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October 23, 2017

How to Speed Up the Loan Modification Process ?

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Foreclosure is always a race against time. Although a home loan modification can slow the process, you have fewer options the longer you wait. Not all lenders have the staff or experience to handle mortgage loan modifications. Even with a capable attorney, the process can drag on for months.

But you don’t have to sit and wait. There are some things you can do to speed up the process. Once your home loan modification is under way, these steps can help you get more positive results.

1. Put everything on paper. It’s not uncommon for lenders, especially smaller ones, to lose track of your application. To prevent delays, make sure all your efforts are documented and kept on file. This includes all the calls you make and receive, both from your lender and loan modification attorney. Keep receipts of all your transactions, and make copies so you don’t have to let go of the originals.

2. Do your own financial statements. Part of every home loan modification is a financial worksheet, which will be your main basis for qualification. Most lenders have their own forms, but it won’t hurt to make your own as well. If your lender insists on using their worksheet, at least you’ll have all the information ready.

3. Be as detailed as possible. Too much information is better than too little, and it limits the chances that they’ll call you for more information. A typical worksheet for a mortgage loan modification will include the following:

-Your contact information (address, home phone and work phone, fax and email)

-Information about your property, including the estimated value

-Your current income

-Any additional income, such as welfare, child support, etc.

-Your estimated total value, including other assets such as real estate, investments, savings and checking accounts, IRAs, 401(k), stocks and bonds

-Liabilities, such as existing loans, monthly bills, medical expenses, and tax liens

4. Keep all your bills. The financial worksheet will require you to dig up old bills and hold on to the ones that keep coming. This will help you keep the information as accurate as possible. You may also need to present these bills (or copies of them) along with your hardship letter, which explains why you need a mortgage loan modification. Even if they don’t ask for it, it’s best to include them anyway. That way, there’s no reason for your lender to doubt your statement. The more proof you have, the better your chances of getting that home loan modification.

Be sure to submit as much truthful and verifiable information to your loan modification attorney so they are able to compile the best case to submit you your lender.

Loan modification Department helps you legally change the terms of your mortgage so that you can pay it off better. But you can’t expect lenders to make it easy. In fact, many homeowners fail to reach a reasonable settlement with their lenders, and even those who do have to settle for less-than-satisfactory setups. That’s where your loan modification attorney comes in.

October 22, 2017

Arm Loan a Good Idea?

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When deciding upon a home mortgage, one of the most common options to consider other than a fixed rate loan is an ARM loan. ARM is an acronym for adjustable rate mortgage. With this product, a starting rate is fixed for a certain period of time, and then when that time is up, the rate can adjust depending upon a pre-determined index and margin. This period can be from anywhere of 1 month or 10 years, and can reflect principal and interest or sometimes interest only payments. The adjust results in the mortgage payment either increasing or decreasing. There is also a cap on how much the interest rate can go up or down. Many people today are afraid of ARM loans and automatically only consider a fixed rate loan when applying for a mortgage. Depending on the market, this philosophy is sometimes the most economical route. But many times it may be worth your while to consider an ARM loan.Within the past year or so, there wasn’t any real discernable advantage to considering an ARM over a fixed rate loan. The rates were comparable. But lately, the rates in general have crept up and, when comparing them, the ARM rates can have a healthy edge.When I take a loan application, I ask my customer what their future plans are. Only going to be in town for a couple of years? Do you work for a company that relocates often? Do you plan to expand your family any time soon? Answering yes to any of these questions is a trigger for me to present an ARM loan as an option. The average homebuyer only stays in their home 7.5 years. I recently had a customer who knew she would be in town for only 3-4 years. The difference between a fixed rate and an ARM rate was .375%. The ARM rate was fixed for 5 years before any adjustment would occur. No brainer.There are a myriad of mortgage products out there for the consumer to consider. Ask questions of your loan officer, and more importantly, expect your loan officer to ask questions of you. And if you can’t sleep at night because you know that one day that ARM loan can adjust, just remember one thing. You can always refinance your loan when that time comes. Now, get some sleep.Kristin Abouelata mortgage website

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Email your home loan financing questions to Kristin Abouelata, Home Loan Specialist with Mortgage Investors Group, at [email protected] or call direct: (865) 567-0113 Toll Free: 1-800-489-8910. For more information visit her website at Home Loans Plain Talk.

October 20, 2017

Fha Home Mortgage Purchase or Refinance Loan – Why You Might Consider Getting an Fha Loan

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They are very common. You hear about them mostly as loans for first time borrowers, which is common. However, most people don’t realize that FHA loans can also be does for refinancing. They are not only for purchasing a house.

HUD owns and operates FHA, which is a program designed to help borrowers who might have difficulty buying a house. If the borrower falls within FHA’s requirements FHA insures the loan for the lender, which makes the loan very low risk for the lender, which is very good for the borrower. It could mean a lower interest rate, better terms and just an overall better loan.

FHA’s requirements are; a down payment of 3-5%, the home must be under the FHA’s set loan limit for the county that the borrower lives in and a few other small requirements.

The main advantage to an FHA loan, is if you can fall within their requirements, your credit history or income level, will not hold you back from getting a home loan. If you are getting turned down from other lenders because of a high debt to income ratio or because your credit is bad. You may want to consider applying for an FHA loan, where those requirements are either non-existant or much more flexible.

If the idea of down payment is holding you back, consider also, that FHA loans allow the use of a non-profit organization as a source for the down payment, which opens up the option of using down payment assistance programs like Neighborhood Gold.


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October 19, 2017

Student Debt Consolidation Loan: Free Yourselves From Debts

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When we start thinking seriously about our career in the later part of our college education you need a free mind to do so. In these days various kinds of pressure tend to revolve around the mind including all the bills which were left unpaid and will affect our concentration to a great extent. However with the help of a debt consolidation loan a student can change the story. With the help of debt consolidation you can easily eliminate all your debts. Once your debts are cleared you can with a free mind plan for the future.

A student debt consolidation gives the student an option to combine several of his loans into a single loan. This is called as consolidation of the loans or debt consolidation. The consolidated loans have lower interest rates and higher repayment periods.

The interest rate for the debt consolidation loan that can be availed to merge your existing debt is certainly going to be much lesser than that of the borrower’s initial loans. And with such lower rates the student can very easily repay the loan through the equal monthly installments.

You may have to negotiate with your lender to reach a mutually agreeable repayment amount that you can pay every month. The amount is not reduced only interest rate is reduced with debt consolidation loan. You can negotiate with lenders to bring down the interest rates payable. This will help you repay the loan easily and also save valuable money.

All forms of bad credits including default and bankruptcy are accepted. That is you will qualify for this program even if your credit is less than perfect.

Once you are decided in applying for a reliable student debt consolidation loan program. You can apply for the debt consolidation program through online as it is the easiest way to avail any finance. You can very easily log on to the lenders websites and find the loan of your choice.

In this competitive market of loan refinancing and consolidating, with proper research and finding the right program is very important. Most of the companies have their best debt consolidation offers in the form of student debt consolidation programs. A good research in the internet will help you find the program that suite you the most.

Debt consolidation is an option for all those students facing debt situation to free themselves from it. A good program can help you get out of all your debts effortlessly.

Alex Jonnes is associated with Easy Debt Consolidations. He is Masters in Business Administration and writes on various finance related topics. To find student debt consolidation loan, online debt consolidation loan, easy debt consolidations visit

October 18, 2017

Fha Loans Have Key Advantages

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Easy Qualification – The FHA home loan insures lenders against loss for loans made to properly qualified FHA home loan borrowers. So you’re likely to find FHA mortgage loans with terms that make it easier for you to qualify.

Minimal Down payment and Closing cost – FHA mortgages can work with as little as 3% down and those funds can come from a family member, charity, or your employer. Although the FHA loan does not have a zero down mortgage option yet, you will find that your loan officer can point you to many Down payment assistance programs that work well with Florida FHA home loans. In addition to low down payment options FHA allows the seller to pay up to 6% of your closing cost and prepaid items.

Less than A-1 Credit is Okay – The FHA home loan program exists to expand the pool of home buyers. Even borrowers with prior bankruptcies or mortgage lattes get approved every day for FHA mortgages to buy or Refinance homes The FHA loan program uses credit quality, not credit score!

Lower Cost Over the Life of the Loan – The FHA home loan rates are extraordinarily competitive. FHA’s lower risk to the lender means a better rate for the borrower.

Safeguards for Borrowers Who Get Behind – The FHA loan mortgages also allow the lender more options in helping borrowers who fall behind keep their homes are get current again: special forbearance, workouts, even free mortgage counseling. Further, FHA can allow the lender to take past due payments and move them to the end of the loan and in some instance will actually pay your past due payments for you. Options to save your home you’ll never get from a conventional loan! In an uncertain world, this is another excellent reason for you to get an FHA mortgage.

Options for Manufactured Housing – Under certain conditions, you can even finance a Mobile Home or manufactured home using a Florida FHA mortgage loan.

FHA Loans Are Fully Assumable – When you are ready to sell your home, you can offer buyers FHA financing! All FHA loans can be assumed by qualified buyers.

The FHA program has evolved since it started in 1934 and now has options for HUD insured loans that fit a variety of different borrowers and situations.

Thomas Martin FHA broker in Florida

October 16, 2017

Guaranteed Bad Credit Auto Loan

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If you believe, its tough to get guaranteed bad credit auto loan, think twice? Guaranteed bad credit auto loans are easily available today. Earlier, bad credit auto loan application was rejected due to your credit score. But, today there are specific lenders who offer guaranteed bad credit auto loans.


Various lenders offer differed types of guaranteed bad credit auto loan. But, the terms and conditions of each lender are diverse. Zero percent down payment bad credit auto loan and unsecured bad credit auto loan are approved easily. Interest rate on guaranteed bad credit auto loan also depends on down payment you provide to lenders. The broker you hire can get you the best deal. As, he may be aware of the rates offered different lenders for loans. He negotiates with them for top deal. Interest rates on guaranteed bad credit auto loan are influenced by year of car model. As, year of car model and mileage of car determine the price of the car.

Lenders offering guaranteed bad credit auto loan can ask for certain documents in terms with loan. The type of documents can be tax returns, certain bills, bank statements, and specialized forms. In order to avail guaranteed bad credit car loan, tax return of previous year is compulsory. This acts as a guarantee for the lender, as there is no credit check for bad credit loans. Similarly, your credit card bills or telephone bills helps in verification of your address. As a result, lenders find it easy to process guaranteed bad credit auto loan. Bank statements can be an option in verification process.


Deciding on right lender for guaranteed bad credit car loans is important. There are several lenders in market who hide additional charges and fees before providing the loan. And, once you avail the loan, it becomes difficult for you to repay these additional charges. Guaranteed bad credit auto loan is ideal for people who are in urgent need of vehicle. But, they face difficulty in availing the loan because of bad credit.


Guaranteed bad credit auto loan is simple to avail, if you keep some factors in mind. Always provide a good amount of down payment on the loan. Your rate of interest on the loan is substantially reduced. Even if you hire a broker, its important that you compare quotes of the loan. Each lender provides different interest rates on guaranteed bad credit auto loan. If you are aware of the quotes, you can find the best deal. Guaranteed bad credit auto loans provide huge relief to people with bad credit score.

To get bad credit car loan these days has become fairly simple. There are many lenders that can meet your requirements. However while taking bad credit auto loan you should be careful because you would be charged an interest rate slightly higher than the usual and the terms of these loans would be strict.

October 15, 2017

What’s the Low Down on Loan to Value?

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It’s not very often that a borrower takes into heavy consideration what his loan to value is when shopping for a loan.  In fact, if the subject is brought up by the customer, it’s mostly in relation to avoiding paying monthly mortgage insurance.  But sometimes, a loan to value can affect even more aspects of your loan – like pricing and approval!

What is loan to value?  Well, it’s exactly what it says.  The loan amount compared to the value of the home you are buying or refinancing.  For example, if you are buying a $100,000 home, and your loan amount is only $50,000, your loan to value or “LTV” is 50%.  It’s also very common to refinance a home to obtain a lower LTV and drop mortgage insurance that was before required.

Different types of loans have different minimum requirements for LTV’s.   With primary residence purchases, for instance, an FHA loan can have as high as a 97.75% LTV (soon to change to 96.5% in 2009).  A conventional loan can have as high as a 97% LTV (but more common is 95% LTV).  VA and Rural Housing loans can have 100% LTV’s.  People who have cash to put down on the property they are buying and financing with a conventional loan oftentimes try to amass 20% of the purchase price in order to avoid mortgage insurance.  Mortgage insurance is required when your LTV for a primary residence is above 80% and is issued by independent mortgage insuring companies like Genworth Financial or PMI.  Fannie and Freddie, the big purchasers of conventional loans, will require one of these or other approved companies issue mortgage insurance unless the loan has an 80% LTV.  And if you’re refinancing the home you live in?  The whole grid of acceptable LTV’s changes for the most part, with a few exceptions.  And furthermore, if you’re talking about investment properties, it’s another can of worms.

But when else does LTV mean something?  Consider when a loan specialist prices your loan.  Oftentimes there are pricing differentials based upon the loan to value.  For instance, if you carry mortgage insurance and your LTV is 85.01% or higher, you might actually get a better interest rate than if you had an 85% LTV (but don’t get too excited because your monthly mortgage insurance will be higher).  Or if your LTV is 60% or lower, you might also get a better interest rate.  If you are close to tipping the scales on one of these ratios, it may be to your benefit to ask your loan specialist how close you are to a pricing break one way or another.  You’d be surprised to find out it might change your mind as to how much money you decide to put down on your loan. 

And guess what else?  A low loan to value may be the difference between loan approval and loan denial.  Why is that?  Because if you are investing enough of your own money into the equity of a property, chances are you won’t default on the loan.  And if you do, it’s probably a last recourse.  Not to mention, the lender who holds the note won’t lose money because there is enough equity in the property to cover foreclosure costs, re-sale costs and any value loss from an upside down market.  The lender is covered.  So, the lender will consider the loan less risky and a higher debt to income ratio is tolerated when reviewed with a high credit score. 

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Email your home loan financing questions to Kristin Abouelata, Home Loan Specialist with Mortgage Investors Group, at [email protected] or call direct: (865) 567-0113 Toll Free: 1-800-489-8910. For more information visit her website at Home Loans Plain Talk.

October 14, 2017

Sub Prime Loan Modification

Sub-prime lending is a type of credit given to homeowners who do not meet the criteria for regular (“prime”) loans. A typical sub-prime borrower has a poor or limited credit history and a FICO score of less than 620. These factors make them a risky investment for regular lenders, which keeps them from taking out loans. To compensate for the risk, sub-prime lenders impose higher costs on their contracts. For credit cards, this is usually a higher fee for over-the-limit spending or late fees. Sub-prime mortgages usually have higher interest rates and stricter terms.


Contrary to popular belief, sub-prime lending is a perfectly legal business. But like many new industries, it has been tainted by lenders who don’t play by industry standards. From 2003 to 2007, shady companies have turned up offering terms ranging from unfair to downright illegal. This, along with the economic slowdown, has contributed a great deal to the real estate crisis that forced many homeowners into foreclosure.


Are all sub-prime loans bad?


No. There are actually some sub-prime companies who give you good value for your money. If you find a good lender and stay current, sub-prime lending can have its benefits.For example, many people use sub-prime loans as a means of credit repair. Basically, it gives you a chance to rebuild your credit history and improve your scores. By keeping up a good record on sub-prime loans, you can eventually refinance to better terms and get back on your feet.


How do I know when a loan is sub-prime?


The first thing you should look at is the cost of the loan. Sub-prime loans have a higher overall cost (including interest, origination and closing fees) compared to prime loans. Although the basic formula is the same for both types, the pricing for sub-prime loans is more noticeably risk-based. A low credit score, small down payment, and other negative factors can greatly increase the cost of a sub-prime loan.


Another common feature is the prepayment penalty. Prepayment is when you pay more than the minimum monthly amount, or pay off the loan ahead of schedule. The penalty is to make up for lost interest on the lender’s part. Because you’re getting off early, the lender stops earning regular interest—and naturally, they charge you for it.


Many sub-prime mortgages follow the 2/28 structure. This means that you pay a fixed interest rate for the first two years, after which the loan switches to an adjustable rate where your payments are determined by market indicators. Often, the introductory rate is higher than the current index and the margin is applied once the loan shifts. For example, a lender can give you an intro rate of 8% while the index is currently at 4%, with a margin set at 6%. Assuming the index stays the same; your rate can jump to 10% when your two years is over.


What can I do if I’m in a sub-prime loan?


Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect borrowers in any loan, prime or sub-prime. For instance, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) requires all lenders to give you a good faith estimate of the total cost of the loan before closing any deals. This prevents any third party, such as mortgage brokers, from making any kickbacks at your expense.


All mortgages are also covered by the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). This law gives you the right to know the full lending terms and loan costs in any credit transaction, including credit cards. The TILA allows you to opt out of a transaction within a reasonable time if you don’t agree with some of the terms.


If a sub-prime mortgage has put you in financial difficulty, another thing you can do is apply for Loan Modification or in this case Sub Prime Loan Modification refers to an agreement between you and your lender to change the terms of your loan on account of your financial situation. This way you can modify your loan terms to a more affordable level. The Sub Prime Mortgage Loan Modification is a lengthy and time consuming process. However a competent loan modification attorney can expertly handle your case and expedite the loan modification process. A loan modification attorney will expertly present your case and use the above mentioned lending laws as leverage to get you more reasonable rates. If you’re already in foreclosure, this will also stop the process while you work out better terms with your lender.

The Loan Modification Department is composed of a team of attorneys, mortgage and real estate professionals, and hardship analysts. Lead by Expert Loan Modification Attorney, Marc R. Tow, Loan Modification Department has helped thousands of American Home Owners save their Homes and decrease their loan payments. For more information just Call 800-738-1170 or Visit our website

October 13, 2017

Understanding Debt Consolidation Loans

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Debt consolidation loans can help you with many of your bills
and reduce your payment into one low monthly payment. Before you
decide to take this step you should learn what the company is
offering and what bills can be included in the consolidation

All unsecured debt such as collection agency
debts, personal loans, medical bills, credit card debt, and
student loans can be included in a consolidation loan. A
consolidation loan gives you one monthly payment instead of
several. With a consolidation loan:

The lending company will combine your total debt and
give you a loan for this combined amount. This can help because
you now will only be paying interest on one loan instead of

The lending company will also be able to
extend the amount of time the other loans are due. This means,
that if your loan was due to be completely paid off next year
the lending company will be able to extend that loan and give
you lower monthly payments. This has its ups and downs. Since,
the loan will take longer to be off you will be in debt for
longer, for that particular loan. So, you may not have that
student load paid off when you had hoped. But, you will be
paying less over a loner period of time.

When you are
searching for a company for a consolidation loan you should
understand that interest rates do vary from state to state. You
should read all the fine print concerning all of the fees and
rates. Some companies may still have fee or penalties, which may
increase your debt.

With the internet today, you will
see several companies that offer debt consolidation loans. You
can shop around online and in your local town to find the
perfect consolidation loan for your situation. If you are
comparing lending companies around your local area ask
questions, be sure you can combine your debt into one monthly
payment. Talk with them and understand what secured and
unsecured debt is and if consolidating your debt will help in
your personal situation.

If you are searching for
lending companies online for a debt consolidation loan be sure to that the
website is in fact secure. Look on their website for an actual
address and telephone number. If they are a legit company this
information should be listed on their site. So, if you are in
doubt or have questions you can call and talk with a real

A consolidation loan has helped many
individuals and families get back on track when their debt has
caused them many problems. The lower payments will help you get
your debt under control and save you money from the interest
rates, late fees and penalties, not to mention saving your
credit rating. So, check into how a consolidation loan can
relieve your stress from creditors and give you the time needed
to get your finances back on track.

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