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December 31, 2013

Nonprofit Debt Consolidation Services

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This article will focus upon nonprofit debt consolidation services and some of the different options which are available to you. When you think about nonprofit debt consolidation services, you often will think solely in terms of credit counseling and debt consolidation. These are the two main functions of nonprofit debt consolidation companies but there are other options available to you as well. The first paragraph of this article will speak quickly on the main nonprofit debt consolidation services and the second paragraph will explain a little more on other services which offered through a nonprofit debt consolidation company.

Thinking of nonprofit debt consolidation services usually brings to mind debt consolidation and credit counseling first. These are the most important parts of a debt consolidation company as these help the most people. The consolidation involves combining all of your debt into one single monthly payment for you. You often will pay a nonprofit debt consolidation company a lump sum each month and this money will be disbursed by the nonprofit company to your various creditors. Credit counseling is used to help people recognize what behaviors caused them to be in a situation they are currently in and how they might change this. This can include learning how to better manage your credit along with how to spend when using credit.

Other nonprofit debt consolidation services which are available include budget management as well as financial education. Many people who get themselves into debt do not have a budget in place to make sure that they are spending only as much as they can earn. This is an essential skill which many individuals are lacking and the high credit card debt can be traced back to this. Some nonprofit debt consolidation companies also offer financial education courses. These can include some of the previously listed topics such as budget management or credit counseling but this could also include learning about retirement and other financial topics which are often put back when thinking solely in terms of how to get out of your debt. Not many nonprofit debt consolidation companies offer this service but it can be very valuable to you. They are able to understand where you are coming from along with where you would like to go. You have been able to open up to an individual about this once before and it can be hard to do this to a second individual even if this individual will help build your financial future.

Hopefully this article on nonprofit debt consolidation services has given you a little more insight into what a nonprofit debt consolidation company can do for you. You need to think beyond just debt consolidation when looking into how to manage your debt but also how you can prevent the situation from happening in the future by taking charge of your financial education. This may be a tough point in your life but you can also regard this as an opportunity to learn more so that you are at better able to run your financial life in the future.

5 Proven Mortgage Refinance Tips For Lower Fees And Costs

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By handling these costs wisely, you can make your mortgage refinance tips even more effective and save remarkable sums in your monthly payments.
The structure of your mortgage refinance loan, PMI avoiding and an ability to buy lower interest rates are the ways.
1. Mortgage Refinance Tips, Close Credit Card Accounts.
What credit cards have to do with your mortgage refinance tips? A lot! When you close inactive credit card accounts, you can improve your credit score, which means lower interest loans possibilities to you.
This is wise to do by a letter to the credit card company. In this way you will have a document, if there is a need to handle the issue later on.
As a second step you have to check your credit report after 30 days to make sure, that it includes the comment that your credit card accounts have been closed by Customers Request.
This is important, because this report can be seen by other lenders later on, so they see that you have done the closing and not the company. Remember to correct all the mistakes, which can affect your future possibilities to get a loan.
2. Mortgage Refinance Tips, Avoid Hidden Cost Of PMI.
PMI, private mortgage insurance, can hit you, if you do not do the refinancing right. Why? Around 30 % of the people, who will refinance their home loan take certain part of their home equity as a cash to pay home improvement or paying some other big costs.
By paying off credit cards or improving your home, this can be extremely smart, but if you borrow more than 80 % of the home equity, you must pay PMI, private mortgage insurance, which can be hundreds per every year.
3. Mortgage Refinance Tips, Short Term Loan.
Usually short term mortgage loans offer lower interest rates than the long term ones.This means lighter monthly payments but also shorter payment time. The result is a larger monthly payment, but you can still save thousands later on.
4. Mortgage Refinance Tips, Ask About Fees.
Every mortgage refinance case includes fees, which are costs you do not necessarily remember to ask. They have several fancy names: document prep fees, courier fees, administrative fees etc. And lenders must disclose these costs, fees, within three business days of a mortgage loan application.
Now you can do the following. Request an official list of these fees from every company, you have asked an offer. When you have them all, add the fees to the interest rate of the mortgage loan. You will be surprised, when you notice that the cheapest offer has not the lowest interest rate.
5. Mortgage Refinance Tips, Pay Points.
When you plan to live in your home for many years, you can save money by paying points for lower interest rates. This happens by paying upfront fees by which you guarantee that the interest rates are lower during the rest time of your loan.

What Is Student Loan Consolidation?

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Nearly half of all college graduates have reported taking out some sort of student loan in order to help finance their education. Since most graduates do take out loans to pay for their college, many are choosing to use student loan consolidation to help relieve their financial burden after graduation. The following paragraphs will take a closer look at what student loan consolidation is, as well as discuss the interest rates associated with student loan consolidation.
Student loan consolidation is the act of combining more than one student loan into one loan, then repay all of the initial student loans with just one monthly payment. Commonly with this is, the monthly payment will be lower than the payments of the combined unconsolidated loans, as well as student loan consolidation rates of interest. You can also chose time limits up to 30 years to repay the new loan. While this is all beneficial thus far, there is one clear disadvantage associated with college loan consolidation.
It is a true fact that you get a longer time period for repayment when you consolidate loans, and most commonly a lower monthly payment, but that means you will be paying back far more interest than you would have paid with your original student loan agreements. In other words, you will get have more time to pay back your debt, with a lower interest rate, but you will be required to pay this interest for the entire duration of you student loan consolidation agreement.
Currently, the common loan rates are fixed for the life of the loan, which is another advantage. Most private student loan rates are variable, and can change at any time during the loan contract. Having a fixed rate means you will have the same interest rate throughout the duration of your loan agreement; it will never change.
So, while you will likely have to pay back more interest when you consolidate student loans, there are many advantages that can outweigh that disadvantage. If you are considering this, first do your research to ensure you get the best loan suited for your individual needs.
If you need more information on the subject, you can use the internet. By utilizing your favorite search engine, you can generate a list of links that can help you to determine if student loan consolidation can help you. Just enter “student loan consolidation” into the search engine to generate the list.
Student loan consolidation has helped many people after graduation to help manage the debt they incurred through student loans.

December 30, 2013

What is Irs Tax Fraud?

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According to IRS, every American citizen is responsible for filing their own tax return when required to do so through a duty known as voluntary compliance. Fortunately the majority of Americans comply by determining and paying the correct amount of taxes to the government. However, there are many that willfully and intentionally violate their legal duty of voluntary compliance by failing to pay the correct amount of income, employment, or excise taxes.

Although some Americans live in fear of the IRS because they owe back taxes to the IRS, there is a big difference between owing a few hundred dollars because of mistakes on your previous tax return and committing tax fraud. In committing tax fraud you deliberately break the tax law by providing incorrect information on your tax returns for the purpose of some type of gain. Activities the IRS determines as breaking the tax laws include but are not limited to:

* deliberately underreporting income

* deliberately omitting income

* keeping two sets of books

* overstating the amount of deductions

* making false entries in books and records

* claiming personal expenses as business expenses

* hiding assets or income

* claiming false deductions

* transferring assets or income

In order to combat tax abuses the IRS created the Criminal Investigation Division that strives to correct the issues of improper tax filing and payment. The Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS investigates a wide array of individuals and industries including business owners and self-employed wage earners. It is the main component of the IRS’s efforts to directly influence taxpayer compliance.

The Tax Fraud Program is the Criminal Investigation Division’s largest enforcement program that covers a variety of tax fraud and tax and money laundering crimes. According to IRS statistics there were 1,863 investigations initiated by the Tax Fraud Program in 2006, leading to nearly 700 people being sentenced and incarcerated for breaking the tax law.

The Tax Fraud Program classifies tax fraud crimes into two basic programs, legal source tax crimes and illegal source financial crimes. Legal source tax crimes involve people who earn wages legally but choose to evade taxes by violation of tax laws. These cases involve behaviors that threaten the tax system, such as questionable claimed refunds, unscrupulous tax return preparers, and persons who challenge the legality of income taxes. The prosecution of these cases is essential in supporting the IRS’s overall compliance goals, encouraging voluntary compliance with the tax laws, and promoting fairness and equity in the American tax system.

The second program, illegal source financial crimes, focuses on money gained through illegal sources of income, such as illegal gambling. According to the IRS, these underground operations threaten our “voluntary tax compliance system and undermine the overall public confidence in our tax system.” The IRS demands that taxes be paid on money earned through any means, therefore many recipients of illegal income attempt to legitimize their income. This process of “cleaning” the illegally obtained money is known as “money laundering.” The IRS deems money laundering as “tax evasion in progress.”

Nowadays, money launderers use various schemes and transactions to conceal income and assets. This includes manipulation of currency reporting requirements and the layering of transactions. Since money laundering and currency violations are often intertwined with tax violations, the illegal source financial crimes program encompasses many tax and tax related violations.

The punishments and penalties for tax fraud issues vary from cases to case. However, according to the US tax code (sections 18 and 26) some violations of tax law carry penalties of up to five years in prison with fines up to $250,000.00 for individuals and $500,000.00 for corporations. According to IRS statistics, the average incarceration sentence for tax fraud crimes in 2006 was 26 months.

The important thing to remember is to be completely honest when preparing your income tax returns. Alternatively, you should seek a competent professional to prepare your returns for you. If you follow your legal duty of voluntary compliance and pay your taxes without hiding income then there is never a reason to worry.

Refinancing Mortgage Loan & Debt Consolidation – Conserve Bundles Of Money By Consolidating Debt!

With high quality home loan refinance strategies, it is feasible to slice the monthly payments in half. But you will not get those kinds of outcomes unless you take the effort to discover a good home loan refinancing. The preparations will be worth the effort. Keep in mind, what you have to comprehend, is that you cannot simply go on refinancing your home loan. Lots of consumers refinance every half year. They apparently believe they are saving a lot of wealth doing this. However, all that mortgage loan refinancing and debt consolidation expends much cash and you’re simply thinning out your loaned amounts over a longer period. At one point, you simply have to live prudently.

When you, being a home owner, will refinance the homemortgage loan and consolidate your payments, you must first educate yourself. If you neglect this, you are a weak prey for any astute business man in the debt business that’s trying to make a quick buck from you. If you’re thinking about mortgage loan refinancing and debt consolidating preparation, you can’t be alert enough! It’s always a good idea to have a talk with a house owner that has owned a house for many years. These proprietors usually have knowledge you could learn from. One thing they’ll explain you is to at all times search for the very lowest interest rate.

When interest rates have decreased in recent times, it’s a good opportunity for you to seek out for a debt consolidation home loan refinance and slash thousands of dollars from your existing home loan. Once you switch from your previous, high interest mortgage loan to a new, low interest home loan, you vaporize a couple of percentage points of interest. This is what it means to refinance.

A lot of money borrowers will also propose debt consolidating besides their home loan refinancing services. Consolidation of debts means that you will merge multiple loans into simply 1 debt. You could be paying for posessions such as your children’s school tuition and your personal loan payments. All of those things could be assimilated into the new mortgage loan. When you’ve your debts consolidated, you are going to have a far better view of your family’s money matters. You used to write multiple checks per month for all kinds of amounts. You will write 1 check every thirty days for an unchanging amount. That makes it easier to keep track of your family finances.

Nonprofit Credit Card Debt Consolidation

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When you are looking at working with a company on consolidating your debts, this can include all kinds of debt including credit card debt. This article will focus on nonprofit credit card debt consolidation along with other types of debt which can be included within your debt consolidation plans. The first part of this article will focus upon nonprofit credit card debt consolidation and the second part will explain how you can do this yourself as well.

Nonprofit credit card debt consolidation is something which any individual struggling with debt consolidation should look into. Interest rates on credit cards can range anywhere from 14% higher. It has been noted by that one credit card has seen an interest rate around 45%. One of the struggles which many individuals have is that the rates on credit cards are so high that it is all that they can do to make the minimum monthly payment. If you only make the minimum monthly payment on a credit card, it will take you roughly 25 to 27 years to pay off a credit card bill. You need to take additional steps to help you pay off your credit card debt and this is where nonprofit credit card debt consolidation comes into play. Interest rates on credit cards can be negotiated and this is where using a nonprofit debt consolidation company can have a huge impact. They will negotiate with your credit card companies to lower your interest rate to save you money every month. Credit card companies are interested in making as much interest as possible but the companies are also very concerned with receiving the money back which they have loaned out. They will be willing to potentially negotiate with a nonprofit debt consolidation company on the good faith that you will be paying back you credit card debt.

Nonprofit credit card debt consolidation is something which a credit counseling agency can do but you can also look at doing this yourself if you are struggling to put money together. You may want to call your credit card companies directly and ask if they can lower your rate if you create a payment plan but this will entail them closing out your credit card. This may be something to think about if you have no money but the nonprofit debt consolidation companies do have great experience and their fees are usually justified when working to pay off your credit card debt. You may want to look at the fees as an investment on paying off your credit card debt.

Hopefully this article on nonprofit credit card debt consolidation has given you some insight into what must be done. Credit card debt is one of the greatest forms of debt in America and you need to take steps to work on. This is something that you can do yourself but using a nonprofit debt consolidation company can make sense as they have great experience in working with creditors to pay off bills and creates monthly budgets for you.

Take Advantage of Student Loan Consolidation Before Rates Rise 1.84 Percentage Points on July 1

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Take Advantage of Student Loan Consolidation Before Rates Rise 1.84 Percentage Points on July 1

The interest rate increase on federal student loans ( will increase 1.84 percentage points on July 1 and is based on the announcement of the May 30, 2006 auction of 91-Day Treasury Bills.

In less than five weeks students will be subjected to the second largest rate increase in the history of the federal student loan program. With the upcoming rate hike, student borrowers are in the perfect position to consolidate their loans and lock in a low rate before the deadline, according to NextStudent, a premier education funding company based in Phoenix.

The interest rate increase and other changes to rules in the federal student loan program are due to the passing this past February of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, S. 1932, which was signed into law by President Bush. Along with major cuts to various federal programs, the legislation cut $12.7 billion to the federal student loan program.

Stafford and PLUS Loans Affected

Student borrowers who are not convinced that consolidation is a smart choice should note the upcoming changes on Stafford and PLUS loans. New rates for Stafford loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2006 will be set at 6.8 percent. For PLUS loans disbursed on or after July 1, 2006 the fixed rate will be 8.5 percent. However, if student borrowers take advantage of consolidation before July 1, they can lock in a low interest rate that stays fixed for the loan’s term. Borrowers also can extend their payment term.

July 1 is less than five weeks away so there is not that much time for students to make their financial situations easier. Consolidation bundles together all of a student’s loans to make one simple monthly payment. Instead of numerous student loan bills, students more easily can manage one monthly payment with one low interest rate.

NextStudent’s Consolidation Rates

Consolidation offerings through NextStudent include a 4.75 percent rate for qualified in-school borrowers. Also available is a 2.75 percent interest rate for qualified borrowers when benefits are applied. Benefits include:

• .60 percent reduction for students who consolidate after graduation
• .25 percent reduction for using Auto Debit
• 1 percent reduction after 36 consecutive on-time payments

Consolidation is a free government program. Through NextStudent there are no fees, charges or prepayment penalties when borrowers consolidate, and all borrower information is fully secure and confidential. Borrowers receive low rates and one-on-one service with a personally assigned education finance adviser.

Heavy Burden for Students

The rising cost of a college education coupled with the interest rate increase will make it more problematic for those students who want to receive a degree. Those hardest hit will be from low-income and middle-income families who oftentimes are denied or deny themselves a college education due to the high cost.

Consolidation can help students who have college loans ( with high interest rates and numerous monthly student loan bills. One monthly payment with a lower interest rate and extended payment term can be the first step to helping students ease their financial burdens. However, it is important to take the first step by consolidating before the July 1 deadline, which is just weeks away.

NextStudent believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and it is dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding as easy as possible. Learn more about Student Loan Consolidation ( at

Finding A Reputable Credit Card Debt Settlement Company

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Creativity and common sense are needed if you want to find a reputable credit card debt settlement company that really will help you deal with your mistakes.

Don’t just sign up for the first group you see. Instead, use a discerning eye to shop around for a reputable group with a fine reputation for getting people out of debt for both the short- and long-term. The following are some tips for those interested in finding a reputable group that will give them the resources and help they need to financially succeed.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Credit Card Debt Free” website — — pointed out;

“…One of the first things you should do is walk over to your computer and get onto the Internet. Online sleuthing is an excellent tool for those interested in finding reputable credit card debt settlement companies with which to do business. Look into what people are saying about various groups. There are bound to be reviews and ratings by both financial experts and by the common person. Take the time to read up on the history of the company, to look at the group’s website, and to see what sorts of services they have to offer potential customers. You should get some bang for your buck. Thus, make sure to look for groups that have a proven track record for helping folks with their debts…”

Open up the local newspaper if you want to find local groups that can help you with your settlement and debt relief options. Often, local publications will report on reputable organizations in your community. This is a solid way to generate a list of possible options that you can then visit, communicate with, and research to determine if they have the services and rates that are right for you.

Lastly, put the word out that you want referrals and recommendations about such organizations. Friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors are sure to have experience with such groups or will know someone who does.

“…If you talk to people who have firsthand experience with such groups, you can ask specific questions about everything from the group’s customer service to their rates and how billing works. If someone you know warns against working with a group based off of his or her own experience, it’s best to steer clear of this company and try another one. After all, your loved ones will want you to succeed and are the best judges of character when it comes to having had experience with various groups…” H. Milla added.

Further information about trusted and reputable companies for credit card debt settlement by visiting;

December 29, 2013

UK Personal Tax Advisers- The Benefits

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The reasons why appointing a Professional Tax Adviser will Pay DividendsMost individuals would benefit from regular professional tax advice during their lifetime, from those who have on-going annual requirements such as filling in the yearly self assessment tax return, to individuals who only need the services of a tax adviser every few years.  However, most people don’t ever think to consult a tax adviser and often what they do not realise is that taking professional tax advice will nearly always pay for itself and much more in the long-term!UK tax experts (as well as UK Chartered Accountants generally)provide individuals and businesses with tax advice for a wide range of situations, from VAT registration to year end accounts.  However a good tax adviser will often help you to make savings well in excess of the fees they charge.  For example:O    When completing your self assessment tax return, reviewing your overall position to highlight where you can minimise your liability.O    Explaining tax efficient investments and how they can work for you.O    Structuring the sale of your property, investments or business so that the sale is made in a tax efficient way, minimising any Capital Gains Tax.O    Ensuring that all tax returns (including corporation tax returns) are correctly completed, therefore reducing the chance of enquiry and the possible costs and stress of fighting this.O    Explaining tax laws so that you know when you can challenge assessments made by HM Revenue & Customs.O    Reminding you of various deadlines so that you do not face penalties, fines or interest.O    Explaining what inheritance tax planning you may wish to consider and outlining how you can reduce any potential tax bill.Individuals are generally advised to seek professional tax advice if they are considering any significant change in their personal or professional circumstances as there could be tax consequences and savings to be made. It can help to have your situation assessed by someone impartial and in the know. Most qualified tax advisers will be happy to discuss your position free of charge initially and should be able to explain where they can help you to make savings. A good tax advisor should be able to offer you help on all aspects of tax law, from corporation tax returns to VAT registration.

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