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November 30, 2014

The Mortgage Types And Repayment Options

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Unfortunately in recent years mortgages have become increasingly complex and wrapped up in technical jargon. Borrowers now need to consider at least two things, the type of mortgage loan they want and how they are going to repay it. Have a look at your options below.
Types Of Mortgages
Variable Rate Mortgage
Rates on these loans fluctuate in line with general interest rates but because they are at the lenders discretion they dont necessarily move as far, or as fast. Discounts are usually offered to new borrowers in the early years.
Tracker Mortgage
Rates on tracker loans are normally linked directly to movements in the Bank of England base rate. The link may be for a limited period rather than the life of the mortgage.
Cashback Mortgage
When these loans are granted, cash payments are given to borrowers to spend how they like. They are typically between 6 per cent and 8 per cent of the loan.
Fixed Rate Mortgage
Rates of interest on these loans are guaranteed not to change for a specified period, typically the first three to five years of the mortgage.
Capped Rate Mortgage
With this type of loan, the interest rate is guaranteed not to exceed a fixed level during the capped-rate period. The advantage is that it can go down if rates are cut.
Repayment Methods
Repayment Mortgage
Also known as capital and interest mortgages because part of the monthly payments gradually pays off the loan while the remainder covers the interest on the amount outstanding.
Offset Mortgage
These loans are taken out in conjunction with a current account or savings account. Regular mortgage repayments are required but at the same time the cash in the other accounts helps to reduce the loan, thereby saving interest. This can help to speed up repayment of the mortgage.
Interest Only Mortgage
As its name implies, the borrower pays the interest only on the loan during the mortgage term so the capital remains outstanding. Payments may also be made into a savings scheme, such as an Individual Savings Account, to repay the capital at the end of the term. Sometimes the loan is repaid out of the sale proceeds of the property.
Endowment Mortgage
This is where an interest-only loan is combined with a life assurance with-profits policy intended to pay out a sufficient sum to clear the mortgage at the end of the term. But endowment policy payouts are not guaranteed and many are currently expected to produce shortfalls.
What You Need To Look Out For
Arrangement Fees
Most lenders nowadays charge you for the work involved in setting up a mortgage or to reserve a loan at a particular rate. The amounts can vary considerably between lenders. Paying more doesnt always get you a better deal.
High Lending Charge
If you are borrowing more than 90 per cent of the property value, check to see whether you will be charged an extra fee. This is to protect the lender in case you fail to keep up the payments, but not all of them make this charge.
Some lenders will offer you a lower mortgage rate if you buy their home insurance products. They will also encourage you to take out their mortgage payment protection policy. It is usually better to shop around for the cheapest insurance deal.
Early Redemption Penalties
With mortgage special offers, fixed rate deals, etc, you will normally be charged a penalty if you pay off your loan within the offer period. In particular, try to avoid those loans with redemption penalties that extend beyond the end of the offer period as you will be stuck on the lenders standard variable rate.
Initial Disclosure Documents And Key Facts Illustration
Initial disclosure documents (IDDs) spell out mortgage advisers services, such as whether they can recommend products from one company only, or are free to sell mortgages from all lenders. Key facts illustrations (KFIs) are given to borrowers when they apply for or are recommended a mortgage. These outline the mortgages cost over its term, repayments, fees and an interest rate expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR).
Annual Percentage Rate
The APR tells prospective customers the interest rate over the life of the mortgage. This factors in any initial offer rate and then the lenders standard variable rate to which the mortgage reverts, as well as the impact of fees. The APR in the key facts document does not reflect that many mortgage borrowers switch to better deals than the lenders standard variable rate (SVR) after their initial offer expires. Neither does it include the potential costs on leaving the mortgage, such as administration fees and early repayment charges.
Standard Variable Rate
Because house prices are at a record high many people (probably including yourself) are now thinking of their mortgages in the long term as well as the upfront rate. For this reason it is worth knowing what current customers are paying. It is highly unlikely that when you come to the end of your fixed or discount rate period you will be on the same SVR as current customers. But you can use the information to see how the lender compares against others in the market.

Understanding Value Added Tax and the Process of Filing the Return

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Value added tax is a crucial concept that all business owner needs to understand and know. It is very crucial for all organizations to have a clear idea about its concept, in order to successfully run a business. It is extremely important to understand about VAT and how it works. In order to understand the concepts of VAT return it is necessary to know who pays VAT and when its registration is compulsory. It is important to understand the advantages and drawbacks of voluntary registration and the process of filing of the returns.It is mandatory for all companies to be VAT registered with HMRC, who have an annual turnover of over £60,000.  Such companies must pay value added tax on everything they buy and sell and must submit VAT returns to HMRC on a quarterly basis to declare how much VAT it has charged on its customers and to recover tax for goods or services that the company has purchased. The company also needs to set up a system of VAT invoicing for its sales, and all paper relating to it must be retained for the inspection. On all the registered companies HMRC carries out periodically inspection audit.  Value added tax returns are normally prepared on a quarterly basis and submitted to customs and excise before the end of the following month. Tax & corporate services also provide the VAT & corporation tax processing of vat monthly, quarterly and annual Vat return forms of corporation taxes anticipations and balances. There is various method of filling the returns.  Online filling of the return is one of the most common way and the main benefits of online filing the tax return is that one may receive up to 7 days longer than normal to file the return provided the payment is being made electronically.If the companies fail to submit the VAT returns on time, penalties are charged and the interest may be charged on the outstanding amount. When a value added tax return is not submitted on time an assessment may be raised which has to be paid as a legal debt until such time as the return is submitted and the amount due corrected. VAT return should be submitted on time, even if there is a problem paying the full amount. As failing to submit the returns on time brings the company to the attention of the tax authority that is more likely to inspect and investigate persistent offenders.

Apply For Loan Now At 2% Interest Rate

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November 29, 2014

Israel New Tax Reform For New Immigrants And Returning Residents

As part of the “Returning Home for Israel’s 60th” campaign, The Ministry of Finance approved a new tax reform formulated by the Tax Authority and the Ministry of Immigration Absorption. The new reform is designated to encourage investment in Israel and bring human resources, thus helping both the Israeli economy and Israeli society to flourish.

Following is a detailed outline of the new reform:

1. New tax status – “a returning resident classified as a new immigrant for tax purposes” and the extension of the tax exemptions that are currently granted to new immigrants to Israel (Olim) and returning residents.

The new status will be granted to individuals who have been resided abroad at least 10 years before their return to Israel. However, under a temporary order, former Israeli residents who will be returning to Israel during the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 will be granted the new tax status even if they have been resided abroad only 5 years before their return to Israel. 

New immigrants to Israel and returning residents (classified as a new immigrant for tax purposes) will enjoy a ten-year exemption from Israeli taxes on foreign assets and on any income generated abroad, including foreign salaries and foreign passive income (interest, dividends, royalties and rental income). The provision applies to all new immigrants and returning residents who arrived in Israel as of January 1, 2007.

The 10 years exemption is also granted for capital gains on the sale of asset located outside Israel whether the asset acquired prior to the immigration or returning to Israel or after it. It should also be noted that even if the asset will be sold after the 10 years exemption period, the gain would not be taxed retroactively but only from the end of the 10 years period in a proportional manner.

2. Tax measure relates to foreign companies managed and controlled by new immigrants and returning residents.

Foreign corporations controlled by new immigrants or returning residents will not be considered Israeli residents for tax purposes merely as a result of their being managed and controlled by the new immigrant or returning resident. In this way, new immigrants and returning resident can earn income tax-free for ten years from any foreign company they control as long as the income is not generated in Israel. 

3. Reporting Exemptions.

New immigrants and returning resident will be exempt from Tax Authority reporting requirements (tax returns and capital declarations) regarding any income generated abroad or any foreign assets. However, any income generated in Israel after their immigration or return to Israel will be reported and taxed according to existing regulations.

4. Absorption Track.

A new immigrant and returning resident will have one year from the date of immigration or returning to Israel to decide whether or not to be considered an Israeli resident for tax purposes. During this absorption period, the new immigrant and returning resident will be able to make a careful decision about where he would like to become a legal resident. In order to be entitled to the absorption period, the new immigrant or returning resident must inform the tax authority about his intentions not to be considered Israeli resident for tax purposes within 90 days from the date of immigration or returning to Israel.

The new tax reform will undoubtedly increase Israel’s attractiveness to high-net worth individuals who would like to enjoy a low tax regime.

Remortgage – The Rising Popularity Of Fha Loans

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FHA has become a popular choice for many first time home buyer. FHA stands for Federal Housing Administration. It ensures loans not covered by FHA approved lenders to give them directly to the borrower. FHA provides lenders with insurance in case a borrower defaults on its loan. But before you buy your dream home in America, you have to do a thorough research on U.S. mortgages. Thus you will become familiar with the conditions and policies of the FHA loans and conventional loans. PeopleOften combined with the purchase money FHA loan market. While purchases are the most commonly used FHA loans are also interest rate and term refinance loans, refinance and cash out. On the other hand, the term conventional loan, all loans under the current Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan limits. Some of them can be named in line with this, a paper, subprime, Alt A, A Minus, BC (bad credit) and other industry names.

The main advantage of FHA compared to a conventional loanis that the credit criteria for a borrower are not as rigid as conventional loan financing and the down payment. Equity requirements are lower. The FHA loans are typically requires the least amount of money to close and the lower payment. FHA loans allow the borrower who has to buy a few “credit problems” or the story without a credit card, a house had. In particular, acquiescence discharged the borrower around a bankruptcy, which was 2 years ago. You can be approved for a maximum offinancing.

Whereas, Conventional A Paper financing would require 4 years to have passed to be eligible for consideration. It relies heavily upon credit scoring. If your score is below the minimum standard, you will not qualify or you will be placed in a higher rate Sub prime, Alt A or A minus loan product. If a borrower does have past credit issues, an FHA loan may be significantly cheaper than an alternative loan such as sub prime, ALT A, or A minus. These other programs generally have higher interest rates and require larger down payment or equity position. Many of the alternative loan products Pre Payment penalties, in contrast to FHA loans. In fact, FHA loans may be under the Streamline program will be refinanced. Another advantage of FHA loans that allow one of the few home mortgage programs a borrower’s down payment gifted by a family member, a governmental or non-profit organization will have. This will allow homebuyers without the money necessary to make a purchase –home today. read more

November 28, 2014

Are Credit Card Debt Consolidation Companies Rip-Offs?

Credit card debt consolidation companies are operating to give consumers a financially sound method of debt repayment.

Credit card debt is overwhelming most individuals and a debt consolidation loan can eliminate all credit card debt and create a better system of debt repayment.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Credit Card Debt Free” website — — pointed out;

“…Debt consolidation companies are prepared to work with clients to combine all credit card debt into one more manageable consolidated loan. A debt consolidation company will assist their clients with the credit card pay off procedures and explain the interest rate and the new combined balance from all credit card accounts. The balance is typically lower than what was initially owed on each card because of the negotiations between the consolidation loan officer and each creditor. These negotiations are to remove any late fees and penalties which results in reduced credit card balances…”

Credit card debt consolidation companies are seeing a rise in the number of consolidation loans. Rolling all smaller loans into one larger consolidation loan, with a lower fixed interest rate and a reduced balance makes smart financial sense. Consumers can and should run the numbers and talk with the consolidation loan officer about a good interest rate and the loan repayment schedule. The consolidation loan takes the headache out of paying many credit card bills each month. Each credit card has differing interest rates, late fees, and penalties that affect balances every month. There is no end in sight when trying to wipe out credit card debt through minimum monthly payments.

“…Take the advice and seek referrals from consumer advocate websites. Talk with family and friends who have gone through this process and ask their advice about the best consolidation company to work with. Choose a consolidation company that wants your business and offers the best payment plan and interest rate available. Compare several companies and choose the one that works to relieve your credit card debt…” added H. Milla.

Further information about trusted and reputable companies for credit card debt settlement by visiting;

Current Car Wash Loan Options

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Looking for options on car wash loans? You’ll probably find that you have limited options as most of the national banks and lenders that use to lend within this building type have pulled out due to the “credit crisis”. Car wash facilities that are strictly self serve and located in smaller towns will have additional challenges finding decent cash wash loan options.What are your current options? You still have the SBA 7a, portfolio lenders and a few conventional sources, sometimes. Conventional sources, i.e. traditional larger banks, will have very conservative guidelines. You’re looking at around 60% loan to value on purchases and 55% on refinances. Loan programs themselves will normally be a 5 year fixed, 20 year amortization and the subject property must cash flow very well with a minimum Debt Coverage Ration at 1.4. No exceptions on credit scores, liquidity etc will be made. I.e. all other aspects of the deal/borrower must be solid. Borrowers will be better off spending their time with SBA lenders and specialist within the automotive/car wash arena. Primary benefits with the SBA lenders include some of the most flexible underwriting guidelines in the industry, the highest leverage (85% loan to value on purchases and 80% on refinances on car washes). Keep in mind though that not all SBA lenders are the same. Some SBA lenders and banks are almost as conservative as conventional sources. So if you’ve been turned down by an SBA lender, it does not mean that all will decline your loan.For example we work with a bank out of New York that will fund deals with borrowers that have credit scores in the 400’s… Also, they will fund loans that do not cash flow. In addition, we work with another bank that offers the SBA 7a loan as a 5 year fixed, 25 year amortization loan. 99% of banks out there offer the 7a as a floating rate loan. So do your best to keep your patience and an open mind. Portfolio lenders, meaning that they lend their own cash, can offer some of the more creative options. We see a few sources that will consider not only the real estate value, but also the equipment and business value as well. One will go up to 80% of the combined value. This can be a huge feature if say your real estate value went down and you can’t meet the typical loan to value requirements.

November 27, 2014

Mortgage Broker Careers

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Mortgage Broker
A mortgage broker is someone who arranges mortgage loans for individuals and businesses. He is different from a loan officer who is the employee of a particular lender. Mortgage brokers are the largest distributors of mortgage products in developed mortgage markets like the U.S., Australia, Spain, Canada and the United Kingdom. People tend to confuse mortgage brokers with lenders. A mortgage broker offers loan products from various lenders to borrowers. He actually works with a number of lenders, and therefore has information about various mortgage options that are available, and is able to advise and help the borrower in securing a mortgage loan.
The lender is the one who actually funds the loan. The mortgage broker does not have any funds of his own involved in funding a mortgage loan. As the role of a mortgage broker is of a vital nature, most people prefer to engage the services of a CMP (Certified Mortgage Planner) who is licensed, and has to undergo rigorous training and tests before receiving certification. CMPs work in concert with CFPs, or Certified Financial Planners, to ensure that the best products are available to the borrowers of home mortgages.
Nowadays, due to competitive market conditions, lenders have a plethora of offers at various rates. Since the general borrower is usually not conversant with financial products, a mortgage broker is able to advise the consumer on the best offers according to his needs. The broker also takes care of the entire procedure of securing the mortgage for the borrower, along with proper advice regarding the mortgage and the property offered against it. Mortgage brokers are especially useful for borrowers with poor credit records. Since they often find it difficult to secure a mortgage, the broker is usually able to obtain the required finance, as he is in touch with different lenders and is aware of their terms.
A summary of the work of a mortgage broker includes:
-Marketing for client generation
-Making as assessment of the borrower, based on credit reports and income documentation
-Recommending a suitable product, according to the financial standing and need of the consumer
-Making an application for a pre-approval lender’s agreement
-Compiling all documents that need be submitted for mortgage processing
-Correctly filling in the details required in the lender’s application form
-Clarifying and explaining the requirements of legal disclosures
-Forwarding completed forms and documents to the lender
The mortgage broker’s services are limited to providing assistance up to the closure of the mortgage loan. Once that is done, all dealings are thereafter to be between the lender and the borrower.
The earnings of mortgage brokers are from commissions payable for bringing together lenders and borrowers. Generally, the borrower pays it in the form of additional loan points or closing costs, which is paid to the mortgage broker only after closure of the loan.
A career as a mortgage broker is very satisfying, and involves helping people obtain loans against their homes, at rates suitable for their requirements. A mortgage broker can also help homeowners sell or purchase property within their specified requirements, due to his vast connections with lenders and other borrowers of home loans. It offers handsome financial rewards for services rendered.

Student Consolidation – Student Loan Help And Relief

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You have just the college with a mixture of public and private student loan debt? Are the loan payments too much? If you can not afford to pay all your different student loans back? Do you think that you can have some of your student loan default?

If you said yes to any of the above questions then answers student loan may need help and can help this student loan may come across a student loan refinancing. A Student loan refinance student loans can help you, been looking to supply, and there can be such a student loan relief at the ease and convenience of one monthly payment instead of several college loan payments. Most students who graduate will examine a range of federal and private college loan debt refinance a loan so that they do not separately for each of their loan payments, and you should consider getting the same, the> Student loans and relief assistance required.

First you must determine if you will only federal, or only private college loan debt, as many lenders that offer student loan consolidation, only to either the federal, or privately, or both. There are plenty of lenders out there, you can consolidate loans for both, and these are the types of lenders you need for studying, if you look with a mix of public and private debts. Beforeapply for such a loan, you must note that the loan will be based on your credit, and it is usually best to obtain a copy of your credit report before you apply so that your chances of getting a quick approval can be better. Once you are approved, you will be only one monthly payment, and you will also most likely be money saved due to the lower interest rate that you hopefully received. College loan refinancing with a consolidation loan, more and moreand popular because of the advantages it offers students, so do not hesitate to join the masses and to apply. read more

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