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February 3, 2018

Can A Credit Card Company Sue You – Being Sued For Debt and Advice On How You Can Avoid It

Credit card companies and collection agencies are quite within their rights to take legal action against you if you have failed to pay a debt that you legitimately owe.  Taking out credit is a legal agreement, so if you fail to keep up with your end of the bargain by not paying the money back when it is due, you can be sued.

This does not mean that it is a foregone conclusion that you will be sued, as it can depend on many other factors.  Taking someone to court will obviously cost the card company money, so they will want to weigh up the cost in legal fees and staff time, compared to what they are realistically likely to get back at the end of the process.

The fact that you are sued does not magically bring money out of the air for the card company, so if you genuinely cannot afford to pay back what you owe, being sued will not change that.  If they successfully sue you, you will be ordered to pay back the money at a rate which the court decides you can afford, after looking at your finances.

You do not want a court judgement against you if you can help it, of course, so it is much better to deal with the problem before it gets to the stage of going to court.  By far the best way to deal with credit card debt is to agree a settlement with the company.  This may sound easier said than done, because it is, but it is perfectly possible to agree settlements for much less that you owe, if you understand how the card companies work.

My usual advice to anyone in debt would be to never ignore the issue and to talk to your creditors and try to establish a relationship.  However, credit card debt is quite a distinct area of debt and requires some specialist advice.  For instance, at certain times, it may actually help to ignore approaches from the card company, because timing, in settlement terms, is everything.  Judging when to negotiate and when not to, can make the difference between not achieving a settlement and wiping out most of your debt.

Find out about the ultimate guide to the secrets of effective credit card settlement. Read the author’s step by step guide to getting rid of debt by negotiating with your creditors on his Debt Assistance website. K D Garrow has worked as a senior manager with significant financial responsibility for the last twenty years. His website offers free, unbiased advice on a range of debt related issues, including debt consolidation, UK IVAs and debt management plans.

January 28, 2018

Best Debt Consolidation Advice

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Debt consolidation can be a great tool to help manage your debt. By bringing all of your debt to one lender, you eliminate the hassle of making several payments. Many times, you can get a better interest rate or loan package by consolidating. It can be hard to know when the best time to consolidate is and when it would be better for your financial health to leave well enough alone.

Debt Consolidation Advice – When to Consolidate

Debt Consolidation Advice – When Not to Consolidate

Don’t waste your time with any lender that makes you uncomfortable or won’t give you extra time to review your debt consolidation paperwork with a lawyer. Whether you consolidate or not is up to you, but be sure that you understand the entire consolidation process and what exactly is at stake before you commit to anything. High interest rates and multiple payments can be a thing of the past when you find a good debt consolidation lender.


Justin has more than 5 years experience as a financial adviser, his key areas are loan consolidation, debt relief, mortgages etc.

January 11, 2018

Debt Consolidation Advice: Get your Multiple Debts Back in Order

If you are stressed under the burden of multiple debts and struggling hard to deal with the minimal debt installment then it’s the right time to consult a lender or company that offer you an advice regarding the debt consolidation. Debt consolidation advice is meant for the borrowers who are planning to consolidate their multiple debts.

Before discussing about the Debt consolidation advice it would be better to know about the debt consolidation loan. The purpose of debt consolidation is to help the borrower to consolidate his multiple debts into a single manageable loan. Borrower can get his debt consolidate from the new lender or one of the existing lender. Therefore, debt consolidation loan helps the borrower to deal with single debt at comparatively lower monthly installment.

So, dealing with the debt consolidation advice helps the borrower to step in the right direction to get his finances back in order. Though, borrower must select the best debt consolidation adviser to deal with his multiple debts.

Debt consolidation advice is usually offered by the non-profit organizations to counsel and educate the borrower against their multiple debts. The motive behind debt consolidation advice to gain control on borrower’s finances so that borrower don’t get indulge in the worst situations like bankruptcy.

Companies that deal with debt consolidation advice offer their borrower a free debt consolidation quote that benefits the borrower to manage their multiple debts with single debt.

So while opting for debt consolidation advice, borrower must look for lower interest rate, larger amount, and easy repayment option.

Borrower can avail the debt consolidation advice from high street banks, financial institutions or leading lenders. But the wise choice to avail debt consolidation advice is through online mode. Online offers easy and cheap way to compare and contrast the quotes of different lender before availing the best advice.

Therefore, while selecting the best company that offers debt consolidation advice, it is mandatory that borrower must choose that company which offers attractive quotes to deal with debts.

Alex Jonnes is associated with Easy Debt Consolidations.He is Masters in Business Administration and writes on various finance related topics To find Debt consolidation advice, Secured debt consolidation loan, Unsecured debt consolidation, Personal debt consolidation visit

January 5, 2018

Free Debt Consolidation Advice – Debt Help for you

Getting free debt consolidation advice can save you from falling into bankruptcy. Not only that, free debt consolidation advice can also enable you to work toward making your credit rating healthy again. If you are a debtor, you might need some sort of expertise to negotiate with your creditors. Debt consolidation help includes negotiation on your behalf as well as effective financial planning.

Searching For debt Consolidation

Get free debt consolidation advice to tide over your debt crisis. There are many options for you if you are looking for free debt consolidation advice. But if you need help other than advice, you may need to pay some fee. However, there are many organizations that also offer debtors free debt consolidation advice.

Start by asking around at your church, local youth and voluntary organizations. Many of these institutions have special cells that offer free debt consolidation advice. These cells will help you locate the best free debt consolidation service.

Another option is looking online for free debt consolidation advice. The Internet has a lot of information about debt consolidation services. You need to simply log in and search for companies offering free debt consolidation advice in your area. A lot of advice may be free, and if you need services you have to pay for, you can look for a free non-profit debt consolidation quote.

If you have taken loan from a lending agency, or are reeling under the burden of credit card debts, chances are you can get free debt consolidation advice from these companies themselves. Your creditors are also eager to help you repay your debts to them, so you can look for loan consolidation help from designated departments.

Government organizations also run cells that offer free debt consolidation advice. Look up information at finance and business departments to find out more about places to find free debt consolidation advice.

How Advice Can Help You

If you are looking for free debt consolidation advice, chances are you may not be able to find someone to negotiate with the creditors for you. However, don’t let that deter you. With the expert advice provided by these organizations, you will find the confidence to negotiate with your debtors on your own.

Apart from sorting out your immediate problem, free debt consolidation advice will also help you plan your lifestyle and expenditure in a way that you can avoid future debt problems. But remember, you may need to cut unnecessary expenditure along with all this.

You will also be taught how to repay your consolidate loan as early as possible so that your credit record is not damaged further. After a few months, you can start taking small steps towards repairing your credit.

Free debt consolidation advice can help you overcome debt; get your life back on track and repair poor credit.

For people looking for free debt consolidation advice, there are options aplenty including government organizations, non-profit debt help groups and special cells set up by lenders. You can get free nonprofit debt consolidation quote online from different non-profit debt consolidation companies and compare different quotes to select the best debt consolidation offer. Visit Free Debt Consolidation Help for more details regarding free debt help options including free debt consolidation counseling and bad credit debt consolidation.

December 28, 2017

Mortgage Advice

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Finding independent mortgage advice is not as hard as it sounds. It is very important though if you want to make the right decision about which mortgage is the best one for you.

There are plenty of information about mortgages in the public domain on websites, in magazines and tabulated over and over again in mortgage comparison tables. We believe that because there are so many variables within the minefield that is mortgages, that seeking mortgage advice is essential. In fact, we even recommend you speak to independent mortgage advisors or brokers who have access to the whole UK mortgages market because otherwise you might not get advice covering all mortgages available to you.

This is even more important if you are trying to get onto the first rung of the property ladder and are a first time buyer. With the property market being so tough in the UK, there are more and more first time buyer mortgages on the market now and good mortgage advice for your first home is essential.

Since 2004 the giving of personal financial and mortgage advice in the UK has been governed by the Financial Services Authority. Companies or individuals offering personal financial or mortgage advice must comply with the Financial Services Act or they are breaking the law. Many companies offer consultations on an ‘information only’ basis and you would need to formally agree to having requested to be advised on financial matters. Adherence to the rules of the Financial Services Act is called ‘compliance’.

Mortgage advice can be sought from a number of sources:

• A tied mortgage adviser: These work – and will therefore recommend products – on behalf of just one lender.

• A multi-tied adviser: These will recommend products from a limited range of lenders.

• An Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) or Independent Mortgage Advisor: These will recommend products from the whole market.

You are perfectly entitled to ask on what basis your advisor is operating.

Be warned though, that if you go to see an Independent Mortgage Advisor, they will be independent on mortgages but perhaps not insurance – and most homebuyers take buildings insurance alongside their mortgage.

By researching and reading it is relatively easy to glean a certain amount of useful information but by seeking personal mortgage advice from a mortgage advisor, you will be gaining the expertise of someone who knows all about all the different first time buyer mortgages on the market, what special deals are on offer, the peculiarities of the one lender versus another, what the latest mortgage releases are and of course they will always take your personal plans and circumstances into consideration.

As well as verifying who you are, you will be required to provide evidence of major income (your salary) and your major out-goings like car-loans, student loans etc. If you have loans or debts, it does not mean that you cannot apply for a mortgage.

Mortgage advice can be given in a number of different ways. It can be given by phone, email or in person – different advisors work in different ways. These days professionals are pretty flexible. In order to give you proper mortgage advice, mortgage advisors will need to a great deal of information about your personal finances. They want to determine that you can and will be able to make the mortgage payments. The last thing they want is to repossess your property if you fail to be able to make the mortgage payments. They will ask your permission before they give financial or mortgage advice. You will probably need to sign an agreement form saying that you agree to being given mortgage advices as opposed to just mortgage information.

When the mortgage advisor or mortgage brokers has taken all the information from you about what you want and your finances, you might, after agreeing which mortgage and which mortgage lender is appropriate to you, make a mortgage application.

The selected mortgage lender will scrutinise your form and carry outs some checks of their own

Some advisors gain their income form commission they earn from selling insurance policies and mortgages whilst others charge for giving mortgage advice. You are perfectly entitled to ask about what charges will be applicable in your instance.

Don’t be intimidated by mortgage advisors. Though they have trained for a considerable time to be able to offer mortgage and financial advice, they are human, just like the rest of us.

Erin Ryan is a consultant for Helen Adams MD of First Rung Now.

November 18, 2017

Where To Locate Debt Consolidation Loan Tips And Advice

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The debate over whether or not to obtain a debt consolidation loan can be a complicated one. In fact, as you go about mentally weighing the pros and cons about whether or not you should obtain a debt consolidation loan, you may be wondering where you might find some useful and helpful resources to assist you in coming to a better understanding of whether or not a debt consolidation loan is the right course of action for you at this juncture in your life.
As you debate the ins and outs of a debt consolidation loan, there actually are a number of helpful resources and sources of information that you will want to take advantage of as you go about the decision making process pertaining to a debt consolidation loan.
As with so many things in the 21st century, the Internet and World Wide Web is a valuable source of information for a person like you who is considering seeking a debt consolidation loan. On the Net, you can find a good deal of important tips and advice regarding a debt consolidation loan. There are websites that specifically address men and women interested in finding and using in depth information about a debt consolidation loan.
When looking to the Internet as a source of information about debt consolidation loan tips and advice, many lenders that are involved with debt consolidation loan options now maintain vital Internet websites. On many levels, these websites are useful as long as you do understand that these sites are working to gain your business. (You can, in fact, apply for a debt consolidation loan online.)
Several governmental agencies maintain websites that offer debt consolidation loan tips and advice. These sites can be very helpful to a person who is interested in learning more about debt consolidation, for people who want a less biased perspective on debt consolidation loan options that are available today.
There are a number of different resources in the real world available to people who are interested in a debt consolidation loan. There are well developed books and DVDs that offer debt consolidation loan tips and advice for consumers in search of information. You can find these books and DVDs at any major bookseller.
In the brick and mortar world, there are also some seminars programs that you can consider attending that do offer debt consolidation loan tips and advice. These seminars about debt consolidation loan options are offered in a range of different settings and forums. You likely will be able to find one that fits into your schedule.
You do need to keep in mind that there are traveling road show types of debt consolidation loan tips and advice seminars. These may not charge a fee as such but you may be required to make the purchase of materials and study aids. Make very certain that you understand what you are getting into before you become involved in such a debt consolidation loan tips and advice seminar.
Armed with debt consolidation loan tips and advice, you will be on your way to having all of the information that you do need to make decisions about whether or not a debt consolidation loan is the right decision for you at this point in your life.

Thomas Erikson is co-founder of which provides debt consolidation information and solutions. Find out how you can quickly and easily get your finances under control by getting a debt consolidation loan.

November 15, 2017

Negotiating Credit Card Debt Yourself – Advice On Dealing With Credit Card Debt

It is amazing how quickly credit cards can turn from being a wonderful way to get the things you need to being a terrible burden hanging around your neck.  Credit card debt builds up gradually but can become a huge problem that can even lead to personal bankruptcy.  Even if you can still afford the minimum payments on your cards, your debt will still continue to grow because interest is being added every month.  If you are struggling even with the minimum payments, then it will grow even faster due to extra penalty charges.

The only solution to credit card debt on a large scale is likely to be negotiating a settlement with the card companies.  It is very common to use debt settlement companies to deal with your creditors on your behalf, but the best route is negotiating credit card debt yourself, so that you avoid paying any fees for the service.

What you will be attempting to do is approach each credit card company that you owe money to and get their agreement to writing off a large part of your debt.  Sounds marvellous, but why should any of your creditors agree to such a request?  The only possible reason is if they believe that the settlement amount is going to offer them the best return overall.  If a credit card company think you have got enough money to pay them but simply do not want to, they will take a different approach to if they believe you are in severe hardship and you might file for bankruptcy leaving them with nothing.

The main incentive used to reach settlements is the offer of paying the balance back in one go in exchange for a big reduction.  Most people in a lot of debt are unlikely to have enough money lying around to make lump sum payments in settlement of debts, but there are other ways around this.  When you use a debt settlement company, you stop paying creditors and save money up each month instead.  This is then built up and used to settle debts.

If you have no experience of dealing with settlement negotiation before, it is highly unlikely that you will manage to achieve very good deals, simply because you will not understand how the system works.  A good debt settlement negotiator would expect to get about fifty or sixty percent written off a debt, but this is only possible when you know what to say to the card companies and crucially, when and how to say it.  The reason this is so vital is that each company will have their own procedures to follow in terms of how they pursue and eventually write off bad debts.  You need to understand this in order to use it to your advantage.

There are many guides and publications available online which cover negotiating credit card debt yourself, but a lot of them are a waste of time.  There are a few very useful good guides available, from detailed learning programs with one to one support, to more straightforward e-books.  The best ones will tell you exactly what you need to do at every step of the process, including scripts of what to say on the phone and letters and forms to cover each stage of the negotiation.

Read advice on how to negotiate debt on the author’s website, where you can also find recommendations for the most reputable debt settlement companies. K D Garrow has worked as a senior manager with significant financial responsibility for the last twenty years. His Debt UK/US website offers free, unbiased advice on a range of debt related issues, including the debt management plans, UK IVAs, budgeting advice, loans and bankruptcy.

November 6, 2017

Debt Consolidation Advice: Helps you Cater the Repayments of Various Debts

People avail loans with high interest rate without giving even a second thought as to how they will repay them and soon they realize that they have committed a mistake. But no need to press the panic button, you can get rid of all your debts by applying for a debt consolidation advice. Debt consolidation advice will help you merge all your debts into one debt with low interest rate.


Debt consolidation advice helps you tackle your multiple debts economically. With debt consolidation advice you can merge all your existing debts into one with low interest rate. This way you’ll have to pay only one monthly installment instead of many. The interest rate will be charged on a single debt instead of many. Also you don’t have to listen to the nagging calls from your creditors; instead you’ll be answerable to only your lender. Your debt consolidation adviser will help you get a debt consolidation loan at lower interest rate and flexible repayment duration. Debt consolidation advisor will also help you to manage your existing debts. With the help of your debt consolidation advisor you can get rid of your loans and lead a debt free life. Debt consolidation advice is also available for people suffering from bad credit status. A person can get a tag of bad credit due to reasons like arrears, defaults, CCJ, IVA, bankruptcy etc. but now they can also avail the benefits of debt consolidation advice. There are many banks financial institutions, lending firms that offer debt consolidation advice at nominal charges.


Debt consolidation advice is very important for people suffering from multiple debts. With the help of debt consolidation advisor such people can get rid of their loans and will be able to lead a debt free life. Debt consolidation advisor will help you obtain a debt consolidation loan at lower interest rate and reasonable terms and conditions. You don’t even need to search for a lender; your advisor will search the lender for you. Debt consolidation advice can be availed at nominal charges. You can use Internet to search for banks, financial institutions offering debt consolidation advice.

People with bad credit history can also avail debt consolidation advice, because debt consolidation loans are open for bad creditors also.


Applying for a debt consolidation advice is very easy as there are many banks, financial institutions and lending firms that offer debt consolidation advice. You can use Internet to search for banks, lending firms that offer debt consolidation advice.

With debt consolidation advice you’ll be able to manage all your debts efficiently and economically.

Jennifer Morva has been associated with Bad Credit Personal Loans. Having completed his Masters in Finance from Lancaster University Management School, he undertook to provide useful advice through his articles that have been found very useful by the residents of the UK. To find secured loans, personal loans, bad credit loans, Bad credit personal loans visit

September 19, 2017

Negotiate Credit Card Settlement – Advice On How To Settle Your Credit Card Debts

We all use credit cards and we probably all spend a bit more than we really ought to, but when finances are tight it is really easy to slip gradually into fairly serious debt.  It gets to a point where it becomes a vicious circle as your card bills rise, leaving you less and less each month, leading to even more reliance on credit cards.  The end result for a great many people is a mountain of debt to many different card companies, with no apparent way of ever getting enough money to pay it all back.

So you wonder what to do and look around at possible solutions.  Too many people end up trying to solve their debt in ways that simply push the problem further down the line.  Taking out new cards to pay off the old ones for example or getting a debt consolidation loan to pay off all the cards.  The problem here is that you are not actually getting rid of any of your debt, just transferring it somewhere else.

When your credit card debt has built up to a really serious amount, as it does for many of us, you need to find a solution that will actually lead to the card companies being satisfied and leaving you alone.  If your monthly payments are far more than you can afford, then your solution has to involve negotiating new terms to settle the debts.  This can range from freezing interest charges and agreeing smaller payments, to agreeing to write off a proportion of the debt in exchange for a lump sum payment.

The solution you end up with will depend on many factors, but you essentially have three choices.  You can either try to negotiate with the card companies yourself, use a debt management company to set up a payment plan (Debt Management Plan), or use a debt settlement company to reach a negotiated settlement with your credit card companies.

Anyone who has tried negotiating with a credit card company will know how tough this can be, and it is not for everyone.  However, if you are able to do it well, you can maximise the benefits of any reductions you manage to achieve.  The process is made harder if you do not understand the way card companies work and the systems they use when dealing with unpaid debts.  An inside knowledge can mean the difference between getting agreement to write off 60% of the debt or being sued instead.

The debt management approach is to use debt negotiators to agree new terms with your creditors, which allow you to just make one affordable monthly payment instead of all your previous debts.  The process does not involve writing off any of your debt, but usually does mean freezing or reducing interest charges or late payment fees.

Using a debt settlement company to negotiate credit card settlement means that experienced negotiators work on your behalf to agree new deals with the credit card companies to settle your debts.  This often, but not always, means that the debt is drastically reduced in exchange for a lump sum payment.  As you are unlikely to have a lump sum to settle with, you just keep paying a regular monthly amount into a separate account, which builds up and is used towards the settlement payments.

While debt settlement companies are common in the US, it is not a widespread practice in the UK, because there is a better alternative, called an IVA.  This is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, and, like debt settlement, usually involves writing off a good proportion of your debt.

If you would like to negotiate settlements on your own, there is help and advice available on how to do this.  If you wish to use a debt management or debt settlement company to help you, there are a few things to bear in mind when deciding which ones to approach.  You may hear stories about debt settlement being a rip-off or a scam.  The fact is that debt settlement is not a scam, but some companies have used it to take advantage of people in debt, giving it a bad name.

As well as not wanting someone who is trying to rip you off, neither do you want someone who just isn’t very good at debt settlement negotiation.  You therefore need to take care to use only reputable companies.  Check that they are well established and have a track record of successfully negotiating credit card settlement for many other people.  You should also approach two or three companies in order to compare what they can offer you.  Most have a website with a very simple online form to start the ball rolling.

Read reviews and recommendations for reputable US online debt settlement companies on K D Garrow’s Debt UK/US website. Find out about the ultimate guide to how to negotiate credit card settlement yourself. K D Garrow has worked as a senior manager with significant financial responsibility for the last twenty years. His website offers free, unbiased advice on a range of debt related issues, including bankruptcy, budgeting and debt management.

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