

This credit card debt consolidation benefit is not as discussed as others. However, one benefit of credit card debt consolidation (from multiple to single credit card) is the fact that you need to track and manage a lesser number of credit cards.

The credit card debt consolidation exercise might bring you some more benefits in terms of rebates, discounts and reward points (especially if you move to a co-branded card as part of credit card debt consolidation) as well so it can be a very sensible idea.

There are obviously many other options such as Debt Consolidation Loans and Personal loans to cover the debt you are already in, however, all have pros and cons so make sure you research and get advice from an expert and find a solution that will fulfill your need specifically.

For more info on UK Debt Consolidation Services, UK Debt Consolidation Programs, and Credit Card Debt Consolidation service contact Andrew Obidowsk.

September 23, 2017

Benefits of Cashout Refinance

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No matter how good our intentions are, with the “Gotta Have It!” society we live in, even the most diligent of us sometimes over-do on debt, especially on credit cards or other non- appreciable debt in the form of installment loans. One popular and beneficial way to wipe the slate clean, or at least get a handle on high debt, is through a “Cash-out Refinance”.
If you have Equity in your house (that is if the appraised value is larger than the amount currently owed on your Mortgage Loan), you can access that money and put it to work for you. Instead of continuing to pay on those high interest credit cards and never seeming to make a dent in the balance, the cash out can help you “start fresh”, and, depending on your area, your home appreciation could grow faster than your cash out!
Some of the benefits of replacing credit card and revolving debt with mortgage debt are:
· Paying off high interest loans (credit cards) with a much lower interest loan, showing less outstanding loans on your credit and a less number of payments at bill time.
· Lowering your monthly net out-go, freeing up cash for everyday expenses or to ad more to the Principle portion of your Mortgage loan. I’ve had examples of homeowners restructuring their current home loans to pay off debt, saving $500 or more per month, which was applied back to Principle, carving 5 or more years off the length of the home loan…which leads to the next benefit…
· Term Reduction with a totally new loan, you have the opportunity of re-structuring with a shorter term directly OR indirectly, as shown above, by taking monthly savings of money not now needed on credit cards and applying the money to your loan, shortening your term.
· Payment Deferral when refinancing, you usually end up skipping a payment, sometimes two, in the lender switch. That can add up to a substantial amount that could be reapplied to your home loan or more pressing necessities.
· Raising Credit Scores, Mortgage loans are looked at more favorably than credit cards, especially when your balances on those credit cards exceed 35-50% of the maximum balance allowed. By paying off these loans, credit scores go up naturally when the companies report their information (usually in 3 month intervals).
· Increasing Tax Advantages. Currently you receive no tax benefit for that payment you’re paying on those credit cards; but when that same debt is transferred to a mortgage loan, you receive a tax advantage on interest paid on that loan. For example, let’s say you’re in a 30 % tax bracket. For every $10,000 spent on interest on your home loan in that year, you could receive a $3000 deduction!
These are only few of the benefits to refinancing for debt consolidation.
There are some precautions, though, that MUST be recognized or you’ll find yourself even deeper in debt. When strategies of this nature are utilized to “pull out of debt”, one must go into such a strategy with just that mindset. If a cash out refinance is handled to clear off credit cards, only to max those cards again, the process can catch up to you. Most lenders view credit reports for just such patterns before approving a loan. Discipline is key. Be careful to follow through on your long-term plan to control your debt so it doesn’t control you, and your decision to refinance with cash out can be a smart move.
Two Interesting notes:
· If you pay only the minimum payment stated on your revolving credit card, in the average case, it can take up to 30 years or more to pay off the balance of $5000. Most mortgages are refinanced every 5 years or less on average, due to increased home value, or moving.
· When lowering your monthly out-go, it’s interesting to see what % of an increase that affords you with your current income. As little as $400 savings per month that you get to keep can mean a substantial “raise” you can give yourself…and you pay no more taxes on it!
Tamara Schmitt is currently a Loan Officer with 1st United Mortgage. Tamara is also an Business Partner of Get Loans Cheap, an internet business geared solely to educate and aid the consumer in assessing and obtaining the right loan for their specific needs. View the site for more articles on mortgages and refinancing, or other home loan needs.

Tamara is currently a loan officer with First United Mortgage out of Greenville, SC and has been in the Mortgage field not far from 2 year now. In the time that Tamara has been serving her clients she has learned alot about how to better people through helping them achieve the best mortgage for her clients.

August 19, 2017

Benefits of eFiling Your Tax Return

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It’s the same problem each and every year. You need to spend hours poring over the most recent instructions for the federal and state 1040 forms ? which are only minutely different than last year’s, but you have to be sure you aren’t missing some evasive new tax law ? then another few hours compiling all your documents in an order than makes some sense. Once that’s done, you begin the tedious process of computing each individual line and printing your responses in painstakingly neat handwriting just to know for absolute certainty that someone at the Internal Revenue Service won’t bounce your return back as unreadable.

Your return has been signed, placed in an eight by ten manila envelope and mailed to the IRS. Even though you mailed it registered, with return receipt requested no less, you worry that it never made it, that someone lost it, or that some small error will come up and push you beyond the looming April 15th deadline.

If you haven’t started using computerized tax filing software, this probably isn’t so far from the truth. You may have heard of these programs and passed them off as not worth the investment. Each and every year, tax payers spend at minimum eight hours, and usually closer to fifteen to twenty hours, completing their tax returns. Even earning minimum wage, that eight hour time investment would have returned nearly sixty bucks at work ? substantially more than the cost of completing and eFiling your tax return online.

Not only does eFiling save you time, it saves you money. Since these programs are made to know the current year’s tax code, you can avoid many common mistakes. You don’t need to worry about incorrectly computing a specific line or claiming a deduction that isn’t actually deductible. Using these programs will prevent many seemingly minor errors which often result in hefty fees and fines from the IRS.

Once you’ve completed your return on your computer, eFiling is the best way to submit it. The IRS’s strict standards for eFile providers ensure that your return will be transmitted securely. With the “Free File” program, you may even be able to eFile your federal tax forms without any processing fees. Best of all, the eFile provider will keep you up to date on the status of your return, from submission to processing, so you never need to worry that the IRS hasn’t received it.

Because of the popularity of this method, all but two states (and those that don’t have an income tax system) also offer electronic systems to file state income tax forms. While the tax forms vary from federal to state, you almost always need the same information. If you use tax software to complete and eFile your federal return, chances are you’ll be able to do the same with your state return.

Learn more about efile tax return and state income tax forms from our website.

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