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March 3, 2017

Insurance in era 21

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Having credit card is an expense or the benefit? Some people believe that debt is not good. Debt can killing us, and made us stress if we can’t handle. Even most people believe in it, but people still made it and collect the credit card.

It is now different with the insurance. Insurance is the expenses or the liability? When we compare the insurance and credit card it has the different kind of types. Insurance in this era is something needed and necessary. The expense from our needs can be handled if we prepare from the insurance. Unpredictable thing is always come and disturb us. The accident of cars, the tragedy in house is something that can’t predict.

We have to save our liabilities by having insurance. The company handle insurance is so many now, and the specialty is different. Star from the physic insurance like car, house etc, and also life insurance. The difference is jus the premium and the compensation. The function is same to protect you and help you to safe in facing life. Almost rare found people in develop country having no insurance. Same like credit card the differences is just the effect after use it.


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