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February 10, 2018

What To Do Before the October 15th Tax Extension Deadline if You Need Tax Help for Unfiled Tax Returns or IRS Back Taxes

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If you filed for an extension to file your tax returns in April, your taxes must be filed by October 15. The worst thing in the world you can do is not file your income tax return on time because you don’t have money to pay what’s owed!  Here’s what you need to do, if this is your situation: File your tax return on or before October 15th and send it in with a money order or cashier’s check for $10.00.  This will ensure two hugely important things:

1.) It will take the IRS’s power away to assess a 25% failure to file penalty away, and 2.) it will create a computerized record at IRS that you filed on time and made a good faith and credible effort to pay something.

So those of your who have been procrastinating better wake up! And for anyone who can’t afford to pay your taxes come April 15th or October 15 – know that you’re not alone.  It’s a common problem and a lot of people end up in tax trouble because they don’t file their tax returns on time even with an extension because they don’t have the money to pay.

Here’s what you can do before the October 15 tax extension deadline if you have unfiled tax returns or IRS debt from back taxes:

•    Get a good tax attorney or tax resolution specialist. You are in dangerous waters here where only an expert tax resolution specialist or tax attorney can help you. To get the back taxes help you need, contact a tax attorney or tax resolution specialist. They are on your side. The IRS is not.•    You need a sense of urgency. If you haven’t filed your tax return before the April 15th deadline, you need to file for an extension using Tax Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Income Tax Return. Not filing your taxes is the worst thing you can do because you can incur a 25% failure to file penalty right off the top.  Failure to file tax returns may be construed as a criminal act by the IRS, punishable by one year in jail and $10,000 for each year not filed.If you haven’t filed for this year, even after April 15th tax deadline you can still file for a tax extension using tax form 4868. A tax extension provides tax help because it can stop the “failure to file” penalty clock before it reaches the maximum. Get tax help from a tax attorney or tax resolution specialist if you’re tempted to file for October 15th tax extension after the April 15th deadline has passed. Only a tax attorney or tax resolution specialist can give you the tax help you need.•    You need to whip out your checkbook, even if you can only pay $5. The bad news is that even taxpayers who received a tax extension for filing are not granted more time for the payment of taxes owed and may need income tax relief.If you fail to pay your back taxes due, you will incur additional penalties for “failure to pay”. Any tax attorney will tell you that to avoid back tax penalties and interest, ideally you should pay 90% of your estimated taxes when you file your tax form 4868 on April 15th. To avoid additional back tax penalties, taxpayers should file by the deadline and pay as much as they can. You will still have a failure to pay penalty, but it’s much less.Our tax attorneys tell our tax relief clients that no matter how much is owed, if they enclose a check for $5 or $10 for back taxes with the return and file it on time, that’s going to give them tax help instantly because: 1) Filing cuts down on the failure to file penalty, so you take that 25% penalty off the table.

2) Writing a check for your back taxes creates a record at IRS that says you actually filed on time and they have to post that $5 or $10 back taxes check to your account.  •   You need to discover quickly whether you owe the IRS more back taxes or you’re due for a refund. If you overestimated your back taxes in April and paid the IRS too much, then you’ll get a tax refund as soon as you file your full 1040 tax return, hopefully long before the October 15th tax extension deadline.•   You may need tax software to discover your IRS debt from back taxes. By October all those discounted tax software boxes offering tax help will be long gone. A tax attorney and tax resolution specialist will have the software you need going back a decade to calculate both state and federal taxes. If you owe back taxes for more than one year, a good tax attorney or tax resolution specialist may be your only shot at getting the tax help you need. •   You need to get your paperwork in order. Filing an October 15th tax extension means you have more time to collect the final paperwork you need. If you have been the victim of a financial crime, a good tax attorney can go back and file amended returns that can drastically improve your back taxes problem. •    You need to act quickly or the IRS will. If you don’t file a tax return by the October 15th tax extension deadline, the IRS may file one for you. If you don’t get tax help from a tax attorney, the IRS may prepare a “Substitute For Return” for delinquent taxpayers. It’s important to file a tax return as well as any prior delinquent tax returns as soon as possible to save money and avoid significant long-term consequences. Get professional tax help from tax attorney so that you get all the tax relief you’re allowed. •   If you owe back taxes for more than one year, all your prior tax returns must be filed to be eligible for income tax relief. All back tax returns must be filed before the IRS will entertain any type of tax settlement.•    You need to realize that this is your last chance. Can you file for an extension past the October 15th tax deadline extension? Not a chance. The IRS will occasionally extend an extension beyond October 15th for a class of people who have suffered a natural disaster. If your home wasn’t destroyed by a hurricane, then your chances of getting a tax extension beyond October 15th are about the same as winning the lottery. The good news is that with an experienced and professional tax attorney or tax resolution specialist, you have a real hope of resolving your back taxes and IRS problems if you act now. I believe there’s tax help for every problem. For a delinquent taxpayer, it’s never too late to resolve your tax debt and avoid IRS penalties. For more information on achieving a tax resolution for your unfiled tax returns or back taxes, visit for a free tax relief consultation or call 866-IRS-PROBLEMS.

Michael Rozbruch is one of the nation’s leading tax experts. A Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS), licensed CPA and the founder of Tax Resolution Services. He helps individuals and small businesses solve their IRS problems and is dedicated to educating the public on tax planning and other strategies for managing their personal and business finances.

February 6, 2018

Debt Consolidation Loans: Bounce Back in a Single Stroke

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If you are burdened with multiple debts and finding it difficult to pay the high interest rates for all your debts don’t worry! As you are not the only one in this position. Debt consolidation loan is the answer; this is the easiest way out for you. Generally, you will find yourself in this position when you have multiple debts, high interest on credit cards, different loans and mortgages. Sometimes to pay off one debt you borrow other debt, which ends up with multiple debts. If you don’t take charge, you may become bankrupt; the best way to resolve the situation is the debt consolidation loan.


This loan is designed to assist you overcome the financial burden i.e. by consolidating all the multiple debts into one single manageable debt. It helps you to clear off your multiple loans at considerably reduced amount. Some of the benefits are:

•Reduced Interest Rates


•Low monthly payment


•Consolidation of the monthly installments into one monthly payment. Reducing the burden of managing different loan accounts.


•Most important benefit is that these loans save your Late Fees.


The loan eligibility depends on your financial status. You can opt for either secured or unsecured loan. In the secured debt consolidation loan, you will have to provide with some collateral. You can avail any amount ranging from £5,000 to £75,000 with repayment tenure being up to 25 years. In case of the unsecured debt consolidation loan you need not keep any security but the range of the loan amount will be less than 25,000 and the repayment tenure is maximum 10 years.


The lenders first analyze your profile and check your ability to pay back the loan. This is also called as preparation of credit score. Thus, even if you have been refused the loan because of your bad credit history you stand a chance to be approved for such loans.

Jennifer has been associated with Loans. Having completed his Masters in Finance from Lancaster Uni., he undertook to provide useful advice. To find Debt consolidation loans UK , easy debt consolidation loans, student debt consolidation loans visit

January 11, 2018

Debt Consolidation Advice: Get your Multiple Debts Back in Order

If you are stressed under the burden of multiple debts and struggling hard to deal with the minimal debt installment then it’s the right time to consult a lender or company that offer you an advice regarding the debt consolidation. Debt consolidation advice is meant for the borrowers who are planning to consolidate their multiple debts.

Before discussing about the Debt consolidation advice it would be better to know about the debt consolidation loan. The purpose of debt consolidation is to help the borrower to consolidate his multiple debts into a single manageable loan. Borrower can get his debt consolidate from the new lender or one of the existing lender. Therefore, debt consolidation loan helps the borrower to deal with single debt at comparatively lower monthly installment.

So, dealing with the debt consolidation advice helps the borrower to step in the right direction to get his finances back in order. Though, borrower must select the best debt consolidation adviser to deal with his multiple debts.

Debt consolidation advice is usually offered by the non-profit organizations to counsel and educate the borrower against their multiple debts. The motive behind debt consolidation advice to gain control on borrower’s finances so that borrower don’t get indulge in the worst situations like bankruptcy.

Companies that deal with debt consolidation advice offer their borrower a free debt consolidation quote that benefits the borrower to manage their multiple debts with single debt.

So while opting for debt consolidation advice, borrower must look for lower interest rate, larger amount, and easy repayment option.

Borrower can avail the debt consolidation advice from high street banks, financial institutions or leading lenders. But the wise choice to avail debt consolidation advice is through online mode. Online offers easy and cheap way to compare and contrast the quotes of different lender before availing the best advice.

Therefore, while selecting the best company that offers debt consolidation advice, it is mandatory that borrower must choose that company which offers attractive quotes to deal with debts.

Alex Jonnes is associated with Easy Debt Consolidations.He is Masters in Business Administration and writes on various finance related topics To find Debt consolidation advice, Secured debt consolidation loan, Unsecured debt consolidation, Personal debt consolidation visit

October 27, 2017

Everything You Should Know About Cash Back Mortgages In Canada

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We’re all fully aware of the crisis in the world housing market, especially in the United States, it’s practically impossible to have missed it with all of the coverage on the news.  Unfortunately, this situation has affected Canadians as well.  It’s more difficult than ever for a person with no down payment to get a mortgage in Canada.  With the cancellation of the zero down mortgage programs, many people now believe that if they don’t have 5% down payment to buy a house they won’t be approved for a mortgage. Although it’s a little more stringent, it’s still possible to get zero down mortgages, however it’s in the form of what the banks call cash back mortgages.

Cash back mortgages are a great alternative for someone who wants to take advantage of the low price of housing in Canada right now but doesn’t have 5% down payment to purchase a home.  Alternatively, some people have saved for their down payment but don’t quite have enough.  A cash back mortgage would be a good option for this situation as well.  You’re probably wondering what’s the difference between a cash back mortgage and the zero down mortgage programs?  The banks would like you to believe that there is essentially no difference between these two mortgage products, but that is not the case. Although cash back mortgages are a fantastic alternative to the zero down mortgage products, there are significant differences.

The first and most important difference is the interest rate.  When the banks were offering zero down mortgages the interest rates were the exact same as if you had 5% down, with a cash back mortgage, the interest rates are usually about 1% higher than a traditional mortgage product.  However, this is offset by the fact that the bank is giving you your down payment.  That means if you have a cash back mortgage for $100,000 the bank will give you 5% down, and you only have to pay back $95,000. Banks would like you to believe that they are giving you the 5% out of the goodness of their hearts, but the fact is the interest rate is higher on this product so they can recoup that 5%. The good news is, at the end of your 5-year term with that bank, you are free to shop around again for the best rates. The second difference between cash back mortgages and the zero down mortgage programs is the penalty if you break the mortgage before the 5-year term is up.  On a traditional mortgage at 100% financing, if you break the mortgage the penalty is the same as any other mortgage, the standard 3-month interest penalty would apply.  With a cash back mortgage they also charge a 3-month interest penalty, in addition to that you have to pay back a portion of the cash the bank “gave” you.

I know it seems like I am trying to deter you from a cash back mortgage but that isn’t the case, I just think it is important to enter into cash back mortgages fully aware of the product.  It is important to weigh your options carefully.  If you decide to wait and save up a down payment for your house because you don’t want to pay a higher interest rate, one very important point to consider is. Every year on average houses increase in value by approximately 5%, so,  if you were to purchase a house for $100 000 today that same house would cost you $110 000 in two years. 

If you consider waiting because the interest rate seems a little high you should know that a cash back works out to about a quarter of a percent higher than a traditional mortgage, when you consider that you are not paying back the cash back portion.  On a $100 000 mortgage over five years you will pay approximately $4,800 more in a cash back mortgage than if the zero down mortgage program was still available.  However, if you consider that waiting two years to save would cost you $10 000, the cash back mortgage would cost less than waiting and would be an excellent option to get into the housing market.  Cash back mortgages are excellent options for homebuyers, but you should make certain that you are fully aware of the conditions in your mortgage. 

Penny-Ann Lupton is a mortgage agent with Real Mortgage Associates, she is devoted to helping first time homebuyers through the process of purchasing a home.

She will also provide information to anyone interested in learning about the Cash Back Mortgages.

October 21, 2017

Credit Card Debt – Tips to Never Paying Back Your Credit Card Debts

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Unsecured debt such as credit cards is the most popular form of debt. Credit card companies charge absurd fees when you go over the balance or make a late payment. These charges are can add up very quickly. Before one knows the credit is maxed out and he/she is left struggling to make the minimum payment due.

The most popular tips for credit card settlements. A settlement allows consumers to only pay back a percentage of their balance and eliminate the rest.

– The top performing settlement companies will be able to eliminate 60% of your unsecured debt on average. – If one is under small amount of Debt may be less than $10,000 one might want to consider negotiating with creditors itself.

When one is eliminating their credit card debt through a Settlement Company there will have an impact on their credit score and anyone who tells otherwise is not being truthful. The impact on credit score will not be nearly as bad as declaring bankruptcy.

If debtors want to eliminate credit card debt and pay it back then hire a settlement company for debt negotiation then there is have an important piece of advice.

– Do not go directly to a particular settlement company but rather first go to a debt relief network who is affiliated with several legitimate debt companies. – In order to be in the debt relief network, the settlement companies must prove a track record of successfully negotiating and eliminating debt. – They must also pass an ethical standards test. Going through a debt relief network will ensure that the company you are provided with is a legitimate and respected company.

This is the most efficient way in finding the best settlement companies and increasing one’s chances of eliminating their debts.

If you want to get out of debt and hire a debt settlement company for debt negotiation then I have an important piece of advice. Do not go directly to a particular debt settlement company but rather first go to a debt relief network who is affiliated with several legitimate debt companies. In order to be in the debt relief network, the debt settlement companies must prove a track record of successfully negotiating and eliminating debt. They must also pass an ethical standards test. Going through a debt relief network will ensure that the debt company you are provided with is a legitimate and respected company. This is the most efficient way in finding the best debt settlement companies and increasing your chances of eliminating your debt. is one of the largest and most respected debt relief networks on the marketplace today. To find a debt settlement company through check out the following link:Free Debt Advice

Freedebtsettlementadvice is a matchmaker in the debt settlement industry. They have paired up thousands of consumers up with debt settlement companies who are most likely to get consumers the best deal.

December 9, 2016

Mortgage Reduction Techniques to Put More Cash Back Into Your Wallet

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Mortgage reduction was originally designed to enable you to make a lower monthly mortgage payment and keep more of your cash for yourself. There is a new method that not only helps you keep more but eliminates years off your mortgage and help you save more.

It is not our fault that we are in debt. Washington has allowed bad banking and lending practices to flow onto main street America and as a result you may find yourself in a similar situation.

Right now one of the biggest debt you may have as a homeowner is a mortgage debt.

Don’t get me wrong, having a mortgage is considered good debt but just imagine using mortgage reduction techniques to put more in your pocket and live debt free.

The historic way for mortgage reduction is as follows:

1. Reduction of Your Mortgage Rate

You can refinance your mortgage to a lower interest rate. And when you do you could end up lowering your monthly mortgage payments and have extra cash in your pocket.

Rates are historically at their lowest level and hit rock bottom. Don’t be afraid to shop around when searching for lower rates, but before you do that make sure you have a great credit score.

2. The Excitement of Making A Single Bill Payment

if you have multiple credit cards, student loans and other car loans, you should consider consolidating your payments into one payment. When you consolidate your mortgage or Home Equity Line of credit you can lower your bill payments and achieve mortgage reduction. This means more money in your pocket.

There are some risks involved with debt consolidation and one of them is to make sure you are consolidating to a lower interest payment. And before you know it, if you are not careful or have budget your money you could get back into debt again by spending on those credit cards you fully paid off. Some discipline is required if you plan to consolidate debt and reduce your monthly payments.

3. Extending The Term of Your Mortgage Loan for More Reduction

if you are desperately in need of extra cash each month due to the financial situation you could increase the term of your mortgage loan. if you have 16 years left on your mortgage and have a repayment of $ 1400 you could extend the term to 30 years and reduce your monthly mortgage payment to $ 900.

The hidden danger is simple. You will make more interest payments over the long term. You are sacrificing short term gain for a lifetime of interest and pain. i strongly urge you to consider this the last strategy if you have nothing else that works.

The new of achieving mortgage reduction is very unique. You can save thousands and slash years off your mortgage without spending more of your money.

A new mortgage reduction technique called mortgage accelerator helps you save thousands and eliminate your mortgage at least 13 years faster. in some case you could end up paying your mortgage in under 10 years.

September 16, 2016

IRS Penalty Abatement: Five Tips to Reduce or Eliminate Penalties From Back Taxes and Unfiled Tax Returns

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If you owe the IRS taxes or have unfiled tax returns, the IRS will come after you for the amount of back taxes owed, plus enough interest and penalties to exponentially increase your original bill. Taxpayers who are victims of unusual circumstances and in need of back tax relief, can request an IRS penalty abatement. In many cases when a taxpayer requests an IRS penalty abatement, the IRS removes 100% of the penalty. You can get IRS penalty abatement, but you need to play your cards very carefully with the help of a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

IRS Penalty Abatement Tip #1: Come Clean Fast or Face Potential Jail Time The IRS takes a very dim view of taxpayers who don’t file a return or pay their taxes. They have the power to prosecute back tax cheats and ask the judge to give you a year in jail for every year you didn’t file and/or pay. The longer you wait, the less likely the IRS will be willing to be to grant an IRS penalty abatement. The penalty for filing late is generally five percent each month or partial month of the estimated back tax amount due which can double or triple your bill.

IRS Penalty Abatement Tip #2: File Your Own Tax Return Even If It’s Late. If you don’t file a tax return, the IRS will do it for you. A Substitute for Return will not give you credit for deductions such as exemptions for spouses, children, interest and taxes on your home, business expenses, etc.

The IRS’s mercies are few and far between, but they do allow taxpayers or their tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist to file corrected returns at any time. Doing so will bring you into current status and open the door to negotiating an IRS penalty abatement.

IRS Penalty Abatement Tip #3: Get Your Story Straight. To qualify for back tax relief, the IRS requires that you have “reasonable cause” to qualify for an IRS penalty abatement. There are no hard and fast rules about who will receive an IRS penalty abatement, but there are some general guidelines. Your tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist can help you decide if you qualify. The IRS will take into consideration the following conditions:

IRS Penalty Abatement Tip #4: Provide Supporting Facts and Documentation. Be prepared to back up the reason you want an IRS penalty abatement with documentation. If someone died, bring a certified copy of their death certificate. If your computer crashed, bring a copy of the trouble ticket from your IT vendor. If your house or business was damaged or destroyed, bring the police reports and insurance documentation. The more detail you can provide, the better.

In deciding whether to grant an IRS penalty abatement, Internal Revenue will consider:

IRS Penalty Abatement Tip #5: Hire the Tax Expert Who Will Get the Job Done Right. If you take on the IRS by yourself, they will eat you alive. A qualified tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist has the experience and expertise to give you real back tax help. Most tax attorneys or Certified Tax Resolution Specialists will compose a legal letter, delineating your circumstances and citing recent or past court cases where these verdicts were in favor of the client with the same or similar set of circumstances you have.

IRS personnel are paid to “just say no.” The IRS is in the business of grabbing as much money as possible, not the business of writing off penalties. They are most brutal collection agency on Earth.

Fighting the IRS on your own is like going to court on murder charges without a lawyer. If you have incurred the wrath of the IRS and have good reason to ask for an IRS penalty abatement, then you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to hire a tax attorney or Certified Tax Resolution Specialist who will give you your best chance of IRS penalty abatement.

June 16, 2016

IRS Back Taxes Payment Plan

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IRS Back Taxes Payment Plan Surprisingly, establishing a repayment schedule with the Internal Revenue Service is comparatively easy. This can be done all on your own should you believe you are sure of what you really are carrying out. Otherwise, you really should employ an IRS tax attorney or tax professional in order to show you just how. In either case, the outcome ought to be the exactly the same: you having the power to compensate your IRS back taxes during the period of numerous calendar months rather than just as one time payment. In many instances, a repayment plan could be created on the internet, through completing the correct documents, or even through the telephone. Once again, many of these techniques are simple to stick to yet they still end up with the same outcome. It is always advisable however to contact the IRS through a tax professional or a tax lawyer to make sure you are guided with the procedure. Listed here are the actual actions to consider if you want to set up a repayment schedule with the Internal Revenue Service: – Know just how much money you exactly owe the IRS in back taxes. In the event that you can not be sure at all, get in touch with the IRS to determine. You have to know this amount since it will certainly determine which kind of repayment plan you consent to, and also the way you move ahead. – Take into account that the IRS will cost you a set up payment. Even though absolutely no one really wants to spend additional money, this can be a really small price with regard to what you can get in exchange. – Make a decision to go for an Installment Agreement Request. If this type of method does not really function for you personally, feel free to use the Online Payment Agreement Program. – Select which day of the thirty day period you would like your settlement to become due. The IRS demands you to definitely deliver your settlement on the exact same day on a monthly basis. – Decide on the amount of money you would like to pay out month after month. Keep in mind that this is actually the bare minimum you happen to be necessary to fork out. You are allowed to pay out much more, however in no way much less than the minimum. Then, within just thirty days the IRS will reply to your petition of a repayment schedule. Instant Tax Solutions has thought of an economical method to take care of your tax problems without having to spend an excessive amount of money from what you could pay for. Their respectable as well as transparent methods for working with their valued clients can ensure that a firm as such does not just worry about the amount of money being compensated to them. They care for you plus they completely know very well what your situation is so they will do the very best of their abilities to give you a positive tax relief settlement that suits your financial requirements.

May 13, 2016

Who Can Help with IRS Back Taxes

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Who Can Help with IRS Back Taxes IRS back taxes problems in many cases are therefore intricate that each property owners will end up so matted within the particulars included that they’ll wind up missing their way absolutely. This may lead to a variety of difficulties developing in addition to getting involved in conflicts and thus, the only method to endure this kind of condition would be to employ an IRS tax attorney. This type of lawyer will give you expert quality aid and assistance to make the best evaluation associated with all your material belongings so that you can pay only the right sum of IRS back taxes and fees. Cyberspace offers numerous great prospects with regards to locating an IRS tax attorney. A number of online companies possess on their staff appropriately competent specialists that understand how to manage issues regarding levies as well as manage your conflicts to suit your needs. Before you begin exploring the phone book it might be a much better concept to visit the web and look for an appropriate IRS tax attorney. As a working class taxpayer, you’d inevitably bear in mind of the truth that IRS back taxes are in fact determined based on your past due income taxes. It is primarily the concern that an IRS tax attorney can manage most effective for you to get an IRS tax relief due to the fact that variations in evaluations tend to be the crucial reason why conflicts occur. An IRS tax attorney will likely be able to help figure out the right evaluation as well as define your legal responsibility. In the event of conflicts, the IRS tax attorney will shoulder total obligation to have the conflict resolved to your benefit and will also cope with the government’s tax sections for you. Even if conflicts tend to be amongst creditors, the IRS tax attorney is the one who is actually most effective at managing the problems to be able to satisfy everyone. An additional assistance that IRS tax attorneys provide is that they incorporate the use of their own encounter as well as ability in order to properly assess your back taxes allowing it to also dispute with the government bodies that your back taxes had been incorrectly evaluated which in turn triggered you to definitely spend undesirable additional payments. Additionally, these kinds of lawyers can additionally assist you to comprehend laws and regulations associated with exemptions and can recommend to you ways to get refunds on the taxes you’ve compensated.

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