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September 10, 2013

Finding The Lowest Mortgage Rates With Different Types Of Mortgages

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One of the things that you might not be aware of when you are looking for mortgage rates is that there are different types of mortgages, and if you are able to discuss these different types with your lenders, you will find better deals. The different types of mortgages are meant to be used for people of different ages and experiences, and with different job histories, credit histories, and financial obligations. The many different types of mortgages translate to chances for just about everyone to find a good deal on a home loan, so if you are interested in a mortgage it is important to focus on the different types of mortgages so you know you can find the one with the lowest rate. There are several different types of mortgages that you should be aware of, so that you can explore them and figure out which ones will have the lowest rates for you. Basic Home MortgagesFirst of all, there are basic home mortgages. These are two different types of mortgages that are the most popular. First is the traditional fixed rate mortgage, and second is the adjustable rate mortgage. Both of the mortgages have a basic monthly payment, and then an interest rate that is added onto them. However, they are different. With a fixed rate mortgage, your interest rate is locked in when you begin to pay back the loan. This means that you have a fixed rate for your repayment, for the length of your mortgage. The rate will stay the same for the life of the loan, no matter what the current market does. Therefore, when you are paying back this type of loan, you will have a stable amount to pay back each month. The adjustable rate mortgage is another option, and it has actually become quite popular lately. This is a basic home mortgage that allows the interest rate to fluctuate with the changes in the market. It means that whatever home market values are doing, it is reflected in the interest rate that you are paying. This means that if market values go up, your payment will go up, but if market values go down, your payment will go down. Some of these loans have a cap to the amount of change that can occur during an adjustment period, and some have a lifelong cap, meaning that there is an amount of change that can be met, after which the loan will not go any further up or any further down. Government Guaranteed Mortgage LoansThere are also government guaranteed mortgage loans. This is a FHA loan, which is a fixed rate mortgage, designed for a first time home buyer, who has moderate or low income. This is a loan that is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration, as a way to make sure that first time home buyers are getting into home ownership and are ready to become home owners. It can be easier to qualify for these loans, because they usually have a lower credit rating approval, and a lower income that is needed to qualify to pay back the mortgage. VA LoansVA loans are another type of mortgage loans. These are loans that are meant for people who have been in military service. Either someone who has been on active duty with the military ,or a spouse of someone who died as an active service member are eligible to get VA loans. These loans can be easier to get because they often require little or no down payment. In order to get VA loans, the person must be able to make the monthly payments. USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing LoanAnother government guaranteed loan, the USDA rural development loan, is given to people who have low to moderate income, and who are purchasing a home in a place that has been designated as a Rural Development Area. With this type of loan, there is no down payment that is required, and often there is no mortgage insurance required. It can be much easier to get this type of loan than any other type of mortgage, as long as you are buying a home in a rural development area. Option ARMSAnother type of loan is a flexible payment ARM. These loans have an interest rate that adjusts each month with no caps on the adjustments. Often, these loans will allow you to make low payments right away, but the payments will increase over time, and will often increase a large amount very quickly.

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