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Kinds of Taxes

Have you ever pay for some taxes? How much did you spend for the taxes? Well, before you pay your taxes, you should know what kind of taxes that you are about to pay. There are so many kinds of taxes and you have to know about those taxes before you start paying it.

Well, there are several kinds of taxes that maybe you should know. First of all, the Scutage: This tax is paid in lieu of military service. The Tallage, is the tax on the feudal dependents. The other kind of tax is the Tithe. Tithe is a tax-like payment and paid for the church. The nominal is about one tenth of an earning. Aid is the other type of tax. In the old time, during the feudal times the aid was a kind of tax. There are another type of taxes such as the Danegeld and the Carucage.

To days, mostly people have to pay for some other taxes like the land tax, the property tax, and the earning tax. Some countries also take some taxes from the loans that have been approved by the banks. Perhaps, you should pay all the taxes above. But remember, however, the taxes funds are going back to us, the tax payers.

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